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Sink steep approaches into technical BASE LZs with ease. This new canopy offers deep-brake and slow-flight performance in an agile and efficient design with tight handling and improved glide & flare performance.

HAYDUKE LITE is an ultralite & low-bulk parachute.

Tech Features:

  • ULTRALITE PN9 with ZP leading edge for fast openings
  • FLOAT FLAPS at rear-chord for sink performance
  • Expanded SLAT System at center span for deep brake flight
  • 5 Vents & Advanced Crossports for rapid inflation
  • Staggered Brake Cascade for smooth line deployment
  • Low-freefall to terminal performance - true versatility for all jumpers

HAYDUKE LITE represents what we think is an ideal balance of performance and passive safety. HAYDUKE LITE offers improved glide, yet retains the benefit of slow forward speed in DBS. The result: more time for object avoidance in the case of an off-heading, with agile handling that allows for fast, easy, and efficient (low sink rate) turns using risers or brakes.

Science & Observation: HAYDUKE LITE is the result of three years of R&D combined with customer and team jumper feedback. You tell, we listen. The result is progression that can be felt and experienced.



Inspired by a paraglider design, this key innovation has been an important part of the OUTLAW’s slow stall speed and forgiving deep-brake characteristics. We have tuned the concept and applied a widened and lower-volume Float-Flap array to HAYDUKE LITE. This feeds a wider portion of the span with a lower volume of air.



The slat system helps to increase airflow over the top surface of the canopy. HAYDUKE LITE’s slat spans three center cells instead of one, and combined with the the Float-Flap system, a large portion of the top surface is fed with laminar flow at high angles of attack (deep brakes applied).



HAYDUKE LITE’s upper brake cascade is constructed without loop to loop junctions. Finger-trapped lines allow a more consistent flex and prevent the acute-angle "kinks" that can lead to tension knots in the brake cascade. The benefits of the OUTLAW's smooth brake fan are apparent when stowing the lines – the brake line junction curves more smoothly in concert with the rest of your lines, reducing the chances of tension knots. Always use a tailgate, slider-gate, or tail-restricting device in conjunction with packing methods that properly stage tail expansion.



In parachute design, Aspect Ratio is one factor that cannot be cheated. The easiest way to improve glide and flare performance is to increase Aspect Ratio, but there are significant costs to doing so - heading performance suffers significantly, to start. HAYDUKE LITE employs a moderate-to-low Aspect Ratio, to ensure heading performance. Glide and flare performance have been improved through refining the profile, trim, and leading edge construction.



HAYDUKE LITE is constructed using mainly lightweight Porcher PN9, combined with a ZP leading edge and some PN1 at high-wear locations.


Longevity: Non-coated (permeable) cloth degrades more quickly, and the porosity increases. As porosity at the leading edge increases, all things suffer: Glide worsens, flare weakens, and openings change. It is a simple fact that a BASE canopy with a ZP LE performs better and lasts longer than one without.

Flare: A majority of lift is created at the leading edge of the airfoil – it is the most critical part of the chord. As permeable cloth degrades, lift and performance degrade. ZP nose canopies, all other factors being equal, flare better over a longer lifespan.

Glide performance: Air that permeates the leading edge decreases the pressure difference right where, again, most of the lift is generated. Less lift = less glide.

Openings: Any air that flows through the parachute does not aid in expansion or inflation. While permeable cloth is overall a benefit to opening characteristics, adding some ZP is a benefit to early span and chord expansion. In short, ZP nose canopies open faster.

Packing: You’re a grown-up (sort of) and we believe in you. You can figure out how to pack a parachute that has a few centimeters of ZP on the leading edge. It takes most people about five packjobs to dial it in.


There are many benefits to light-weight canopies. Checkout our Light Fabrics Article to learn more about the benefits.

Reduced canopy inertia during the extraction and expansion phase means better openings, better heading performance.

Faster extraction: A lighter parachute can be extracted more efficiently and has an advantage over standard weight canopies in the first seconds of deployment.

Easier to pack: Porcher PN9 lies flatter, has less tendency to expand or squirm, and is easier to fold.

Easier to carry: Everyone likes arriving at the exit point with a bit more energy.

The lower pack volume of PN9 allows a slimmer, more aerodynamic container.

Size (ft2) m2 Chord (m) Span (m) Recommended Loading Load Test (kg)
190 17.65 3.05 5.65 0.69 - 0.75 145
200 18.58 3.13 5.79 0.69 - 0.75 145
210 19.51 3.21 5.93 0.69 - 0.75 145
220 20.44 3.29 6.06 0.69 - 0.75 145
230 21.37 3.36 6.2 0.69 - 0.75 145
240 22.3 3.43 6.33 0.69 - 0.75 145
250 23.23 3.5 6.45 0.69 - 0.75 145
260 24.15 3.57 6.58 0.69 - 0.75 145
270 25.08 3.64 6.7 0.69 - 0.75 145
280 26.01 3.71 6.82 0.69 - 0.75 145
290 26.94 3.77 6.94 0.69 - 0.75 145
305 28.34 3.84 7.06 0.69 - 0.75 145


*If you are unsure of your Exit Weight, you can add 8kg/18lbs to your naked weight as an estimate.

  • "Hi guys,

    As of yesterday, I have over 100 jumps on both of my Haydukes.

    The one with Dacron lines has made 180 jumps:

    75 slider off (with 35% of the openings being off-heading maximum 45°, never more than 45. I never had a 90° or 180°.

    The other jumps were wingsuit or terminal, and only 5% off-heading.

    The Spectra line Hayduke has made 100 jumps. 100% nice openings. Sometimes openings are fast when I jump the two piece tracking suit.

    Grazie for all your support."

    -Cris Benedini, Brento BASE School
  • "You really see the differences shine with the Hayduke. I find it super easy to pack along with the crux, always consistent openings so far. I like to practise sinking it on deep brakes -- when you sit on deep brakes it just feels so stable and behaves so well… and then there’s the flare, it fills me with confidence everytime I land that it’s not going to be a hard landing as the flare is so powerful for a base canopy, so yeah I love it."

    -Shaun Crockford
  • "It is good, Very good, Incredibly good. I have flown and landed the Hayduke in a variety of challenging conditions. The glide was a real standout for me. Flying relative to another canopy highlights how much more range you have than the average base canopy. The ability to take "Deep Brake" into "reverse" gear (stalling the canopy on either rears or toggles) feels not only stable but comfortable! It is a whole new world being able to reverse my canopy! Openings are consistent throughout all of the break settings coming from a Valkyrie I was amazed to see how much fun I am having on my Hayduke!"

    -Thomas Mitchell
  • "This canopy has everything I was hoping for, and everything that I felt was lacking from some previous designs. It’s fun to fly without being too sporty, it feels dependable and solid. The slow forward speed with brakes stowed is a major plus, and it feels like an accuracy machine without being sluggish."

    -Matt Laj
  • "We worked really hard to get Hayduke to perform in a wide range of applications. From 160 feet at Rubidoux to terminal slider up in the Alps, Hayduke has treated us very well during the development process. We’re excited to hear what everyone else thinks."

    -Will Kitto
  • "This thing is solid. The Outlaw has been good to me and it’s a great canopy because of its slow forward flight - new BASE jumpers really need something as forgiving as the Outlaw. But the Hayduke is overall more fun and still super reliable for technical jumps."

    -Scotty Bob
  • "Coming from hundreds of jumps on the Outlaw, I was excited to see how the float-flaps and slat system could improve on other airfoils. The Hayduke behaves much like an Outlaw in deep brakes and while performing off-heading correction, but he Hayduke has great glide and responsiveness which provides confidence when trying reach a long spot or while trying maneuver between obstacles. It’s my go-to for all-around performance. Fun to fly at its top speed, but quickly recovers back to slow and controlled flight."

    -James Yaru
  • "I've been running the HAYDUKE hard and wanted to really get to know it before I gave some feed back. I'll get it in an email but basically the canopy is a weapon dude. It's totally awesome. I didn't love it at first it took a few jumps to get used to but it's great now I've done 60 BASE jumps on it now so I feel I have it pretty dialed. Me, the twins and Vitor have been jumping heaps together and all agree. I'm stoked with it, I've used it slick, I've done rollovers, tards, and of course WS BASE. It performs so good dude. I can use it for super technical tiny landing areas, or have fun and swoop it."

    -Wes Burrows
  • "I took the Hayduke on a skydive this past weekend to get a feel for it. It really is unlike any BASE canopy I've jumped to date. Nice work guys! The handling in deep brakes, glide ratio and amount of power in the flare (even from 1/2 brakes) is impressive! "

    -Nathan Pertuset
  • "I have to say the Hayduke has been the best canopy I’ve ever flown. The way it recovers from deep brakes and/or low front riser turns to a phenomenal flare is very impressive. Wingsuit openings are firm but not hard. Pressurization seems instant, but again, not hard."

    -Mitch Potter
  • "This thing is awesome! It truly does everything it claims to do, what more can I say?

    Slider down it opens super fast, the center cell burst to life and progressively and symmetrically inflates the rest of the canopy, this is awesome for heading performance, the pre-sewn custom DBS was spot on for my weight, inflating with low forward speed but not in a stall condition, grabbing a riser will fly the canopy backwards and spin you on the spot.

    Slider up is no different, I am having excellent openings and heading control even when i didnt deserve it due to shit body position! Very obedient response to toggle inputs with a fast and short recovery arc and super sweet flare once I shortened the brakes. The float flaps seem to work as designed and it's really fun to balance on stall point and fly backwards with minimal sink!

    The cascades being offset and fingertrapped only once instead of the old style multipul loop fingertraps is awesome to further minimise the chance of tension knots.

    it's good to see manufacturers giving a shit about stuff like this :)"

    -Ben Johnson
  • "The Crux/Hayduke/Snatch Team is not only awesome for wingsuit activity, it's a blast for regular and technical slider up and slider down jumps. I have consistent nice on heading openings. The Hayduke is very efficient for low jumps and technical tight landing areas. That's a very cool & versatile equipment built for fun!

    Some video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe5G_VXUkPU&feature=youtu.be"

    -Hugues Orlianges
  • "I really enjoyed jumping the Hayduke in Moab and in Arizona. It is very easy to just jump it and have fun under canopy. It is important to see how a canopy fares in different situations. So I did do SL, go-and-throw, 1s to 2s delays and the Hayduke opened and pressurized consistently quickly. I also did full flight and braked flight approaches and landings, all with great results. The Hayduke has a great glide and flare, yet is very stable in slow flight/steep approaches. This is a great combination it does all you want a canopy to if things are tight or are not going quite as planned, but gives you the option to have some fun under canopy. I also really liked the fact that the canopy had two deep brake settings. The Hayduke was a breeze to pack.

    My experience with the Crux/Hayduke was great. For my jumping style (SD in Moab) the Crux/Hayduke is a great fit. The Crux/Hayduke would be my go-to rig in Moab. I assumed I got a ‘loaded’ demo package, but see that all the things I assumed were options (Dyneema Blend webbing, releasable leg strap buckles and padded back pad) are actually included, which makes this an even more attractive and well-priced package."

    -Mick BASE
  • "Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a virtual high five for making good parachutes. I made two jumps in the city last night and one super tight landing with my Hayduke which was pretty cake because the thing actually flares! Muchas Gracias."

  • "My Hayduke 240 is mint, I love what this thing can do. Side drift and back up on toggles, pivot turn, it's so rad, I can fly it three dimensionally."

    -Cody Matechuk
  • "The Hayduke is everything I want out of a base canopy. The openings have been nice and on heading. I have done 1 skydive, 7 slider down, and 4 slider up jumps on it now. After trying the shallow, deep, and super deep brake settings for openings I have been using the deep setting. Once the Hayduke is open and flying it has a lot of glide and is very stable in a stall on rears as well as toggles. I really like how the canopy can fly straight down and still feel quite pressurized and responsive to inputs, and having the ability to fly backwards on toggles makes for some fun flying styles as well as gives me the confidence to use reverse if needed for any emergency type of situation. Plenty of flare even from half brakes sinking in for a tight LZ or when the setup is right and I can get a nice swoop using front risers to bring a little power.

    Super fun canopy, plenty more to learn and get out of this wing. "

    -Nick Reyes
  • "I jumped the hayduke now around 40 times. What i really love about it is the flare. Even with downwind landing you are able to have a smooth landing. I have really nice opening even when i packed slider up and pulled way too soon after around 3 sec. from yellow, the canopy opening was very controlled and on heading. i never had a situation where i felt i wasn't in control. The maneuvering is extremely smooth and quick. you don't have to pull as much as with other canopies to turn. the best thing in my opinion is the sink. I did a couple of slider down jumps and the half break flying is so awesome. landing in small places is fun with this canopy. all in all it is a really great all-rounder canopy. i definitely am happy with it and a couple of friends already ordered one too."

    -Florian Zimmerman
  • "The Hayduke is amazing. Straight up.

    Canopy piloting is one of my favorites parts of gravity management and this thing has been a real treat to fly. Flying in reverse, effectively and quite efficiently, has to be one of the coolest sensations I've experienced under canopy, as well as being an extremely useful tool. Being able to hold in place and back it up while conserving altitude rather than hucking hasty turns to get behind someone or something is a phenomenal trick to have in your back pocket.

    Hayduke swoops like a beast, so much power and glide with a 270. Even when you botch the set up and come out high or find yourself with a less than ideal final approach, the flare has everything you need regardless of how much pressure you're lacking

    I've gotten heaps of compliments since I've been here on how well I fly my canopy and my favorite part is telling them that it's really how well the canopy flies as I just got it. I've even walked a few fellow Haydukers through the helicopters and the smiles they come down with are priceless.

    Gear fear was no where to be found coming over here without having jumped it. Knowing what you guys do and then talking to Laj and Sean about it, as well as seeing them fly it, put me in a place where I was just stoked…"

    -Jack Lane
  • "Just put 10 jumps on my Hayduke and I love it! Incredibly consistent openings. Factory deep brakes are perfect and the deep deep settings are right to the edge. Responsive, predictable and effective. I enjoyed whipping around on my risers as well as conservative approaches. We had to others in our course with brand new Haydukes and everyone learned their canopies quickly. Thanks fellas I love this thing."

    -Ben Verde
  • "I am absolutely loving the HAYDUKE, it is opening like a dream and flies like an absolute animal at high altitude. It has better glide performance than my last canopy but sinks into tight spots better and more comfortably than anything I have ever seen or flown, thank you! "

    -Max Fanning
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