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Speed, Stability, Glide

  • High speed, low drag design
  • Stability from proven wingsuit tech
  • Semi-connected arm wing for wing tension / control
  • 130 cm running stride with free arms for toggle access
  • Comfortable to fly, with excellent range of motion
  • BASE-specific storage and suit options are all included

The Mutation is a one-piece trackwingsuit made with wingsuit technology. We adapted one of our most efficient and comfortable wingsuits into a new tracking tool with limb freedom and range of movement.

Speed (Why fly fast?)

Slick leading edge, with an aerodynamic arm sleeve and and a powerful leg wing. The Mutation’s precision and control is the result of the arm wing remaining semi-attached to the arm, instead of floating independently. This allows the pilot to control the entire arm wing using upper-arm and shoulder inputs.


Based on the ATC, the Mutation uses known ingredients from our wingsuit range. The arm and leg wing profiles are well proven (taken from the ATC). The semi-connected arm wing allows you to pull tension and be connected to the lift source.


Get small wingsuit performance while resting your hands on your BOC. You can literally rest your hand on your PC handle while flying at >2:1 LD.


The new Compression Inlet for the Mutation is taken directly from our race suit line. It is scaled for BASE exits and to provide a more forgiving range of AoAs and body configurations. The compression inlet offers higher intake efficiency and lower drag, and is the result of extensive R&D.


The Mutation's Innie-Outie system is the latest version with a more durable zipper assembly. The chest zipper is more protected from riser movement and the flex panels have improved shaping and are tighter, to prevent scooping.


Don't be fooled by the shallow depth of this nutsack - it actually holds a lot of equipment. The expandable bottom can take much more than a stashbag, and keeps your equipment close to your CG.

Massive Leg Wing Pocket

The new leg wing pocket is the full width of the end cell, has zip closure, and is ideal for the stowage of hiking poles, ropes, and other equipment.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process.

Custom Molded BASE Soles

Improved grip and adhesion in wet and dry conditions. Custom molded Evolv TRAX rubber soles are included in the price on all orders. The Squirrel philosophy is: If you really need it, then it shouldn't cost extra.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

Carbon AeroJack Hook Knife

Same hardcore Carbon Aerojack hook knife, new secure pocket / location on the front / thigh area.

  • "Did a few jumps last weekend with my new mutation and here is my feedback. Coming from wingsuit environment, felt at home straight away, ridiculously easy to fly, solid, stable, fast and very agile!

    It feels like and flies like a wingsuit but its much more comfortable then a wingsuit. Can’t wait to try it in a BASE environment, knowing that you can fly while touching your PC and having full access on risers when opening is something that I can appreciate. I see huge potential and future in this new little wing....track....suit. It’s a new movement!"

    -Cedric Dumont
  • "It’s as comfortable and easy to use as a tracking suit with the power of a small wingsuit. For me it is the perfect valley tool. Run off, do all the flippy dos and still get solid separation from the wall. Feels like the ultimate party suit!"

  • "The suit is easy to handle if you come from the wingsuit environment. I feel this suit easier to handle than most one-piece suits. It’s easy to get a lot of speed and the final result was as high as I get over the landing at Brento! Control in general is easy and turns very intuitive. You don’t have really to bother about the leg wing as there is only one good position."

    -Roch Malnuit
  • "Easy starts, crazy glide, and when it comes to the pull - think about this - you can get good glide with your hand actually resting on your BOC. It goes far and it goes fast. This is probably the first time you can get 2:1 with your hand actually on your PC."

    -Scotty Bob
  • "So easy. Like, ridiculously easy. You just lay on it and it goes. Transitions are fun, you just think it and it does it. "

    -Dan Dupuis
  • "It feels a bit like a wingsuit for sure, the amount of wing makes it nice and stable but at the same time you can flip it over when you want to nice and easy. "

    -Andy Farrington
  • "So perfect. This is exactly the suit I wanted! It feels so natural in the air, I didn't have to think about anything it just did what I wanted. "

    -Martin Schricke
  • "Flew the Mutant yesterday, holy shitballs! Looking at my arms, need to change that angle and have hands closer to cells but even so it s awesome. Flies like I imagine Alladin’s carpet would, solid, smooth and super fast! Buddy in a ____ had a hard time keeping up :)"

    -Andrew Toyer
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