• 2018: New Wingsuits and BASE Gear

    Swift 3: The latest evolution in the Swift series retains all of the ease of use of the previous versions, with some small efficiency-improving design changes that make for "free" performance upgrades. The surface area, stance, and sweep, remain unchanged. What is new is the leading edge construction, inlets, and profile, all of which are tuned for improved... Read more


    The current world records for Speed, Distance, and Time, are all held by Squirrel pilots flying the CR+. Our friends Joe, Alexey, and Chris are all veteran PPC competitors who have been chasing performance flight for several years now. All PPC records are affected by micro and macro weather conditions, and holding one is not only a symbol of skill and experience... Read more

  • Fred & Vince FTW

    There is a small dropzone in the southeast of France, nestled into the corner of the Alps. A couple of decades ago, it is where the legendary Patrick de Gayardon began sewing his first protos and testing them. Not long after, it is where our friend Zun began working together with Loic Jean-Albert, and in the very same DZ a few years later Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet... Read more

  • Squirrel pilots win 2017 FAI World Cup

    Huge congrats to Chris Geiler (Squirrel CR+), who took 1st overall with a 10+ point lead over 2nd place. Alexey Galda (Squirrel CR+) took silver, with Travis Mickle (Tony Suits) took 3rd. 15 out of the top 20 pilots flew Squirrel. Chris’s World Cup win completes his Grand Slam resume: FAI World Champion, USA National Champion, and now Overall World Cup... Read more

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