• Squirrel Wingsuits


Matt Gerdes

Chief Test Pilot, Co-Designer.

Matt has completed over 1200 safe BASE jumps to date, the vast majority of which being wingsuit flights from alpine cliffs. He has opened many new lines of flight and his videos and BASE book are well known to jumpers around the world. With 15 years' experience in the paragliding industry, Matt has been involved with everything from flight testing and design to the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution processes including acting as project manager of Ozone Speed Flying products since 2006. matttg.com


Mike Steen

Administration, Testing

Mike was born into a world of piloting and aviation. In addition to his roles at Squirrel, Mike is one of the world's most experienced paraglider, wingsuit and speedwing pilots. He is a master-rated paragliding instructor, tandem master and sailplane pilot in addition to his many years of wingsuit BASE experience. Mike's education background is in engineering, and it is his management of Squirrel operations that has earned our reputation for service and efficiency.


Will Kitto

Co-Designer, Test Pilot

Will is a professional mathematics and computer scientist (UCI), a two-time national CRW team champion, a low BASE freefall expert, and a skydive and BASE wingsuit ninja. When you take all of these skills and put them into a blender, you end up with a potent mix ideally suited to make everything that we make, even better. Will is the man behind the Squirrel Snatch, our low freefall equipment, and a lot of wingsuit prototypes which have recently become some of our most popular products.


Simon Perriard

Co-Designer, Testing

Simon Perriard is an aerodynamics enthusiast, a rigger, a BASE jumper, a paraglider and paragliding wing designer, and a materials-science researcher with deep experience in gliding flight and freefall equipment designs. Simon’s contributions include the Outlaw parachute design, the Stream harness, and many significant improvements to the rest of our product range.


Luc Armant

Aerodynamics Consulting

Over the past several years, Luc's designs have propelled him to celebrity in the paragliding world. In 2008 he left his job as a fluid dynamics expert and went to work with Ozone Paragliders as designer and chief engineer. Since then, his wings have smashed performance records and revolutionized the paragliding industry, forcing companies around the world to re-think their design strategy entirely. For the past five consecutive years, Luc's high performance paraglider designs have been unmatched on the world cup, winning the vast majority of events and tasks and dominating the rankings, including multiple world championship wins. Luc's profound understanding of aerodynamics and gliding flight is an integral part of Squirrel's success.


Fred Pieri

Aerodynamics Consulting

Fred is a highly talented young engineer behind some of the world's most ground breaking airfoil technologies, including the patented Shark Nose Technology, the Ozone XXLite Single-Surface Paraglider, and the Ozone Anti-G. Fred's background in engineering combined with his extensive paragliding competition and adventure flying experience has made him one of the most influential people in paraglider design today. His adventures with the X-Rid-Air Team have taken him across the Altai Mountains in Khirgistan, the Moroccan Atlas, the Pyrenees, and the length of the European Alps.