Diversity - Equity - Inclusion

SQRL believes in open-mindedness, empathy, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our company was born with the idea that things can be better, and we believe that we have achieved significant progress by questioning the status quo, being willing to change our point of view, and learning from our mistakes. The same characteristics that have led to our company’s success have also led to the evolution of our personal views on equality in our small community and the larger society it exists within.

We personally, and together as a company, donate to anti-racist causes. We believe no person or segment of our society is irrelevant or exempt from a responsibility to stand up to shittyness, needless violence, and racism. We believe that all people, regardless of their race, gender, or sexual orientation, should have truly equal opportunities in every facet of life, and in our sports. We also consider true equality to be a truly American value, and thus true patriotism acts in support of true equality for all people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

We make financial donations because we believe that holding these values and standing up for them is not enough, and that one must put their money where their mouth is.

We invite you to join us, and reflect on how low-risk it should be to speak out against systemic racism and all forms of bigotry. It’s not complicated. For us, we find it easy to be patriotic Americans, and anti-racists at the same time. We find it simple to support and respect our friends in law enforcement AND also to denounce racism. We find the concept of equality to not be radical or progressive -- it is common sense.

We encourage you to call out “off-color” jokes and banter for what it is, which is bullshit & hate speech. Among skydivers and BASE jumpers there tends to be an acute lack of awareness of what systemic racism is and how we all play a role in it. We encourage you to challenge your friends and colleagues to be better and to treat others with respect, online and offline. Be kind, be empathetic, and understand that everyone goes through difficult times, but some people go through difficult times while also being a minority which is not the same. The world should be fairer, and changing it is up to each of us.

Where we are as a company

SQRL is mostly white guys, but we didn’t plan it this way. There is a problem of representation in our sport, and in our company, and we are working to make change. We’re proud that our team of athletes is currently 15% female, while the sport of BASE jumping is closer to 8% female, and our sponsored athlete roster is currently 18% Latinx / Black. We are working to promote diversity in skydiving so that the upper strata can become more diverse.

Where we want to be as a company

Our goal is to very accurately resemble what America truly looks like, today. We believe that no one benefits from a lack of diversity, and everyone wins when we enjoy friendships and relationships with diverse people and have access to more diverse points of view.

Equity In Our Production

We’re proud to manufacture our equipment in Vietnam, in our wholly-owned (together with Ozone Paragliders Ltd.) facility that has grown responsibly since 2000. The technicians and machinists in Ozone’s production now build the highest performing paragliders in the world alongside SQRL products. This story began when David Pilkington, a founder of Ozone Gliders Ltd, started a small production facility twenty years ago. It remains a family affair run by David & his wife, Ngan, and her brother, Khanh. We have worked together for ten years now to produce SQRL equipment. Our production staff are highly valued, well compensated, and receive above average pay and benefits.

We’re Listening

There are few easy answers when discussing the issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion. We consider ourselves to be evolving, and open to change. We are listening to you, the skydiving & BASE jumping community, and welcome your feedback. Hit us up, please.

Our Commitment to CAMP Unity

SQRL is an avid and enthusiastic supporter of CAMP Unity.


CAMP Unity is dedicated to promoting active inclusion within skydiving and ensuring equal and diverse representation of all groups within the sport. We challenge racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, and all other forms of bigotry whenever we see it. We undertake direct action to increase and include diverse voices. We are building a community where people from all walks of life feel welcomed and supported in the sport of skydiving.