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  • Born from a two year reliability R&D project
  • Highest reliability possible in a square parachute
  • Lightest & lowest pack volume BASE canopy ever made
  • A BASE Canopy that fits in YOUR sky rig (use your imagination)
  • Pretty-darn-decent flare, glide, and handling

The best part is no part... The 5-LITE is the pinnacle of simplicity in modern BASE.


Why Five?

Fewer cells, less total line amount, and a lower aspect ratio all contribute to better heading performance and higher overall reliability. Advances in 3D panel shaping deliver near 7-cell performance, while outperforming in opening characteristics and reliability.

Why Choose 5-LITE

This is the most reliable, lightest, and lowest pack volume parachute we know of. For BASE jumpers who want an ultra compact & highly reliable system, it works well for slider-up applications (it's not intended for slider off use). The primary benefits are its reliability and compactness. For a pack volume example, the 250 size packs equivalent to a ZP 150, or similar to an Ibex.UL 210, and weighs 2.8kg*.

What's the Downside?

Ah yes, nothing is truly free! The glide performance of the 5-Lite is similar to common 7-cell BASE canopies on the market. But, the airspeed is about 3 knots less than a 7-cell flown at similar wingloading which means less penetration in a headwind condition. The flare is comparable to but not quite as good as a typical 7-cell BASE canopy.


The 5-Lite is 100% CAD-to-Laser produced and precision-built in Squirrel's own production facility. Each parachute is hand-inspected by Martin Tilley of Asylum Designs.

*without slider

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