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"The Epicene Pro, what can I say... "I love him" , "I love him" ! It's so easy to pack, and then these openings an absolute dream! Gentle, no twists and almost always on heading! Without a doubt the best wingsuit canopy on the market! Thank you for this great Squirrel toy."


"I’ve put a decent amount of jumps on in since I got it last summer. All I can say is I LOVE it. I would not trade it for any other other canopy I’ve tried. I’m no professional packer or professional wingsuit pilot for that matter... but I’ve had 0, yes 0 line twist all season. It’s Simply amazing and takes all the stress out of wingsuiting. It practicly crawls itself alone in my container its so easy to pack. I’m no expert canopy pilot either but it feels great in flight. To me its a fun and safe canopy to fly and land. I did 2 or 3 slick jumps with it too as well and was suprised how smooth the opening was.

Just wanted to say thanks for another great toy I got from you guys."

-Valerio Melikian

"So I wanted to get some time under the canopy before I sent you guys a review... I absolutely love this canopy!!! The openings are smooth and on heading every time!!! It is super easy to pack. I honestly don't know how you guys will improve on this canopy, but I know you will! I have recommended this canopy to everyone flying a wingsuit, tracking suit... I use it for my typical fun jumps as well. I feel absolutely comfortable and safe under this canopy. Thank you guys!"

-Daniel Smith

"The Epicene Pro is a dope ass canopy, I wish would have got one few years back! Coming from flying a ____ the opening was way better on the Epicene Pro and faster, almost scared me thought was going to get slammed but she’s soft and very fun to fly… plus the all black with green leading edge looks pimp as f!! Thank you so much for the new gear stoked as to put more jumps on them and see where they take me in the future."

-Jonny Pearson

"I put a few jumps on the Epicene today and have been impressed with the fast and smooth openings. It’s nice to take the drama out of deployments. I did a few jumps without a suit, a couple with the Sumo 2, and I plan to jump the canopy with a wingsuit in the next week or two. So far I have been impressed with the glide performance and the ability of the canopy to not lose much altitude in turns. Being relatively new to wingsuit flying I am interested in simplifying the deployment process and this canopy appears to do just that.


-Jude Alatorre

"Positive yet soft openings, responsive to harness turns, plenty of drive and glide as well as a powerful flare with or without fronts. The Epicene Pro feels as reliable as my beloved BASE canopy and is a lot of fun to fly."


"Guys THANK YOU!! No really thanks...!! After many 100’s of wingsuit jumps I was beginning to really not enjoy it anymore. The unpredictable deployments and malfunctions was getting to the point of me really doubting this whole thing.

Fast forward to the past weekend when I finally got to jump my new Epicine Pro and oh FUCK YEH!! Back in the game. Man this thing is a game changer. I spent the day jumping and each and every deployment was predictable, gentle and a pleasure.

Granted I was shitting my pants after not jumping WS for 6 months with my last jumping ending in a cutaway. I’m not sure the double espresso coffee helped...!! I was shacking like a shitting dog with a BPM of probably 500. But man this thing is amazing and got some very happy screams after it opened so nice.

So to conclude why the hell do people, like myself, bother with the “cheap option” of getting some 800 jumps abused old 7 cell in the hope it’ll be ok? C’mon this needs to save my life!! Have the right gear for the task at hand!

Amazing work and thanks for a top quality product that has re-ignited my passion for WS and currently has stopped me hating, fearing and loathing deployments.

Blue skie’s!! Much love!"

-Simon H

"Packing the Epicene is so easy, it’s like a joke. I am jumping a 150 now, and it fits easily into my rig which was built for a 91 Xaos. The openings are clean and consistent. I like the Epicene better than any of the other canopies that are currently considered best for wingsuit skydiving! I love the 150 size for wingsuiting and for demo jumps. "

-Jeffro Provenzano, RedBull Airforce

"I like the 116 and the 130, but I'm flying a 130 now for most of my wingsuit jumps and demos. It’s a super fun canopy for a 7-cell F111 design, and packing it is incredibly easy. Even if you do end up with some line-twists, which is always possible, the Epicene tends to fly straight and level with no aggressive turns or other funny business. All in all this is the perfect canopy for its intended purpose. "

-Andy Farrington, RedBull Airforce

"I LOVE my new Epicene Pro! Take any other canopy on the market and pretty much throw them in the trash for wingsuiting. I feel just as confident on this parachute as I do under my Outlaw/Hayduke BASE parachute. The flare power has definitely increased and allowed for amazing flares on no wind days. The consistent openings are what I’ve been searching for my entire lifetime. I’ve tried them all, but the Epicene Pro is literally in a class of its own. No other parachute comes close to consistent openings for wingsuiters. I can actually relax on my openings now and not worry about what sh*t show is going on behind me."

-Brandon Mikesell

"All smooth on heading openings, super symmetrical on opening every time. Nothing but awesome things to say about the canopy. "

-Andy Stumpf

"The first thing I noticed about it was the toggle pressure and rigidity of the wing; where I expected the soft and "squishy" feel of F-111, I got something that was closer to a Velo than even my Pilot in terms of rigidity and toggle pressure. The landings were great and nothing like I expected - the flare was powerful and to me as good as a ZP canopy. I am loading it heavy (1.65-1.70:1) and did a 90 on the first landing and 180s on the next two, so I had a lot of speed, but even so, flaring up high showed me that it has a really solid flare. The rigidity of the wing and toggle pressure I felt just flying the canopy and without the speed of the landing. On the third jump, I even got a decent swoop. I was all smiles and like I said, I am just really impressed. Never in a million years would I have said that a 0-3cfm canopy could fly like that. Never. I don't know what you did on the design - if it is just the ZP leading edge, size and placement of the cross ports, shape of the cells or some of all of the above and more, but I am blown away that you could make it perform like that. More than anything I am just amazed that the canopy flies so well and is that much fun. You more than exceeded my expectations and this is a really strong canopy..."

-David Smith

"The Epicene opens better than any other wingsuit canopy I have tried. It is fun to fly and land, for a 7 cell canopy. Packing it is super easy and comfortable. Overall it’s just the best choice if you’re flying wingsuits a lot."

-Noah Bahnson

"Really loving the Epicene! I was completely happy with the openings I was getting on my St___, but after putting some jumps on the Epicene I can't imagine going back. I feel infinitely better about openings with the Epicene than any other canopy I've jumped."

-Zac Rubenson

"It's nice to know that when I let go of my pilot chute, I'm going to have a very predictable opening… there's no surprises, it's not going to take off on me. It's fun to fly for a canopy in this class! And for an F111 7 cell the Epicene has a remarkable flare and bottom end, allowing you to finish your flare for a textbook landing. My Epicene 190 is perfect for demonstration jumps and wingsuit flying. "

-Luke Aikins, RedBull Airforce

"The Epicene from Squirrel is the softest and fastest opening wingsuit canopy I have ever jumped! Buttery and on heading... even with bigger suits. And the best part is it fits in my container! Being a competitive swooper for the past few years, my main canopy is 64 square feet. I thought I was going to have to get a whole new system for getting back into wingsuit skydiving. The Epicene116 packs down perfectly fitting in my freefly container. Awesome! Thanks Squirrel!"

-Cynthia Currie

"I have taken several flights with my Epicene and I am in heaven every time! This is the easiest canopy I have ever had to pack, she has fast openings but they are also extremely soft, and super easy (yet FUN) to fly! The flare on her has been perfect every time!

I do not have a wide range of canopy's under my belt (crossfire and spectre) but I am IN LOVE with my Epicene and am recommending her to everyone who wingsuits! Every product you guys put out is top notch and I look forward to what comes next.

Thank you again for making a canopy I know is reliable! I'll be back soon likely for an Outlaw! Keep up the awesome work! "

-Michelle Kaszper

"I'm not a sponsored jumper. I pay for all my gear at retail prices. Just looking to give an honest opinion on the first skydiving parachute I've bought brand new. If you're a wing suit skydiver you owe it to your self to buy an epicene from the guys @squirrel.ws I hate buying new skydiving gear. But this canopy changed my mind."

-Tyler Burrows

"As far as the Epicene, I have it all figured out and have just one thing to say: This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't have the chance to jump it before ordering, I just bought it based on what friends told me. And it does for me what I was looking for on, specific jumps.

Thank you guys, great job."

-Tim Hedderich (German National Freefly Champion)

"Hey meet my new canopy. She’s an epicene pro 116. She likes to show up on-heading and packs a punch at the end of her flare. She’s the coolest little cloud I‘ve ever flown, and the first canopy that I have customized the colors. I think we’re in it for the long haul!"

-Jessica Maviano

"After a few jumps on this canopy I already LOVE it. It opens directly on heading in a comfortable but not snively manner. The only thing I can relate it to is a soft BASE opening. I was very pleasantly surprised with the flare as this was my biggest concern with the canopy being ultralight F111. Haven’t had a chance to swoop it yet, but will see how it goes. As it says on the video, this is not an ultra-high-performance canopy, so the turn rate is not super high with toggle turns, but it is not a bus by any means. Front riser pressure is soft at the beginning but builds with speed. I was able to pull the dive loop to my shoulder level and hold it there for about a 720. When I received the canopy, I thought that the brake lines seemed a little too long, but the factory settings were actually perfect.

I had gotten to the point where I was using a bunch of special techniques before deployment and was scared of what could happen every time I threw out my pilot chute. It is going to take a little while for those fears to go away and I am very excited to be able to just deploy from full flight and have a nice consistent opening."

-Charley Kurlinkus

"First jumps: Every opening was on heading, every opening was very comfortable, and I was very happy with every landing, toggle response, riser response, harness response (better harness response than my S____ 120 at 1.8ish) and distance on landing when "swooped." It has noticeably less glide than the S___ 1 I'm used to, BUT much better than a 120 or even 150 S___. Planing out on rear risers was predictable and easy. Recovery arc is predictable but quick. I continued to increase air speed [at deployment] and had the exact same opening every jump. I always experienced a very comfortable "stand up" followed by a couple shakes of the canopy and then a very comfortable inflation. Feet never went above my head or anything like that. I don't miss my S____ at all!"

-Clif Jordan

"Dearest Fellow Squirrels,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the Epicene 210 that I ordered. I must say this is an absolutely outstanding main. The openings are super consistent, and it flies much more agile than I expected, especially for this style of canopy. Overall, you guys did an excellent job with this main. I expected this to be my wingsuit only setup, but Ive ended up using it for all styles of jumping. It ended up being much more versatile than expected. Thanks for making a main that I can actually trust. "

-Roland Forbes

"I tried my new Epicene yesterday and I love it already:-). It was definitely a good choice! Packing is incredibly easy, the openings are fast and though very soft... Thank you very much!"

-André Jund

"I finally got into my new Funk and Epicene this Saturday and all I can say is wow! Very happy with both although was immediately superbly impressed with the Epicene's opening and handling! In wingsuits I've flown a Pilot/Storm/Sabre2 and the Epicene is by far the best wingsuit canopy I've ever experienced!"

-Dennis Valdez

"I love my Epicene! I only just got the chance to jump it at the weekend as the typical English weather has been heinous as per... The openings were nice and fast, just how I imagined and how I want them to be when wing suiting. Thanks again."

-Roland Forbes

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