This tool may answer some of your questions about what skydiving costs the environment: https://myskydivingfootprint.org/

The environmental impact of our gear is so far reaching as to be almost incomprehensible. Consider the supply chain and origin of just wingsuit fabric: It begins as crude oil which needs to be extracted and is then shipped to be processed into nylon granules in an energy intensive process; then shipped to be spun into nylon yarn; then shipped to be dyed, woven, and coated to become nylon fabric; then shipped again to finally arrive with us -- all of that before the actual wingsuit manufacturing process begins. Multiply that by the hundreds of materials and components needed to make our range of equipment. In addition to auditing our supply chain, manufacturing, and admin activities to gain an understanding of our impact, we take steps to reduce energy and material consumption and invest in renewable energy.


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The Ozone Paragliders / Squirrel factory solar panel array helps power the facility and shades the roof, increasing AC efficiency. Learn more about SQRL production.