• Squirrel Wingsuits


"Compared to my ____ tracking suit, the SUMO has quicker inflation and a quicker start, which is the most important stage in getting a good track (especially in the valley) and also makes it safer as you are getting away from the wall faster. I also feel it has more range at the bottom as well…

I made 400 BASE tracking jumps in my ____ suit, so you could say I was very used to it. On my first jump in The SUMO I made it as far, if not better than, my best jump in my ____ from the High Ultimate. After a bit of change in technique and more jumps in the SUMO, I could go a lot better and I get a lot more out of this suit! Have FUN!"

-Lorenzo Buzz

"I received the Sumo (thanks a lot) and gave it a few tries right away. I did my best track from the 1st attempt, so the suit is definitely the best suit I've tried, and is as well the most powerful! You're wise to encourage people to skydive it a lot before Base, because I find it harder to fly correctly track pants than wingsuit, like every big pants I've tried!"

-Vincent "Le Blond" Descols

"The quality is UNREAL, I can't believe how awesome the suit looks! Every stitch is picture perfect and the suit fits like a glove. "

-Andrew Toyer

"Did 8 jumps (skydives) with the SUMO this weekend. Very solid, powerful & compact feeling, especially with the no wobble system, it feels much more precise in steep turns/angle then any other tracking suit. Good balance between agility and performance."

-Cedric Dumont

"The Sumo flies super nice and is easy to control, only done 5 jumps on it now in the past week but am really enjoying the progression and feel of the suit. "

-Simon Wandeler

"Never thought I could have this much fun in a suit. Definitely my favorite suit I have flown yet."

-Lucas Paskiewicz

"The inlets work perfectly at all flight angles. It is very fast, and has a lot of stability in a wider stance."

-Hartman Rector

"This thing rocks. I can't believe how much forward speed it has on the lower end. It feels so solid!"

-Scotty Bob

"After just a few jumps I can now say that 100% this is the best tracking suit that I have ever flown. It is powerful, sensitive, and easy to learn from the start. It has massive potential. Here is video from one of my first jumps, flying to the road at High Ultimate.

Also, the closing flaps of the container are super nice and stay in position. Not like on a _____, _____."

-Leonardo D.

"I’ve been flying the Sumo for a about a month now and am continually impressed. For everything BASE my priorities are safety and ease of use, and the Sumo is all that and then some. I’ve flown several Tracking suits (both one and two piece) over the last few years and I can safely say that the Sumo wins hands down for stability, pressurization and pilot interaction, and doesn’t compromise an inch of performance to achieve it. In fact the more I learn about the inputs it needs from me, the more personal bests I keep surpassing.

I was a little nervous taking out of the plane for the first time. Not only was I un-current in a Tracking suit, I was also an un-current skydiver. But within the first 10 seconds of flight I knew I would be comfortable flying it from a cliff (after years of prior training and experience of course!). Such massive levels of rock solid stability were previously unseen in any of the Tracking suits I’d flown and this gave me the confidence in control that I require to happily BASE anything.

In the Base environment I’ve found it a perfect tool. Quick inflation provides opportunity for quick starts and in the right hands with the right technique I believe it can take you further than any other two-piece on the market, and will do it more comfortably and safely.

Of course as with any tracking suit, the pilot is still everything. A bad pilot will fall like a brick and a good one will fly like they were born to it. As such I much strongly remind everyone that a vast amount of prior experience in the BASE tracking environment or a significant amount of skydiving in the Sumo must be considered before taking it of a cliff. But with those things considered it would be a great first suit, if not the best first suit currently on the market for either environment."

-Milson Barnard