• Squirrel Wingsuits


"Some people were asking me about the SAUSAGE at Brento. They were surprised that my last tracking jump I did at Brento was 10 years ago! But I was surprised too, I never thought it would be possible to track all the way to the landing here. That's crazy. I put maybe 15-20 jumps in LB on it. Looks from data that at best glide, with my body and weight, I was getting around 150 km/h horizontal with speeds up to 168 km/h. (Video)"

-Aleksander “Olek” Domalewski

"The real power in the Sausage is its gas pedal. It starts very quick, but the big advantage over other one piece suits out there is its top end speed. When flown correctly, it can get going quick then accelerate to ridiculous speeds, giving you range to explore parts of the mountain once thought impossible in a tracking suit."

-Scotty Bob

"I’ve had my Sausage for a bit now and put a ton of base jumps on it and it has absolutely blown me away with the performance and distance you can cover in this suit. It’s a super stable suit once you learn to fly it and the starts are nice and fast with quick inflation through the cells. Every time I jump my Sausage it puts a smile on my face and has opened up so many more lines an possibilities. (Video)"

-Robin C.

"What a day, I am like a kid again with this thing, what can I say. Thank you so much for that suit, it’s magic. Eleven years of jumping in the passion we all call B.A.S.E, Close to a 1,900 jumps from all kind of things. I don’t know how much in tracking, but for sure a few hundred. Jumps with friends and students. Now in my 40s there is a new door to open. The first couple of jumps in the Sausage put me back in the days when everything started. Like a kid I discover ground visuals I have never seen before. Flights long as never like this ones. What can I say. All I can is just WOW and thx Squirrel to step into the one piece suit’s. A tool to have more fun and more safety in general. Let’s see what the summer brings, let’s open the doors."

-Simon Wandeler

"Did now 10 jumps from different exit points and the Sausage has good pressure in the separate cells, quickly a lot of pressure in the legs, and as soon as it flies the glide is fucking awesome!! Fast starts, will do a video soon with Clem to show you ! Thanks Guys for the suit and service. (Video)"