• Squirrel Wingsuits


"It inflates, it extracts, and it doesn’t "move". It’s actually quite amazing. "

-Scotty Bob

"Hey guys, just wanted to you let you know that I'm STOKED about the new PC! (42NR) Fast inflation, great snatch force, solid (non-oscillating) pull. Here is some video."

-Ian Mitchard

"Guys whatsup? I just used your Snatch for the 1st time. Let me tell you it's off the hook!! There is no oscillation. No movement. No "breathing". It stays in the same position from the time it inflates to the time the canopy is inflated. Simply put "it's the best PC in the world" "

-Savage Sac

"I love this pilot chute. Used the 38 today, lots of power in this thing!"


"I used both the 42 and the 46 at the Arizona Boogie this past weekend. I am extremely happy with them. I have never had such a 'positive' extraction on a low speed deployment. I felt the bridal snap taught when using a 46" pilot chute under 1 second. I saw Will, and told him the same. Great job on the design!"

-Rick Winkler