• Squirrel Wingsuits


"I must admit I was very skeptical to begin with. Born with PF it was a bit hard for me to really go all in and try something new. Now I don't know how I could ever fly something else. At this point now I have 20-25 jumps on the suit. All skydives, so can't give you any base feedback at the moment.

On my first 2 jumps I went straight to it - I wanted to see if this suit really was so agile and fast as you guys say. And it was! Went straight out of the plain with a barrel roll - easy. Turned it on my back - easy. Tried to put in a bit of speed - holy shit, I almost lost my goggles.

After these first 2 jumps I went to Dubai to train with it, and fly with as many different people in as many different suits as possible. I quickly discovered how fast this suit is! The Vampire Race has no chance! The same goes for the S____. With just a bit of input this suit just hammers away.

It's like the range of the suit is never-ending. It was easy for me to follow a Phantom 2, and just as easy to fly with all the other big suits. So even though I'm collapsing my wings completely to keep up with the small suits, it's just as stable, precise, agile and easy to fly, as when I go all in on speed and performance. Simply, I'm just mindblown how it is possible to make such a big and fast suit, that is as easy to fly as my old Phantom, and also the same good acro performance (if not better!). I don't get it. I was pretty sure you had to compromise something to add something - but no! I will recommend this suit to anybody with a bit of ws experience and I will definitely be a squirrel fan from now on. "

-Dennis Ohlsen

"I've done 53 jumps in my Colugo 2 now and I love it. It was a really nice transition from the Swift to the Colugo 2. I've used the Colugo 2 for everything from big suit flocking to performance competitions, wingsuit rodeos, cloud carving and even some head down free-flying. I find it has amazing forward speed at the right angle of attack, but it has so much range that I can out float larger suits such as the A__, V___ P___ and R___2.

I used my Colugo 2 in the 2015 Australian Wingsuit Performance Race today and I got first place! It was awesome to see the Squirrel suits do well, Auras came 2nd and 3rd but they couldn't match the Colugo 2. Check out the leaderboard."

-Chris Byrnes

"This thing is so fast, so powerful, but so easy and intuitive to fly. I love it! The starts are very good as well, almost as good as the Aura. I feel super comfortable BASE jumping it, and it is super fun to skydive!"

-Carson Klein

"I am so in love with my new Colugo 2!! I can't even tell you how much I love it :-) so solid and so fast and Sooo sweet in the turns:-) thank you thank you thank you!!! "

-Ellen Brennan

"I am even more impressed with the C2. I feel it requires more muscle than the race proto I used at ACES, but also has more power and range, it’s a very fair tradeoff. I’ve been so intrigued by the C2 that the Funk has kinda taken a seat on the back burner, but I have plans for it soon."

-Clif Jordan

"I love this suit. I can blast out and fly super hard and not be exhausted. Love carving clouds. Diving fast was where I felt the suit was at its best. I was absolutely hauling the mail, beelining for my target all while flying the smoothest yet. Laughing in my helmet it occurred to me why Andy won the RBA races. I did another fiver wringing it out the same. Additionally on the third, I did a super fast run to a solid looking crack and then pulled up pretty much as best as I know how... Two words, woo hoo!"

-Rickster Powell

"Hello guys, I was finally able to do some serious jump to the suit. I have been jumping with 2 friends (with a ___ and a __) and the Colugo performance, especially in speed, is outstanding. The speed it starts flying and flying fast is simply amazing. It is super sensitive and you can turn so quickly and deep in case you need to, and the recovery is amazing. On the other hand, comparing the suit quality (not talking about the flight) with the others, the difference is even higher. The suit quality and its materials are 2 steps over the others, at the very least. Keep it going. "

-Juan Manuel Pacheco

"I have done some jumps on my Colugo 2 and I’m so happy of it, it's very faster!!!"

-Maurizio di Palma

"What an amazing suit my friends...wonderful job guys!!!!! Thanks again for all the attention. You are Pro!!! I jumped twice with it yesterday and I just can say one thing about Colugo 2... It's fucking sick!!!!!! Amazing suit. I'm really happy with it. It was for sure the best choice!"

-Chris Hammes

"Best wingsuit EVER! It’s fast, it’s easy to fly, and super versatile! "

-Kasha Farrington

"Loving my new Colugo 2. Seriously it might be my favorite wingsuit ever."

-Neil Amonson

"I did some jumps yesterday and is the best suit i ever try! is very easy to fly, really intuitive and really fast!! fit perfect in the air, i can stretch all the body and i don't feel that is short like in the ground.

I'm really happy with he suit!! congrats to all the squirrel team!! you guys are doing a amazing job!!"

-Dani Roman

"Fantastic suit. Super stable in a dive. Agile, with a nice pop. Easy on the arms."

-Adrien Witzenman Krell

"I did a couple of jumps on the Colugo 2 and I gotta say... It's fucking awesome! The fit is perfect and it feels super stable in all positions. This is exactly what I wanted for cloud carving and flocking with friends in big suits!"

-Jeffrey Chan