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Squirrel equipment is created by and for the world's leading wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers. Our company is a collaboration between an elite group of wingsuit BASE innovators, competition winners, and world record breakers. Our core design philosophy is centered on improving safety and comfort in all areas of our sport, with a fanatical devotion to quality.


Gigantic Slalom

Gigantic Slalom 05/02/2016

This winter the Squirrel team headed to Chamonix for a little slalom action. We built a series of 12m (40’) tall pylons, skied them onto the face below the Brevent exit, and sessioned the course for couple of days. It was a fun learning experience for all of us who set, maintained, and flew the course. For the pilots, it added an exciting new element to wingsuit... READ MORE

Backcountry DZ: The Glacier

Backcountry DZ: The Glacier 04/11/2016

We went to ze Alps and set up a private pop-up Dropzone deep in the Massif du Mt Blanc. Huge thanks to the team: Julian Boulle, Micah Couch, Dave Reader, Max Haim, Mike Swanson, Jon Devore, Scotty Bob, Will Kitto, Mike Steen, and Matt Gerdes, Noah Bahnson, Shayni Couch, Roch Malnuit, and Pascal of CMBH. It was a mind-bending day on the... READ MORE

Steve, Chris, and Joe, on Performance Podiums

Steve, Chris, and Joe, on Performance Podiums 02/23/2016

Two comps wrapped up this week, with Squirrel pilots standing on the podium again. Steve Holden took gold at the Australian National Championships. In Steve’s words: “The C-RACE is a machine! I still don't feel like I'm flying it anywhere near its potential, or even consistently for that matter, but it just performs anyway. I can't wait to ke... READ MORE

Squirrel Pilots Sweep RedBull ACES

Squirrel Pilots Sweep RedBull ACES 10/26/2015

Congratulations to Squirrel Team Pilot, Andy Farrington, who remains the undefeated champion of RedBull ACES, the world’s most dynamic and challenging wingsuit race. In second place was Noah Bahnson, flying his Squirrel C-RACE. In third and fourth were Matt Gerdes, and Scott “Plamer” Palmer. The final round was 100% Squirrel, with Andy, Noah, ... READ MORE

Noah and Julian Win with C-RACE in China

Noah and Julian Win with C-RACE in China 10/18/2015

At the China wingsuit thingy, Noah Bahnson and Julian Boulle each beat their way through multiple heats to end up racing each other in the overall final. Noah edged out Julian by a hair, and they took first and second overall flying the Squirrel C-RACE. We’d like to send a huge thanks and congratulations to them both, as well as Carson Klein, Mike Swanson, Sebastian Alvarez, and Vincent Descols who all flew the C-RACE in the event.


BACKCOUNTRY DROPZONE: Chamonix 10/15/2015

Recently we visited Chamonix and did a little flying with the FREAK. Freestyle wingsuit flying in big mountains is a lot of fun, and it’s nice to have a suit with the range and power to move around and actually fly from point A to point B. The FREAK delivers in this respect – it is agile and playful, yet has the glide performance that you need to get to where you’re going.

Podium Finish for Noah and Chris at US Nationals

Podium Finish for Noah and Chris at US Nationals 10/05/2015

Big congrats to Noah Bahnson, and Chris Geiler, who took second and third overall at the US National Championships. Noah and Chris were both flying the Squirrel C-RACE. Noah received his C-RACE in Chicago during the competition and put approximately zero practice jumps on it before winning the first speed round and immediately moving to the top of the r... READ MORE


SPIRIT ANIMAL 09/15/2015

The Squirrel Team recently worked on a short art film. It may contain, apparently, relevant metaphors, the relevance and meaning of which are left to the viewer to interpret – as with anything else that has ever been called art.

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