*The Stronglite was replaced with the CRUX in January 2017.


Our mission for the StrongLite was to create the ideal wingsuit BASE container for big mountain flying. We wanted it to be light, durable, comfortable, and with a clean BOC pull.

The StrongLite is noticeably lighter than other containers on the market, and it meets or exceeds industry strength standards. Its extended length makes the pull cleaner for wingsuit and tracking applications, and it is engineered specifically for the needs of modern wingsuit BASE jumpers and trackers.

Design Your Stronglite
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The Strength

The StrongLite has been thoroughly load tested by Squirrel and independent testing organizations, and has passed EN Load tests. The main harness construction is continuous double type-8 webbing. A continuous webbing loop starts at the riser attachment points and extends down the MLW around your leg, and across the back of the harness in a constant line. The chest strap is made from 3000lb webbing with 6 bartacks reinforcing it on either side. The ultralight aluminum buckles are all rated to 14kn (>3000lbs).

The Lightness

The single biggest weight-savings in the StrongLite comes from the ultra-light machined aluminum buckles. These non-slip climbing-harness buckles from Metolius, USA, are rated to 14kn, making them stronger than many common standard steel buckles used on traditional containers. Light and incredibly strong, these buckles are also impervious to slippage, meaning that once you set them, they will not travel or slip, unlike conventional steel buckles. A note on the use of these special buckles: Non-slip means non-slip, so you won't be able to operate these with one hand. Take 2 minutes to learn the proper technique for opening and closing these buckles, and practice the motion until it becomes second-nature.

The Container Design

The container is simple to pack, with the upper pin anchored to a floor-plate, and a generously sized bottom flap for an exceptionally clean closing. A small amount of 3D shaping in the upper and lower side panels increases tension at these crucial points, making a more wind-resistant seal at the top, and better bridle storage at the bottom. The bottom corners of the StrongLite close into a tight rounded corner with no exposed canopy or bridle, yet the container opens completely at the bottom corners to eliminate container/canopy interference during wingsuit and tracking openings.

The Access

One principle difference that sets the StrongLite apart is the added length in the container. The BOC sits in a slightly lower than average location, meaning that reaching your pilot chute will require less effort. Overall, it is an easier and more natural arm movement. While we do not advocate the use of leg-pouches in wingsuit BASE jumping, we do feel that a slightly lower BOC position is positive progress. *Please note that the STRONGLITE is not suited to aerials or any application where there is the increased possibility of unstable deployments and a bridle/container entanglement. This is a wingsuit-specific container system.

The Comfort

The StrongLite is equipped with fully padded leg and shoulder straps, as well as a fully padded back-panel. While weight was a major concern, we did not want to sacrifice any comfort in the design of this harness.

The New Inlay Design

Click here for more information on the new StrongLite Inlay Design, which was implemented to increase the strength of the Integrated Riser / MLW junction.

The Package

Your Stronglite is delivered complete with a bridle, carbon hook knife, storage sack, and an extra set of closing loops. It does not include a pilot chute (or canopy, duh).