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Squirrel's mission is to offer some of the most advanced wingsuits and freefall equipment in the world, with zero compromise in workmanship, materials, and technology. Our designs are based on real aerodynamic research and decades of combined experience in wingsuit flying and BASE jumping. The core purpose and driving motivation of the company is to build equipment that we can trust our lives to when flying committing lines in big mountains. We began Squirrel to make what we think is the ultimate in BASE jumping equipment, and now we want to share it with you.


We promise to reply to your emails ASAP; the same day if possible, and in most cases less than 24hrs. When you choose Squirrel, we do everything we can to make your order flow smoothly with accurate and plentiful lead time information, and after-sale service that is the best in the business. You won't find us on any online forum, so if you have a question please contact us directly.


All of our equipment is built in the Ozone Paragliders workshop, which is, in our opinion, the most advanced free-flight products manufacturing facility in the world. Some of the world's highest performance paragliders have been produced to millimeter precision there for over a decade. Each custom order is built with fanatical attention to detail and accuracy.

We have been working with the staff at the Ozone factory for almost 10 years, and they have become friends of ours after many visits to Vietnam. The facility is an excellent place to work, with a cleaner environment and higher relative compensation and benefits than most American factories. The Squirrel team there is fully aware of what it means to fly wingsuits, and to BASE jump, and they are very enthusiastic about what our customers do with our suits. Every member of our team, from designer to sewer, knows exactly what quality means and why it is important to us and to you.


The magic of our production facility is part of what makes Squirrel so awesome. With access to a huge range of materials, machinery, and vast sewing experience, we are able to provide our customers with the fastest delivery times in the industry. On average, most custom equipment is delivered in less than five weeks, with many products available in less than three. Furthermore, our order tracking system is transparent and managed personally by the owners of the company – we will email you directly when your order is received, your payment is received, your equipment is put into production, again when your equipment is near shipping (with address confirmation), and then you will receive shipping notifications from us and the courier, and finally a follow up contact once your equipment has been delivered.


Our mantra at Squirrel is “True Performance”, which encompasses not only technical aspects such as speed, glide, or weight, but also ease of use, comfort, and stability. It is an overall quality, and a balance of ideals. We stand behind every product that we design and build, and never release any product until we are confident that it meets a higher standard of safety and performance than anything else available in its class.


Our team features some of the most experienced wingsuit pilots, BASE jumpers, and skydivers in the world, and the best engineering team in the industry. Co-founders Matt Gerdes and Mike Steen are not only veteran wingsuit BASE jumpers, but also have more than two decades of combined experience in the paragliding world. Matt, the author of The Great Book of BASE, is dedicated to furthering the safe progression of our sport.


We chose to create Squirrel because we needed something that did not exist: Equipment that is, in our opinion, as close to perfect as we can imagine, and which we know we can rely on when flying at the limits of the sport. We live and breathe wingsuit flying and BASE jumping, and our sport leaves little room for error; for that reason, we are obsessed with every design detail of everything we design and build, in order to allow confidence in our equipment while on the edge, and in the air. It is our fanatical attention to detail which sets Squirrel apart.

We invite you to join in the fun.

Squirrel is a sustaining member
of the Parachute Industry Association