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  • Fat leg straps
  • Clean dynamic corners
  • Easy-Riser-Access harness geometry
  • 30mm Dyneema-blend webbing
  • CAD-to-Laser design & construction
  • Custom plate buckles

The CIRRUS is designed for slider up Alpine BASE jumping where weight and pack volume are critical. This is a specialized harness - for most alpine WS BASE jumpers, we recommend the Stream 3.


Like all of our harnesses, riser access is unusually easy thanks to our forward MLW geometry. The harness is clean, simple, and strong with a double MLW, sleek bridge/lateral, and low-profile no-peel junctions. Rappel loops are integrated in the harness.


Proprietary 30mm Dyneema-blend webbing is used from risers to leg loops. The Diagonal is made from Amsteel. The container is made from a blend of poly & sail cloth, with CNC cut flap stiffeners.


Designed for slider up alpine missions. Used with an ultralite SQRL canopy, total system weight will be ~4.4 kg (~9.7 lbs) for an average size jumper. The CIRRUS weighs approximately 1.2kg in an average size.

The CIRRUS is 100% CAD designed and precision built with laser & CNC cut parts in Squirrel's own production facility. Each rig is hand-inspected by Martin Tilley, of Asylum Designs.


CAD to Laser & CNC

Modeled in the same powerful CAD software we use for wingsuit design. Panels are laser-cut, and all load-bearing junctions use CAD-designed stitch patterns placed with automated CNC-bartackers.

Sleek & Simple Geometry

With new geometry throughout, the MLW/Riser and Lateral/Bridge junctions employ a simple, strong, and low-profile design. Amsteel is used for the diagonal span.

Light Custom Plate Buckles

High-strength aluminum buckles are removable yet secure. If you choose to keep the buckles always attached, then the leg straps function the same as traditional BASE buckles at a fraction of the weight.

Fat Leg Straps

The new leg straps use thicker and wider ultralight closed cell foam just in case you end up with a long canopy ride after arriving at the LZ higher than expected (whoops).


Our 30mm webbing is custom woven to our spec using DSM yarn. A Poly backing provides a resilient structure for the Dyneema to lay on.


Rappel loops are integrated into the harness at the hip area. Use your own slings or add the SQRL designed rap slings to your order.

  • "My CXUL is 200g lighter than the special light CRUX you made me, which already felt light. The plate buckles feel great and after having them on my other rigs, I can't imagine a container without them, especially when gearing up on a sketchy exit point. Nothing like throwing your rig and wingsuit on like a backpack without having to hop around to get through all the straps. I was concerned with comfort with the thinner leg straps but happily put those worries aside after my first few jumps, this thing is comfy! Really thin, really light, looks nice when packed (even a bit sloppy), and BOC in the perfect spot. What else can you ask for?"

    -Daniel Ristow
  • "Awesome canopy and rig! I have a few jumps on this UL setup now and loving every aspect of it. The openings are positive and predictable. The rig is comfy to carry and jump with, feels like nothing! And wicked easy to pack. The canopy is smaller than the Hayduke I usually fly and definitely faster. But sinks predictably, super fun and and fast on fronts, and I nice flare that sets you down softly. In short.... STOKED! "

    -Cody Matechuk
  • "This equipment is chosen by Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, the SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team https://www.soulflyers.com/en/"

    -The SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team
  • "This is exactly what a lightweight base rig should be. As far as the design, construction, materials it's all spot on. Big fan of the new bottom corner design and bridle protection."

    -Will Mitchell
  • "I put 10 jumps on the CXUL the IbexUL UL Corvid combo last week. I am beyond impressed with the system. Construction: I see nothing that I would want changed, the new corners and bridal protection give extra confidence for aerial exits and back flying at speed. The corners are so nice when packing and really make the rig look super clean. The way you built the toggles with extra material on top so the toggle will pop open like a big grab is a great feature. The dive loops! Finally I can actually grab them. I have been pulling on the connector link for years. So happy.

    Form, Function and Fit: I opted to close with one fold near the top of the pack tray (About 2” above the top closing loop) closing the top pin first. I am really pleased with the look of the rig when it’s closed. You guys nailed it with the sizing of the container for the IbexUL 250. The harness fits me like a glove. I have never in 17 years of jumping (skydiving harness included) had a rig that i could walk around in while tightened down comfortably. The harness on opening felt comfortable and the geometry of the harness allowed me to feel connected to the parachute throughout the flight. The Velcro on the toggles is so good that I did release the brakes a unevenly on the first two jumps as I was pulling straight down. (I am so used to Vector Toggles) but as soon as i started to peel and then pull I had no problems being symmetrical. This rig makes it hard to want to put on any of my other rigs. "

    -Scott Palmer
  • "After my first trip into the mountains with my new lightweight Ibex.UL and CXUL Im totally in love. All base gear should be made this way! I set my bag down while waiting for friends to catch up on the hike multiple times and each time I lifted my bag to start hiking again I laughed audibly at how light my pack was. I reached down with power to lift my pack and nearly threw it in the air when it was significantly lighter than expected. The container fits absolutely perfectly and the canopy performed exactly as I would have hoped. Buttery smooth opening, followed by intuitive control input and a great energy reserve for flare. The only question is when is it necessary to use full weight gear anymore?"

    -Ben McClure
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