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*An Asylum/Squirrel collaboration.

The STREAM 2 is a low-profile and aerodynamic system designed for wingsuit BASE jumpers. It features class-leading aerodynamics, pin protection, and overall strength, in a lightweight and comfortable package.

  • 7000 lb Dyneema Blend Webbing
  • Next-Gen Bartack Construction
  • Unmatched Windproofing / Pin Protection
  • Long Container for Easy BOC Access
  • Custom Non-Slip Plate Buckles
  • Lightweight: 1200g total
  • Super Low Drag Profile


Rappel loops are integrated into the harness at the hip area. Use your own slings or add the SQRL designed rap slings to your order.

Bridle Channel

A bridle protection channel hides your bridle completely, putting your busy mind at ease... at least about that little detail.

Dynamic Corners / BOC

We've redesigned the dynamic corners for a a more thorough closure. The container opens into a perfectly flat tray once pins are released. The overall length of the container places the BOC low on your back, making access more comfortable for wingsuit and tracking.


The STREAM 2 central pin cover flap provides the best pin-protection and aerodynamics we’ve seen. The central cover is extra-wide and well-reinforced with generous overlap at all tucking sections.


In addition to being impervious to relative wind airflow, the STREAM 2 pin flap design allows immediate release during a head-high or otherwise unstable deployment. The design was created with the realities of acute bridle angles taken into consideration.


Our blended Dyneema webbing is a traditional width (similar to type-8) but is significantly stronger and lighter than type-8. It is tested to a 7000 lb (31kN) breaking strength. The white face is Dyneema, woven together with Polyester (black) for structure and durability.


Integrated riser design with a smooth and low profile MLW / Diagonal junction for a comfortable fit at the shoulder area, and >22 kN resistance at any conceivable angle during deployment. The “bridge” reinforcement joining the rear diagonal / MLW / riser junction prevents peeling load and is the cleanest and simplest solution to the known issues that affect traditional integrated riser designs. Purpose-designed CNC bartacks are used throughout.


Our custom forged aluminum frame buckles can be attached and released without passing your leg through the loop, a useful option for gearing up on precarious exit points, or while on rappel. If you prefer to pass your legs through closed loops, this is also possible – just leave the buckles mated together.

NBS System

If you would like to learn more about the different types of harness geometry that are being advertised today, contact us for information on cross-bracing and evidence-based prevention of line twists and body twists for wingsuit deployments. We will be happy to discuss harness geometry and deployment technique in great depth.

Stream 2: Cut-In Laterals
Stream 2: Rappel Anchor
Stream 2: Bridle Channel
Stream 2: Dynmaic Corners
Stream 2: Pin Protection
Stream 2: Low Pin Lock
Stream 2: Dyneema Webbing
Stream 2: Smart Harness
Stream 2: Smart Construction
Stream 2: Custom Buckles
  • "I’ve been jumping my OG Stream for 5 years now and it has served me so well. I absolutely loved it from the very beginning. The Stream 2 is the same, only BETTER. The bridle protection is better, the bottom corners are better, the volume distribution is better. The overall length I’m still super happy with, and it feels very comfortable when it’s on my back. I’m falling in love all over again!"

    -Dan Darby
  • "The new gear is amazing, thank you. I love the STREAM 2. It is for sure is the best choice for WS BASE. Super comfortable BOC access! It fits perfect, very comfortable to wear. And it’s light enough for any alpine mission! "

    -Alex Villar
  • "This equipment is chosen by Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, the SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team https://www.soulflyers.com/en/"

    -The SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team
  • "I'm loving the Stream... it took around 15 pack jobs to get it fast and easy, it was a bit difficult at first but now it's a dream to pack dude. "

    -Wes Burrows
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