• Squirrel Wingsuits


  • Mike Swanson

    Mike Swanson

    Mike is a multiple world record holder, multiple times world champion and US National champion, and the recipient of countless gold medals in various skydiving disciplines. He has logged more than 20,000 skydives over his career and is a veteran BASE jumper and a pioneer in several branches of our sport. Our relationship with Mike has evolved slowly over the past couple of seasons as he tested our equipment thoroughly. We are now very proud to formally welcome Mr. Swanson to the team.

  • Andy Farrington

    Andy Farrington

    The youngest member of the RedBull Air Force in North America, Andy has racked up more skydives, BASE jumps, and hours flying planes than any of us can count. Mellow, humble, and as relaxed in the air as he is on the ground, we love Andy's attitude and consider him a role model not only for ourselves, but for everyone in the sport. Andy is the two-time undefeated champion of the RedBull ACES event, and clearly one of the best all-around wingsuit pilots in the world.

  • Vincent "Le Blond" Descols

    Vincent "Le Blond" Descols

    Le Blond is half viking, half animal, and half Frenchman. He is a pilot, an air traffic controller, and one of the sickest wingsuit flyers on earth. We're excited to be working with him on the development of our suits, and his feedback was instrumental for the success of the Aura.

  • Maurizio "Mauri" DiPalma

    Maurizio "Mauri" DiPalma

    Mauri has more BASE jumps than just about everyone else on planet earth. The most impressive part is that his 3500 BASE jumps so far, cover a wide range of objects and jumping styles. He is an expert aerialist, wingsuit pilot, tracker, and low freefall jumper. Mauri lives near Mt Brento, Italy, where he flies his AURA (and our other suits) in and around the Dolomites.

  • Jeff "Jeffro" Provenzano

    Jeff "Jeffro" Provenzano

    Jeffro's many years in the sport have seen him atop countless swooping podiums, leading freefly movements and pioneering techniques, and BASE jumping around the world. He is currently a key member of the RedBull Air Force. Through it all, he has somehow managed to stay humble and just plain cool. It’s an honor for us to be able to fly with this gentleman, and we look forward to many years of fun!

  • Simon Wandeler

    Simon Wandeler

    Simon is one of the more talented terminal cliff jumpers that we have met, and has a massive amount of experience in the tracking and wingsuit flying arenas. He lives in Switzerland, amongst countless massive wingsuit exits. Simon flies a full complement of Squirrel equipment, from parachutes and containers to wingsuits and tracking suits. He is also active in the skydive skill development scene, and is a source of wisdom for aspiring BASE jumpers and Skydivers alike.

  • Robert "Scotty Bob" Morgan

    Robert "Scotty Bob" Morgan

    In this day and age, truly well-rounded BASE jumpers are rare. Scotty-Bob travels the globe jumping full time, and not only in a wingsuit. We can't think of anyone else who is so experienced and so current in every aspect of jumping, from dirty-low slider down aerials to big mountain wingsuit flights, and everything in between!

  • Alex Aimard

    Alex Aimard

    We’ve known Alex for the better part of a decade. Back when he was a professional paraglider pilot, he was a total badass. He switched to BASE jumping and skydiving a few years ago, and then went to live in a tunnel for a while… the end result being that in addition to his legacy as a pro paraglider pilot, he’s now an awesome freeflyer, wingsuit pilot, and BASE jumper. We are very happy to add him to our list of key partners, and we’re excited about the future with him and Satori Factory, his company. Alex is another happy and humble guy that we just love spending time with.

  • Petter Jönsson

    Petter Jönsson

    This guy is widely regarded to be one of the premier freefly ninjas of our time. When he started looking at wingsuits, obviously it got our attention. Petter is as full of bright imagination as he is passion and skill. A busy project planner, he can be hard to keep up with, but the results are impressive. We’re stoked to be able to support him with equipment for his envelope-pushing adventures.

  • Olek Domalewski

    Olek Domalewski

    If you have been BASE Jumping in the Alps for a few seasons, then you know Olek. One of the most experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers in the world, Olek has been a quiet presence on the scene for many years. Hailing from Poland, Olek spends the best months of the summer wingsuiting across the Alps.

  • Katie Hansen

    Katie Hansen

    Expert canopy pilot, free-flyer, BASE jumper, and wingsuit pilot, Katie is one of the most well-rounded athletes in the skydive and BASE worlds. Whether it’s swooping into a speeding Mustang, flying complex XRW formations, or competing in the highest level of wingsuit events, Katie’s skill, dedication, and humility are to be admired. Katie flies her Epicene main canopy together with a range of Squirrel wingsuits.

  • Steph Davis

    Steph Davis

    Steph is one of the world’s foremost rock climbers. Her long, stellar climbing career has blended with BASE and wingsuit flying in a spectacular way, and we are very excited to be planning future adventures with her. Steph lives in Moab, UT, where she runs Moab BASE Adventures, a premier BASE training and guiding operation. Steph is also an accomplished author - check out her site, and prepare to be amazed by this renaissance mountain woman.

  • Ian Mitchard

    Ian Mitchard

    Ian is a full time professional BASE jumper and skydiver. At Squirrel, we feel fortunate to have so many mellow, humble, and positive jumpers on our team, and Ian embodies all of these qualities. He is as cool and collected as he is experienced, and we love hanging out with him in the mountains.

  • "FreeFly" Rob Heron

    "FreeFly" Rob Heron

    A citizen of planet Earth, for the longest time we weren't sure where Rob was from or where he even was half the time we were talking to him. All we know is that this guy can fly, and he travels the world with a commitment to positivity in the air and on the ground. And that's what matters, to us.

  • Chris Geiler

    Chris Geiler

    Does this guy even know what his last name means in German? At first glance, it seemed like Chris just all of a sudden ended up on the podium of wingsuit performance competitions. But in reality he has dissected a recipe for flying success, and carefully reengineered it to his advantage. We think his calculated approach will be keeping him at the forefront of wingsuit competition for some time to come.

  • TJ Landgren

    TJ Landgren

    You know TJ. His energy and enthusiasm is radically infectious, and his experience in the sport is vast. A veteran and true professional in the skydiving world, TJ’s career has spanned all aspects of the sport. TJ was a badass when we were fledgling jumpers, and we’re honored to count him as a friend and colleague. TJ is also a great coach and instructor, check out: http://norcalalliance.com/

  • Roch Malnuit

    Roch Malnuit

    Roch is a child of the mountains. A talented multi-sport athlete, an accomplished alpinist, and a BASE jumper for more than a decade, Roch is as comfortable ascending massive alpine routes as he is carving down them in his wingsuit, or on skis or a snowboard. Roch is the child of skydivers, and his father, who taught him to BASE jump, is BASE #74. Roch himself has two daughters who are already carving up the slopes of Chamonix. He is the director of the French BASE Association, and a state certified mountain guide – he is one of the few BASE jumpers in the Alps who is legally qualified to guide BASE jumpers to exit points.

  • Cedric Dumont

    Cedric Dumont

    Cedric is a true veteran and a professional, in a sport that has few of either. He has been BASE jumping since before we had hair on our nuts, and currently has over 2000 BASE jumps (and 10,000+ skydives). Although he is highly experienced in a wide range of objects from ultra-low to super-urban, Cedric's focus is now wingsuit flying. He says of the Colugo, "I love it, the Colugo delivers everything that I expect from a wingsuit."

  • Hartman Rector

    Hartman Rector

    Hartman is an athlete – a World Cup athlete, to be precise. Hailing from the great state of Utah, Hartman's post ski-jumping career has consisted mainly of cliff-jumping, with an occasional iconic building thrown in for good measure. He is a skilled and well-rounded jumper with vast experience, and has more wingsuit and slider-down jumps in the American West than most of our friends. Hartman has also become familiar with the Alps, where he spends a good part of each summer now flying his Aura. His consistently positive attitude is a source of inspiration for us, and we're stoked to have him on the team.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Ellen Brennan

    Ellen Brennan might have more wingsuit BASE jumps than any other woman on Earth... we're not sure, but she flies like she does. Her specialty is humiliating men of twice her size in Wingsuit BASE competitions, where she is currently #1 amongst the women and ahead of plenty of men.

  • Carlos Briceño

    Carlos Briceño

    Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Carlos is a veteran freeflyer and has rapidly become one of the world’s top wingsuit BASE and skydive pilots. We love Carlos’s winning smile, positive attitude, and his passion for coaching. He is a humble and inspiring guy, and we are excited to have him on the team. Look him up if you’re ever in Florida for jumping.

  • Sebastian Alvarez

    Sebastian Alvarez

    Sebastian is one of the fastest pilots in the world, and excels in the BASE and skydive environments equally. We're excited to have him on board as a positive and humble ambassador for Squirrel. Sebastian can be seen flying around the western US, his home in Chile, or the Alps, depending on the time of year. Wherever he is, you can count on seeing him flying his C2 just a little faster than everyone else.

  • Taya Weiss

    Taya Weiss

    Taya has been a force on the world wingsuit skydiving scene for several years now. She has been and will continue to be not only integral to suit development, but also the expansion of our wingsuit education efforts and the integration of Squirrel into the skydive community.

  • Igor Mosic

    Igor Mosic

    Igor is our protection. Do not mess with us, or Igor will crush you. Igor is the biggest, fastest, flying Serbo/Français in the world.

  • Scott "Plamer" Palmer

    Scott "Plamer" Palmer

    Plamer is one of the most talented free-flyers in the world, and is one of the foremost educators and competitors in the sport. Plamer's skill in the skydive environment translates naturally to his wingsuit BASE flying, and he is a classic example of how being a better skydiver can (potentially) make you a better BASE jumper.

  • Carson Klein

    Carson Klein

    Carson, if you ask us, has got things figured out. He lives in Hawaii, where he can be seen surfing, paddle-boarding, paragliding and speed-flying, or working as a professional skydiver and helicopter pilot... unless he's pulling off some Hawaii 5-0 type adventure on the tropical coastline.

  • Dr. Kurlinkus

    Dr. Kurlinkus

    Charley is a doctor, but if you have ever met him, then you know that already. We like having doctors around, they come in handy sometimes. When he's not treating our rashes and infections, he can be found BASE jumping all over the place, from dirty-low stuff and nice granite cliffs in the American West, to the raddest wingsuit lines of the Alps.

  • David Covel

    David Covel

    We met David randomly in Lauterbrunnen one day, and he turned out to be a pretty good guy. Turns out he flies well, too. David is employed by the American military, which is the back-to-back champion of world wars. When he's not doing military skydiving stuff, he's teaching new jumpers how to fly wingsuits, and traveling the world to fly his own - he flies the Colugo, and Aura.

  • Oliver Nöthen

    Oliver Nöthen

    Oliver is a experienced wingsuit pilot and coach aiming for world domination one wingsuit student at a time. Based in South Africa, he is proactively pushing wingsuiting in the Skydiving community to the next level.

  • Laurent Frat

    Laurent Frat

    Laurent has been a crucial bi-lingual ambassador for Squirrel both on the west coast of the USA and in the French Alps, and is somehow mysteriously native to both locations. Currently residing near Chamonix, Lau can be found flying from mountains year round, with consistent and admirably dedicated focus.


We work with these photographers / videographers to get the imagery here on the Squirrel site, and in our online videos.

  • Loren Cox

  • Hans Hornberger

  • Alex Buisse

  • Luke Aikins

  • Andy Farrington

  • David Covel

  • Joel Hindman

  • Scotty Rogers

  • Gunnar Jeannette

  • Karl Steslicke