The word "performance" is used often, and often carelessly, when talking about wingsuits. What does performance really mean in wingsuit design? To us at Squirrel, True Performance is a balance of ideals. It is not the theoretical speed or L/D ratio of a suit. it is not the fictional performance measurement based on a GPS reading taken downwind, or a claim on an internet forum. True Performance includes the glide, speed, ease-of-use, comfort, quality, and overall passive safety of a wingsuit. Can you reach up and grab your risers / brakes without unzipping or cutting away? Does your suit perform at lower flocking speeds yet also stay stable at the steepest free-flying angles? Is the internal pressure consistent across angles of attack, and do you get a sensation of compact solidity from the wing? These are the factors that our R&D process is focused on, from beginning to end. We perform extensive side-by-side performance testing with similar suits from other manufacturers and never release a design until it exceeds competition in its class, in all categories. We invite you to do the same, and to experience first-hand the result of our passion. Squirrel hosts the industry’s largest and most professional R&D team and test team. Our passion for flight and commitment to development is, we think, unmatched.