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Five World Records in Chicago

  • Squirrel News - Five World Records in Chicago
  • Squirrel News - Five World Records in Chicago
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Joe Ridler and Alexey Galda had an epic weekend, both flying their Squirrel CR+. The duo set five world records in one day. Joe set three world records, two of which were eclipsed by last load:

  • PPC world record in Speed (350.3 km/h, eclipsed)
  • PPC world record in Distance (5605m, eclipsed)
  • PPC world record in Speed (374.8 km/h)

Alexey set two world records, both of which stand now:

  • PPC world record in Distance (5996m)
  • Guinness world record: fastest (horizontal) speed achieved in a wingsuit (the exact value to be confirmed by an independent timing specialist, to be ratified)

When we talk about open records such as these, it’s unfair to do so without mentioning an obvious major factor, which is: conditions. Wingsuit record chasing in its current form is a game of training, equipment, budgets, and… conditions. Whether pilots are searching for open distance, PPC distance or time, or any form of speed, wind conditions are a large part of the results. In short: yes, of course these results were achieved in wind. But one should never underestimate the difficulty and risk that are inherent in executing a performance flight in such challenging conditions, and the training and planning that are necessary. In our opinion these results are highly commendable.

We would like to send a hearty congratulations to the intrepid duo, from all the team at Squirrel!


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