We love this semi-stowless D-Bag design and have been using it since 2014. It has been a secret menu option that our friends and team pilots are now all addicted to, and we've finally made it an official product. It's just too good to keep to ourselves any longer.

It is incredibly easy to pack. The line stow process takes about 15 seconds because all you have to do is a series of S-folds and then a single stow.

It's light. Lighter D-Bags are better for deployment. It has no magnets, and it functions well using only a single bight of lines if you want to be lazy. Using two or three also works.

Finally, it delivers the best openings of any D-Bag we have ever used. Lines pay out smoothly with low resistance. If you're looking to get the best openings possible, combine this D-Bag with a SkySnatch. 

*Ships in Mid-May

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