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Ultralite Trail Stache

$120.00 USD

The Ultralite Trail Stache is based on the Red Bull X-Alps race pack by Ozone Paragliders. This is the ultra-lightweight version of the standard Trail Stache. It weighs just 390 grams for 65+ liters of volume and the most comfortable waist belt, ever. This ultra-lightweight pack also compresses small enough to fit comfortably in your wingsuit's nutsack, or under your rig.

This bag is designed to carry gear on long missions. The articulated shoulder straps and the tiered waist belt are genuinely comfortable.

One caveat! This bag is ultra-ultra-light. It is not ultra-durable! It is designed for the ascensionist who cares about grams and takes good care of their gear, and accepts that this pack, like love, shall not last forever. If that's you, get it. If not, then get the standard Trail Stache!




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