• Squirrel Wingsuits


The Squirrel factory does custom logo work for parachutes, wingsuits, and container systems. For wingsuits and container systems, we now recommend digital printing, which yields the smoothest, lightest, and most detailed artwork. For parachutes, we offer a sewn-on ultralite cloth application that is durable and low-bulk.


Here's what you need to know:


  • Try to avoid artwork that crosses zipper lines on the suit or extends between arm wings and leg wing. It is possible, if necessary, but crossing zippers and between wings will increase the cost.

  • For canopies, keep in mind that the artwork should account for the tail pocket, line attachment points, and packing tabs.

  • For containers, the artwork must be confined to the individual panel of the rig (shoulder, side flap, etc.).

  • For canopies, any details that are finer than 1mm on the final scale of the logo cannot be sewn and may need to be omitted. We can indeed print detailed artwork on wingsuits and containers, however.

  • You must submit your artwork in vector based Adobe Illustrator format. This means that even a high resolution jpeg will not work. In order for the artwork to be scaled properly and maintain the same shape and detail, it must be in vector format.

  • Each piece of artwork must be sent as a separate file with the colors matching what color it will be on the product. Don't ask us to change colors in production. Send the artwork exactly as you want it to be.

  • Is this logo for your corporate sponsor? For instance, is 'Coca Cola Co.' or 'Big Ben's Boner's Dildo Co.' buying you a wingsuit and putting their logo on it? If so, don't ask us for a discount on the suit, thanks! Almost every other company on earth is bigger than Squirrel, and they should be paying for the suit, not us. Do not ask us to take money out of our company and put it into theirs. They are sponsoring you, we are not sponsoring them.


We do offer skilled graphic design services at an hourly rate, if you need help vectorizing your artwork or creating it.


When placing the order, please write in the 'Notes' section of the order that you would like custom artwork. Then please email us your files after you have submitted the order. Once we have received your order and artwork, we will then draw a mock-up and email it to you for you for approval. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the logo and placement, but the minimum charge is $300.


All of our custom artwork is made to last for the life of your Squirrel product.


Please realize that suits with custom artwork are much harder to modify in the rare case that your suit doesn't fit correctly. Please take extra care when measuring yourself, and let us know if you have any questions throughout the process.