Like any BASE canopy, the 5-Lite is a parachute system that demands extensive training and good judgment to use safely and properly. It is critical that you fully understand each aspect of this parachute system, and that you configure the system correctly for each scenario that you use it for. It is your responsibility to take the time to educate yourself on each specific aspect of this parachute system and its proper use. Misconfiguring or misusing this parachute system can easily lead to equipment failure, injury, or death.

And remember, even when properly used, this product may malfunction or fail to operate as expected. You risk death or serious injury each time that you use this parachute system. Being a BASE jumper means taking responsibility for your own life, death, and wellbeing. BASE is dangerous and unpredictable, and no equipment can mitigate all risk factors, nor can a manufacturer predict how all jumpers will use their equipment. Therefore: Consider yourself a test jumper!