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Squirrel Pilots Sweep Wings Over Marl

  • Squirrel News - Squirrel Pilots Sweep Wings Over Marl

Our friend, Alexey Galda, took first overall at Marl this year, again. He reports: "The annual Wings over Marl wingsuit performance competition had 46 wingsuit pilots (28 in advanced class) and a very friendly atmosphere, as always. Squirrel pilots took the top four spots in the advanced class (with 7 out of the top 10 flying Squirrel)."

Alexey was joined on the podium by Ulf Munkedal (CR+) and Leonid Sigalov (CR+). Congrats, guys! And to Fons Van Den Boom who just missed it, in fourth (CR+).

The last three Wings Over Marl events have been won by Squirrel pilots (Ulf Munkedal in 2016, and Alexey in 2017 & 18).

Full results can be found here.


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