Why fly fast?

At Squirrel, we focus on creating a healthy balance of speed and comfort in all of our BASE jumping wingsuits and tracking suits. Why is speed important for BASE jumping?

Speed = lift and energy. Lift is control, and energy is a main ingredient for “margin”. Lift and control gives us precision to direct the energy to create the margin.

F ≈ V2 = VxV

(F = Force and V = Velocity/Airspeed)

Airspeed squares aerodynamic force. Which means Force is proportional to Velocity squared. Force in this case is Lift. Pick a speed, any speed. Available lift at that speed equals 1x. Now, double that speed, and your new available lift is (2)2 = 4x

Increase airspeed 100%, available lift is now 400%.

If you double your airspeed, you quadruple your available lift.