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  • All new arm wing design
  • New arm "winglet" for low-drag control & lift
  • Totally free arm sleeve, for 100% range of motion
  • Longer leg stride, with gusseted leg wing crotch panel
  • Compact and agile handling, with high top speed
  • BASE-specific storage and suit options are all included

The next generation of our trackwingsuit is an all new, ground-up redesign. While the original Mutation was an evolution of an intermediate wingsuit, the Mutation 2 is a purpose-built suit based on two years of feedback from our team, friends, and customers.


Everything: No more connection between the sleeve and arm wing -- it's no longer a wingsuit-style armpit / leading edge assembly. An all new "winglet" provides an ideal solution to the drag problems of a fully inflated sleeve, giving the pilot power and control in the arms, with minimal drag. The result is 100% arm range of motion, plus a solid and sharp feeling of control from the arms, thanks to the winglet and a tapered arm wing leading edge.


The Mutation 2 features slightly more surface area and a more efficient leg wing. In the BASE environment, glide performance is useless if your trackwingsuit is not stable, easy, and fun to fly. The fun & ease of the Mutation series is obvious - it is simple in transitions, backflying, and freestyle flight, and the glide performance is top of class. The result is true performance -- a trackwingsuit that gets you there, with ease.


Comfort is getting small wingsuit glide performance while resting your hands on your BOC -- you can literally rest your hand on your PC handle while flying at >2:1 LD. Transition & backfly with ease, thanks to the winglet's power and the suit's balanced feel. Do whatever you want with your arms and legs, thanks to full range of motion and a longer stride.


An inflated section on only a small portion of the arm provides a lifting and control surface. This benefits performance and handling without the unnecessary drag of a "full-Sausage" arm design.

High Aspect Ratio Inlets


The new High-AR Inlet builds on the industry-changing innovation of our 3D inlet, with improved intake efficiency and less drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, come from our performance R&D.


Don't be fooled by the shallow depth of this nutsack - it actually holds a lot of equipment. The new nutsack is a flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher & closer to your CG.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process.

Massive Leg Wing Pocket

The new leg wing pocket is the full width of the end cell, has zip closure, and is ideal for the stowage of hiking poles, ropes, and other equipment.


The new One-Zip system more durable and easier to use! It's cable free, and protects the zippers from being damaged by harness laterals. And it attaches to your rig in seconds. The adjustable lateral slot accommodates a range of harness types and sizes.

Custom Molded BASE Soles

Improved grip and adhesion in wet and dry conditions. Custom molded Evolv TRAX rubber soles are included in the price on all orders. The Squirrel philosophy is: If you really need it, then it shouldn't cost extra.

Hook Knife

Hook Knife

Our sturdy double-blade hook knife fits into a secure pocket on the front of the leg. It's light, strong, and easy to grab.



  • Review

    "I made a flight today with a friend of mine. I love my Mutation 2 … it flies fast and stable!!
    The fit is just perfect. The new design allows free movements (arms up and running) as expected.
    After few conservative airplane jumps in order to get little used to it and feeling the suit behavior, I started to enjoy some figures: back flying, head down, loops.
    The M2 ist incredibly fun and intuitive… realllllly niiiiice!!!!"

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