The information provided here is intended only as a basic minimum guide. You should choose your wingsuit only after careful consultation with the instructors and mentors who are familiar with your personal progression. Some jumpers may require more experience than indicated to move into each category.


Experienced skydiver with at least 200 skydives (150 for SUMO) and an appropriately rounded skillset. Before flying any wingsuit, even as a beginner, you should have some rudimentary tracking and freeflying skills, with a solid grasp on the basics of skydiving etiquette and safety from exit order to landing approaches and everything in between. You should have completed some coached jumps, and undergone some canopy skills education. You should be comfortable on multi-way dives and thoroughly understand proper technique for entering formations and breaking off. To fly suits in the Beginner-Intermediate category such as the ATC, you should have the appropriate jump numbers.


Before attempting to fly an intermediate-size suit, you should have ALL of the above skills, plus at least 350 skydives with over 100 of them being in a beginner suit. In addition, you should have a solid grasp of basic free-flying skills from sit-flying to back-flying and should fully understand the proper techniques for entering, staying within, and exiting flocking formations. You should have solid canopy skills and an intermediate rating from your country's parachuting association. To fly suits in the Intermediate-Advanced category, such as the Freak series, you should have the appropriate Intermediate-Advanced experience and skill set.


Before attempting to fly an advanced wingsuit you should have ALL of the above skills, plus at least 450 skydives with over 100 of them being in an intermediate suit. If that sounds like a lot, then please consider the fact that advanced wingsuits require a great deal of training to fly safely, and losing control of any wingsuit - advanced (larger) wingsuits in particular - can result in the most serious of consequences not only for yourself but also for other jumpers around you. You should have solid freeflying skills, a thorough understanding of all aspects of skydiving, and excellent canopy skills.

For more info, please see our SUIT COMPARISON page.


If you have any questions about what suit is right for you, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!