• Squirrel Wingsuits


"I’m a huge fan of the Outlaw – I have total confidence I could sink that thing in almost anywhere. I was concerned the openings would be violent, but it feels smooth and very reliable with only slightly slower timing than the Ibex at similar deployment speeds. "

-Laurent Frat

"kN arrived Thursday so managed to try it out at the Blackpool UK Base Boogie. kN fits perfectly, very comfortable. And the canopy is a massive improvement on my old T___, absolutely loved it. Managed to hit the 6” disk on the third jump from 230ft. FF opening hand-held were also superb. After 10 jumps it gives you a lot of confidence in its flying capabilities especially on braked approaches. Thank you, very impressed."

-Darren Strafford

"Just dropping in to let you know I love my outlaw more than ever. Put 15 jumps on her out in Moab for the Turkey Boogie. The factory deep brake settings seemed perfect to me, parked yet responsive on opening, and overall I had total confidence in my gear. I had planned to use rear riser input in the event of a 180 close to an object and I made use of that plan. The Outlaw performed exactly how I needed it to."

-Hank Priester

"I got the outlaw two days ago. Six jumps on it ranging from 320 to 140. Dude, it's been a while since I've felt something different in a slider off canopy. I love the flik and blackjack....and have jumped pretty much most canopies out there.....but this thing flies more stable (not mushy) in deep brakes than anything. And so far seems to have glide for days! It doesn't seem to dive as much when you go from deep to full flight recovery. It just kind of accelerates. I'm guessing you've heard all of this...or why would you have put it out. I really didn't expect much to feel new. It's definitely a bit early for me to get carried away but so far I'm stoked. I'm not one to tell someone what they want to hear. After a handful of jumps im optimistic about the hype that made me ask for it in the first place."

-Matt Laj

"Today, I had my 200th safe and soft landing on the canopy. It has been reliable, fast openings, stable and has accurate landings. I also now have over 400 base jumps on my Aura and Stronglite. I am completely satisfied with the Stronglite, it has lots of life left in it. I am eager to fly the Aura 2 this winter and retire the Aura 1. Thank you again for being generously supportive and building GREAT products. "

-James Yaru

"Today I did my 50th jump on the KN and Outlaw and I feel now I can give you a quick personal overview... :) of the gear. The canopy is fantastic in design, vents, performance and on heading openings! I get great forward speed and great control and flare after adjusting the brakes a couple of times. This also improved reverse flying quite a bit! In overall the only change I applied to the set up was to shorten the brakes from the factory mark to hit the sweet spot."

-Cam Lopez

"The rig is truly amazing. The simple functionality of the Crux Container and the predictable flight characteristics of the Outlaw Lite 260 really elevated my experience the past three weeks in the desert.

I love my _ _ _ and my ___ canopies, however the Outlaw Lite 260 is by far my canopy of choice after this past trip. I would consider myself an average canopy pilot, not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I was able to predict the flight characteristics and capabilities of the Outlaw and nail every landing target, flare, and talus flight line. The Outlaw is my canopy of choice from now on.

The way the two components fit together is perfect. I would change nothing. The large tail pocket with the velcro on the outside, the riser covers that lay in and fold over so perfectly, the velcro stowage for excess brake line..... basically the whole package is amazing."

-Josh Thompson

"The Outlaw; love the openings, bang on heading every time so far. Very stable in deep brakes and you can sink it all the way down almost vertically very nicely and still get a bit of flair at the end."

-Dan Witchalls

"Everyone says the same thing about the Outlaw – it has amazing deep brake behavior, the heading performance is the best, and it works perfect in the city and in the mountains. Our team won first place in the accuracy competition at the China Wings For Love event, thanks to the Outlaw."

-Justin Duclos