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ATC review
in SkydiveMag,
by Val Sobol.

"This suit is so awesome, it’s so good in steep angles and fast flight with high performance pilots, but also perfect for me for coaching smaller suits. It’s crazy how much performance there is for how easy it is to fly."

-Carlos Briceno

"Have to say that this suit is the best wingsuit I have ever tried. Amazing!!! Powerfull, Easy and stable to fly... Awesome!!!"

-Wesley Barbosa

"I highly recommend the ATC for anyone looking to step up their game in the wingsuit world! It’s fast, powerful, pressurized, agile, smooth, stable, forgiving. The ATC sits well placed between the Funk and the Freak on the chart and brings the best attributes from both suits, you will find more speed and flare power than the Funk but you will be pleasantly surprised by the stability and comfort while transitioning, barrel rolling, and back flying. I have spent a lot of time flying the Freak and love it but I wanted something smaller to be able to fly with all sizes of suits for coaching purposes, I not only found my self able to fly with smaller suits as well as the Freaks but I started improving skills I was a little timid to try on the Freak, such as transitioning and barrel rolling my "weaker" less used direction, working on very steep back dives, back flares as well as mixing in some high speed carving/head down flying. Thank you Squirrel for making the ATC! "

-Jesse Hall

"After putting about 60 jumps on the ATC, the qualities that still blow me away are its speed and energy retention. I was worried when I ordered it that I would have to fly the balls off of it to stay with big suits, but it's so fast and efficient that even with less surface area than a Freak, it's no problem. It prefers full-flight, but as long as you keep it at a nice angle of attack when it brakes, it's no problem. It shuts down easily with small suits, and it’s so comfortable at speed that chasing students and getting down to smaller suit groups is a breeze."

-Mike Naddor

"The ATC is the perfect all-around wingsuit. Backflying and dynamic maneuvers are a breeze. I was also very impressed with the speed and range that the suit offers. This suit is extremely fast for its size! I fly it all day long with Freaks, and can't even tell I am in a smaller suit. The flare power also surprised me, as I am able to gain almost as much altitude as my Freak1. It can also easily fly with Swift 2's and Funk 2's, without having to de-power the suit much. The ATC has quickly become my go-to suit. I love it and can't wait for what you guys will come up next!"

-Ryan Leeper

"The ATC has been amazing so far! I've put about 10 flights on it and it's incredible how intuitive it is to fly (even on its back) and how easy it is to fly with small suits or my friends in Freak 2's."

-Connor Snodgrass

"The new squirrel ATC, well I definitely have a lot I can say about this suit after testing it in all kinds of waters during flock and dock! first off the fit is great as always, very comfortable suit both in the air and sky and cannot ask for a better feel then the custom squirrel fit wingsuits. Now for the fun review....how it flies! well first off I was extremely surprised how much power this thing holds! yes, i knew it was a baby freak but man she has more power than I expected for its size platform, and this power makes it fairly easy to keep up with freak/freak 2 sized formations at normal and near max speed. The ATC is even capable of doing XRW which I found amazing! keeping up with slow record speed flocks and smaller suits is also quite easy, just recommended to depressurize the suit lightly to make the work easier for you. Backfly transitions are as smooth as can be, and the suit really likes to have some speed on its back which is great! overall this suit is everything I was hoping for and a tad more as it has a ton of float power and speed potential for its size class and controlling it is very easy!"

-Kevin Andrews

"I am coming from the _____ and Funk 2. More range than both of those suits and almost easier to fly! It is so perfect for coaching FFC courses. I can fly with a wide range of suits! It is fast when you need the speed, but also easy to fly slowly. Everything I read and heard about on this suit is real, it is amazing. Thanks and congrats for this perfect wingsuit."

-Leo Orsini

"I wanted to let you know how I'm liking the ATC! The suit fits perfect. I did a handful of coach jumps for my friend who is flying a Swift 2. I loved the range that I had on her and it made flying with her smooth and easier to give her feedback. I spent the rest of the day flying with Freak 2, Aura, Colugo 1, and Funk suits. I was able to fly with them great and I'm loooooving the speed in the ATC.

The transition from the Swift 2 to the ATC was seamless. I immediately noticed how much more responsive the ATC was compared to the Swift 2, but it wasn't intimidating, only exciting!

Absolutely in love with this suit. I'm very excited to be able to fly with small suits and big suits. I won't have any friends left out on jumps this summer! I'm excited that people at our drop zone flying small suits will feel less pressured to quickly progress into large suits since they dominate our drop zone.

Thanks for the awesome suit! You guys are the best."

-Jessica M