The Squirrel SuperCustom pattern option allows you to customize your suit design to Ninja-God-level. Our pattern-designer offers a nearly infinite number of options with hundreds of premade patterns, all fully scaleable and color customizable in a simple to use interface. SuperCustom printing is $200 for tracking suits and $300 for wingsuits.

Check out the SuperCustom Archive page to see a selection of the printed suits that our customers have ordered.



If the hundreds of available pattern options aren’t custom enough for you, don’t worry: Anything you can imagine, we can print on your suit. If you have an image, a design, or just an idea that you want created, we can do it.* SuperDuperCustom printing costs depend on design time. We offer full graphic design services at $50/hr.

Check out the SuperDuperCustom Archive page to see some of the customized suits that we have created.


Shoot us an email at with a description of your idea and a preview sample/image if you have one. You can also call us at 855-FLY-SQRL (855-359-7775).

*Copyright is a thing. We can’t print copyrighted images or logos without express permission or license from its creators.