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Accessible Tracking Performance

Our friends and team asked for more tracking performance, and the ETMD is our answer. The ETMD was designed with speed and glide performance as the primary focus. Importantly, it remains an easy to fly suit with excellent comfort at a wide range of speeds.

  • MonoChamber Tech
  • Totally free arm with 100% range of arm motion
  • Higher surface area & new profile vs. Mut2
  • Comfortable, stable, & fun in high-speed flight
  • BASE-specific storage and suit options are all included



All sections of all wings are fed by any and all of the inlets. The suit feels incredibly consistent across the entire span in all modes of flight, and angles of attack. Inflation during BASE starts occurs evenly throughout the suit.

Low-Pro Sleeve

Low-Pro Sleeve

A low-volume inflated arm sleeve proved to be the best compromise for drag and comfort. The mini-inlet functions at all usable AoAs.



The new High-AR Inlet builds on the industry-changing innovation of our 3D inlet, with improved intake efficiency and less drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, come from our performance R&D.

Evolv TRAX Rubber BASE Sole

Evolv TRAX Rubber BASE Sole

The new TRAX Super Sticky BASE Sole has been developed in cooperation with Evolv, a leading climbing shoe manufacturer. The tread pattern is designed specifically for exit force traction, and the rubber is sticky in all conditions: wet, dry, warm, and cold.

Storage for BASE

Storage for BASE

The ETMD comes standard with the Massive Leg Wing pocket, nutsack, and XL phone pocket.

Hook Knife

Hook Knife

Our sturdy double-blade hook knife fits into a secure pocket on the front of the leg. It's light, strong, and easy to grab.



Most significantly, surface area. The new MonoChamber leg wing is larger, and the arm wings are also larger vs the M2. The leg wing profile is also significantly different to allow for a more forward center of pressure at low angles of attack.


Thanks to a more highly swept arm position, drag is reduced compared to the Mutation series designs. Increased lift is provided by the added arm and leg wing surface. The inflated arm sleeve is slim & and low-volume, and was chosen for the compromise between wrinkle reduction and overall volume.


It's a trackwingsuit. With totally free arms but surface area that is equivalent to an intermediate level wingsuit, it provides wingsuit glide performance with tracking suit mobility. MonoChamber wingsuit tech delivers excellent inflation and a coordinated, consistent, and homogenous feel in flight.

  • "I tested an ETMD prototype in the Dubai mountains. This suit is amazing in performance and ease of use. I found the good angle to fly, straight after my first jump. The glide is incredible and speed is fast. It feels very powerful and you can bank turn and flare like a wingsuit. The optimum body position is natural and easy to find, very similar to the M2.
    Matt Munting was following me in the Aura 4, filming me at Jebel Jais. He was quite surprised by the performance! It seems clear that this will be the best mono tracking suit ever to fly in the Alps so far."

    -Roch Malnuit
  • "On Saturday i did my first base in the new ETMD. The suit fits perfect and the mobility is very comfortable. I didn’t skydive it first because of my experience in WS and tracking suit but I would definitely recommend anyone who tries this suit without WS experience to skydive it before. Wow, this suit has so much power. The performance and glide is on a different level compared to the Mutation 2 which was already awesome. It feels super natural and the handling is super intuitive. I’m really looking forward to jump it more in alpine environment and shredding some lines! Thank you so much, I’m happy as f*#k!"

    -Florian Zimmerman
  • "The ETMD is really easy to fly. It's big, but doesn't need crazy skills. Exits are really stable with fast starts. Once flying, it’s incredibly fast and stable!! I love it and am looking forward to flying it on big jumps like Dent de Crolles and Croix des Têtes! Another amazing masterpiece!! Thanks Squirrel!!"

    -Miguel Neves
  • "It is with great happiness that I write this answer in thanks for sending ETMD, it arrived here on Saturday and today Tuesday I managed to go to the mountain to make the first 2 jumps... The mountain I jumped is called Pedra da Onça and has a 400m wall plus 250m downhill, totaling 650m height, this is the average height of the high jumps we have here in Brazil.

    The first jump I was a little more nervous than usual but I was surprised with the speed and especially the glide, even taking a while to find the correct position I managed to go much further and higher compared to my old onepiece. The ETMD has already surprised me a lot, I'm sure I'll be able to develop new onepiece lines here in Brazil and I hope that more people can be inspired and enjoy this new machine you guys invented to fly, It's just the perfect suit for the Brazilian mountains which are not so height and more glide are very appreciated!"

    -Caio Salomão Amador
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