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Squirrel equipment is created by and for the world's leading wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers. Our company is a collaboration between an elite group of wingsuit BASE innovators, competition winners, and world record breakers. Our core design philosophy is centered on improving safety and comfort in all areas of our sport, with a fanatical devotion to quality.


Andy Wins RedBull Aces

Andy Wins RedBull Aces 07/20/2014

We'd like to send out a huge congratulations to Squirrel Team Pilot, Andy Farrington, who took 1st place at the inaugural RedBull Aces event flying his Squirrel proto. Almost 20 Squirrel team pilots participated in this event, and Squirrel suits took first overall and saw many pilots in the final rounds and top eight places. The RedBull Aces Event is the most exciting wingsuit race on the planet, and is the only race in which pilots fly hea... READ MORE

Squirrel Welcomes New Friends

Squirrel Welcomes New Friends 07/02/2014

Recently we have had the honor of adding a few of the world’s leading BASE jumpers to our team. It has been very exciting for us to watch our equipment be adopted by so many awesome pilots, and we are proud to be able to support them. We would like to welcome some of the biggest names in the sport: Mauri, Simon, Olek, and Steph. Check them out, here. Cheers, and thanks for flying Squirrel!

AURA 2014

AURA 2014 06/13/2014

The Aura has rapidly become the most popular wingsuit amongst the world's leading BASE jumpers. Check out this video to learn a bit about what current Aura pilots think of it. In the past year, more new exits and lines of flight have been opened with the Aura than with any other suit, and for 2014, the AURA is the optimum choice for serious wingsuit BASE jumpers. The Aura offers the fas... READ MORE


GET FUNKY 05/23/2014

The FUNK is now in production and we are accepting orders for pilots of all shapes and sizes. If you're thinking of getting Funky this summer, our advice is not to wait. At the moment, our lead times are the longest they have been in our history, and although we are adding people to our wingsuit production group and hoping to keep them reasonable, there is a chance they will increase. Fair warning.

In the meantime, if... READ MORE

Get Stached

Get Stached 05/15/2014

The new Squirrel STACHE is, we think, the ideal wingsuit BASE stash-bag. It's has all the features that we need, with nothing we don't, and the design focuses on a small folded-volume so when you put it away for the jump down, you won't have any problems fitting it inside your wingsuit. It comes in two versions, and we recommend the 'Still-Pretty-Light' version for most jumpers. The 'Ultra-Light' version is made of 40D... READ MORE

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