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Squirrel equipment is created by and for the world's leading wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers. Our company is a collaboration between an elite group of wingsuit BASE innovators, competition winners, and world record breakers. Our core design philosophy is centered on improving safety and comfort in all areas of our sport, with a fanatical devotion to quality.


A Pocket-Sized Lightweight Stache Bag

A Pocket-Sized Lightweight Stache Bag 04/18/2015

The idea behind the Pocket Stache was to create something that was affordable, comfortable, and fit in your pocket. With padded straps, one single exterior pocket, and a very light and packable material, the Pocket Stache is a simple solution for shorter hikes and urban jumps. This is not a highly durable bag, but we do think that no one will object to the super awesome price. This is our bag of choice for any jump that doesn’t involve a lo... READ MORE

Hatch Fun

Hatch Fun 04/16/2015

While the BASE jumping season warms up in the northern hemisphere, our friends are keeping busy in the sky. Some of us are racking up airtime on the new AURA 2 in preparation for summer, and others, such as Alex Aimard, Petter Jonsson, Scott "Plamer" Palmer, and Carlos Briceno, have been playing around with the HATCH. These guys say the HATCH is a fun tool for wingsuit freeflying, and based on the video we have seen so far, they’re right. W... READ MORE



The A2 is now in production. Video can be seen here.

The design mission for the A2 has been to create a suit that current AURA pilots will recognize and feel at-home in, but with improved glide characteristics and increased efficiency. The A2 ... READ MORE


THE NEW OUTLAW 03/03/2015

The Outlaw enters production this week, with the first canopies shipping before the end of March. We're very excited about this new canopy, and we tried to describe all of its features as thoroughly as possible on the OUTLAW page. For those of you who want even more, here's the backstory on this new canopy:... READ MORE

Squirrel Pilots Win in Australia

Squirrel Pilots Win in Australia 02/01/2015

We'd like to send out a huge congrats to Chris Byrnes, Jason Dodunski, and Tahi Paul Munroe, who took the podium at the Australian Performance Race. Chris Byrnes took first overall, flying his C2. He had this to say of the suit, and the race:

"I've done 53 jumps in my Colugo 2 now and I love it. It was a really nice... READ MORE

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