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Squirrel equipment is created by and for the world's leading wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers. Our company is a collaboration between an elite group of wingsuit BASE innovators, competition winners, and world record breakers. Our core design philosophy is centered on improving safety and comfort in all areas of our sport, with a fanatical devotion to quality.


Squirrel Pilots Win in Australia

Squirrel Pilots Win in Australia 02/01/2015

We'd like to send out a huge congrats to Chris Byrnes, Jason Dodunski, and Tahi Paul Munroe, who took the podium at the Australian Performance Race. Chris Byrnes took first overall, flying his C2. He had this to say of the suit, and the race:

"I've done 53 jumps in my Colugo 2 now and I love it. It was a really nice... READ MORE

2015 Suit Development

2015 Suit Development 01/23/2015

We are planning to release the AURA 2 in the spring. The design mission for the A2 has been to create a suit that current AURA pilots will recognize and feel at-home in, but with improved glide characteristics and increased efficiency. At this time, we can tell you the following:

The A2 will not be larger than the original AURA in total surface ... READ MORE

Epicene: More Info

Epicene: More Info 12/09/2014

This short video explains some of the benefits to the new Epicene, as told by professional canopy pilots Luke Aikins, Andy Farrington, and Jeffro Provenzano. This new canopy provides wingsuit pilots with a stable and dependable platform for wingsuit skydiving. The Epicene’s stable and highly consistent openings, combined with an ultra-low pack volume, make it the ultimate tool for wingsuit skydiving. More info can be found on the Epicene product page.

Our New Snatch

Our New Snatch 11/19/2014

Not all pilot chutes are created equal. The new Squirrel Snatch represents what we think is a significant step forward in pilot chute design. We have provided a great deal of information about this new product on its page, and also in the new video – if you are interested, please read the info carefully and check out the short video to get a better understanding of... READ MORE

Classic Squirrel T – In Black

Classic Squirrel T – In Black 11/13/2014

We did a small run of classic Squirrel T-shirts, with a black logo. Men’s M, L, and XL sizes are available now. We may or may not re-order these, which means we’ll run out soon, which means this is like a limited edition or whatever fancy thing we should call it. Anyway, click here if you want one. This is a slim-fitting American Apparel 50/50 blend. If you like a more traditional fit, order on... READ MORE

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