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A Door in the Sky

  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
  • Squirrel News - A Door in the Sky
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A year ago, Fred & Vince pulled off one of the most impressive feats in free flight history.

Where does something like this begin? With a sightline on an open door? With a transit flight over a massive glacier? With a high alpine BASE jump? Or, much further back in time?

Fred & Vince’s incredible project was inspired by Patrick de Gayardon more than 20 years ago, a stunt that was reinvented by them using the Freak 2. Through months of training and over 100 flights together, Fred, Vince, Philippe, and Yves, steadily moved towards their goal.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the making of is a must watch. If you only have three minutes, the Door in the Sky short film is here, and this is how to train like a boss.

In their words:

“When we started to train with the Porter we had to decide which wingsuit we were going to use, for the whole training and the whole project. We started to fly the Freak2 with the plane and we quickly realized that it was going to be the perfect suit for that. We had margin in all directions compare to the plane, on our belly and on our back. We also knew that we were going to BASE jump it, from the north face of the Jungfrau, at 4000m elevation. The Freak2 is a beast and was perfect for us: Freestyle, belly, back, lots of speed, super stable and easy to fly and also an awesome BASE jumping suit! The all round suit that was a massive help to be able to complete this project!! Thank you Squirrel for making such performant suits, and we cannot wait to fly the Freak3!!”

-Fred Fugen, Vince Reffet


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