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  • Born from a two year reliability R&D project
  • Highest reliability possible in a square parachute
  • Lightest & lowest pack volume BASE canopy ever made
  • A BASE Canopy that fits in YOUR sky rig (use your imagination)
  • Pretty-darn-decent flare, glide, and handling

The best part is no part... The 5-LITE is the pinnacle of simplicity in modern BASE.


Why Five?

Fewer cells, less total line amount, and a lower aspect ratio all contribute to better heading performance and higher overall reliability. Advances in 3D panel shaping deliver near 7-cell performance, while outperforming in opening characteristics and reliability.

Why Choose 5-LITE

This is the most reliable, lightest, and lowest pack volume parachute we know of. For BASE jumpers who want an ultra compact & highly reliable system, it works well for slider-up applications (it's not intended for slider off use). The primary benefits are its reliability and compactness. For a pack volume example, the 250 size packs equivalent to a ZP 150, or similar to an Ibex.UL 210, and weighs 2.8kg*.

What's the Downside?

Ah yes, nothing is truly free! The glide performance of the 5-Lite is similar to common 7-cell BASE canopies on the market. But, the airspeed is about 3 knots less than a 7-cell flown at similar wingloading which means less penetration in a headwind condition. The flare is comparable to but not quite as good as a typical 7-cell BASE canopy.


The 5-Lite is 100% CAD-to-Laser produced and precision-built in Squirrel's own production facility. Each parachute is hand-inspected by Martin Tilley of Asylum Designs.

*without slider

  • "This canopy is pretty amazing. Very comfortable openings (even with large format camera on my helmet) that are nicely staged, and I could feel what the opening was going to do a second before it happened. One of the biggest pros of this canopy is its usability and predictability. It was great for tight/short LZs. The flare had plenty of power for me at this loading, and came even more to life if I got on double fronts before landing. The descent rate seemed comparable to my IbexUL in the same size even though I was expecting it to be much higher. I’m excited to put more jumps on it."

    -Dan Darby
  • "I am really impressed with the 5-Lite. I expected the canopy to be a pretty substantial trade-off in performance for the weight and pack volume, but it wasn’t the case at all. The glide isn't all that different to my Hayduke, the flare is much better than I expected, and the openings are the best I have ever had with a wingsuit. On top of all this, the canopy packs down to almost nothing, and is considerably lighter than my Hayduke Lite. As most of my BASE jumps are hike-accessed wingsuit jumps, the attributes of this canopy are exactly what I am looking for; consistent openings, easy slow speed approaches with good flare for tight landing areas, and extremely lightweight for easy hikability.

    This is now my canopy of choice for WS BASE!"

    -Braden Dean
  • "I just have made the second jump on the 5-Lite. For jumpers like me I think it will be the tool to use in the future. Less volume, less weight, less lines (faster packing) :-) and in general less of everything when it comes to a rig.

    The controlling is a bit different but it is not far from an IBEX, etc… Landings on fronts are no problem. I think especially for regions like here (Swiss) where the big jumps are 3h+ of hiking and the big 5* jumps are 4h+ it makes so much sense. On the landings there is no stress for a nice flair. And yes, I think this can not open with a twist. "

    -Simon Fasnacht
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