• Squirrel Wingsuits


"I'm super happy with the canopy. Glide and flare are so much better than on my ____ or ______. When I talk to others, it looks a bit like the light-weight ____ but I think it has better glide and flare and it flies great in deep brakes. I'm surprised with the openings, but maybe it’s so great because of the vents. Openings are on-heading and slow enough to relax ;)"

-Aleksander "Olek" Domalewski

"I have the first jumps on the IBEX, a very nice, solid canopy. The ______ opens the hardest of my canopies and I expected the IBEX 250 to open more like the 240 _____ than a _____ 265 (I also have a vented ______). I was surprised how smooth and soft the openings are with 83 kg, also the flare is more like that of the 265s than that of the 240. All the openings were on heading. I pack all my canopies with a single stow, no direct slider control, nose not rolled, but simply folded, center cell pulled over the pack job."

-Walter Hilscher