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The Squirrel story began in 2012, in the French Alps and the American West, as a collaboration between a handful of leaders in the Wingsuit BASE scene. We wanted a design that did not exist, and decided to make it. Demand exceeded expectations, and our company grew faster than we ever could have expected. Today, Squirrel is fortunate to draw on the experience of the largest design and engineering team in the wingsuit and BASE industries, and to support a cadre of the very best pilots in the world... by that, we mean: the FAI World Champion, all FAI World Cup Winners, all three Red Bull Aces Title Winners, and the vast majority of National Championship Medalists since 2015.


For over a decade, the minds behind Squirrel and Asylum Designs shared experience and mutual respect. The relationship slowly evolved into a partnership founded on support and innovation. SQAD is a progressive movement focused on increased safety, performance, and jumper support.

The SQAD merger combines Squirrel’s forward-looking and innovative approach with Martin Tilley's 25 years of BASE Rigging and Manufacturing experience, and it continues to transform our range of BASE products. With Marty's direction, load-bearing systems are becoming more durable and more functional. A perfect example is the CRUX: With Will Kitto running Rhinoceros (A powerful CAD program) to model the container, Simon Perriard applying a decade of materials science and engineering experience on the new Dyneema harness, and Martin Tilley overseeing the functional details and finish of the system, the result is, we think, the most advanced, simple, and comfortable BASE system available.


We stand behind every product that we design and build, and will repair or replace any equipment for any reason besides misuse.


Squirrel's mission is to offer advanced wingsuits and freefall equipment with zero compromise in workmanship, materials, and technology. Our designs are based on real aerodynamic research and decades of combined experience in our sports.


We promise to reply to all inquiries the same day if possible, and in most cases less than 24hrs. When you choose Squirrel, we do everything we can to make your order flow smoothly with accurate and plentiful lead time information, and after-sale service that is the best in the business. Never hesitate to contact us for any reason.


All of our equipment is built in our production facility, operated in partnership with Ozone Paragliders. Every piece of load-bearing equipment is personally inspected by Martin Tilley in Auburn, CA, before shipping to you.


Our mantra at Squirrel is “True Performance”, which encompasses not only technical aspects such as speed, glide, or weight, but also ease of use, comfort, and stability. We strive for perfection through a balance of ideals.


Please visit our Squirrel People page to learn about our team, which includes some of the most experienced wingsuit designers and BASE riggers in the world. Together with engineering, fluid dynamics, and flight testing professionals, we are the largest and most diverse team in the wingsuit and BASE jumping industries.


Just FYI, we have a SQRL Style Guide if you are into that sort of thing. The PDF contains vector versions of our current logos as well as font and specific color values.


Skydiving is problematic. Without getting into the details, we can probably all agree that burning dead dinosaurs isn't the best thing for our great grand-kids. SQRL makes efforts to minimize consumption.


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