• Squirrel Wingsuits


"The swift 2 I got is awesome. Flys and performs like a dream. Thank you for the awesome suit. Attached below are a couple pics of myself in it.
Your new addict,"

-Nicholas Elvinger

"The Swift 2 is fast and fun, the suit super easy to fly, very stable, and packs a lot of power. The guys on the bigger suits were having to work to catch me, I see more potential to come with more experience gained."

-Rob Crilly

"I just had my first flight on my new swift2, and it was PERFECT! I can't say enough wonderful things about this suit!! Thank you!!!! I couldn't be happier with its performance and how easy it was to fly. It had a surprising amount of power and felt effortless. I love it!!!!!"

-Ashlee Richman

"This suit offers A LOT of range and opportunity for a beginner once they have a few flights on something like the Hatch. The Swift 2 has great stability without being overly pressurized, but still plenty of power for a beginner to dabble with performance flying. It is FAST for a small suit, and I’ve seen several smaller flyers use the Swift 2 and leave bigger suits in the dust. I absolutely loved being able to take off in this suit if I wanted to leave everyone behind or just go do a cloud run. There is a lot of performance that can be extracted from this suit, and an individual can and should put lots of jumps on before they upsize."

-Val Sobol