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The best-selling one-piece tracksuit

Easy Starts, Stable Speed, Class-Crushing Glide

  • Highly versatile, easy to use, loves to fly fast
  • Stable through all angles of attack
  • Slick, low-drag inlet design
  • Easy backflying, loved by freeflyers
  • All options included
  • For experienced trackers

The SAUSAGE is our one-piece tracking suit. You asked for it, so here it is. The SAUSAGE is a versatile and easy-to-use suit that excels in the BASE environment. It is primarily a tool for BASE applications, and is a capable weapon in the hands of experienced trackers – its performance has been proven at short starts and long glides around the world.

Jumpers who have been suiting-up with two piece suits for a while will love how easy it is to gear up on the exit point or at the DZ – just throw it over your shoulders and don’t forget your leg straps. Experienced BASE trackers will love its quick inflation and start characteristics, and the range and power available. The SAUSAGE is stable through steep and flat angles of attack, and back-flies nicely.

What sets the SAUSAGE apart from other onesies is the careful attention to design and manufacturing details, and the resulting compactness and agility in the air. A refined inlet system, improved pressurization, a more precise and powerful feel, and added features for equipment storage all combine for a nice balance of performance and ease of use. This suit is designed for trackers with at least a full season of experience; if you are new to tracking, or to BASE, we recommend starting with the SUMO 3.

The Squirrel philosophy that important features shouldn’t be costly options applies to all of our products. Evolv TRAX rubber, a Carbon Aerojack hook knife, and all storage pockets are included in the price when you order your SAUSAGE.

If you’re not convinced yet, then we recommend reading these important pro-pilot testimonials:

  • "This thing is the Wurst!"
  • "Hot Dog, it really flies!"
  • "Don’t be a wiener, fly a SAUSAGE!"


The SAUSAGE is powered by a bi-directional, low profile inlet that provides rapid inflation and solid internal pressure for quick starts and a precise feel.


The same system used on our wingsuits, the SAUSAGE Innie-Outie allows you to place the front of your BASE harness inside the suit for a slick front-surface.


A Velcro / cam-clamp system at the heel creates a bomb-proof closure, for running, back-flying, and free-flying.


If you’re running in a SAUSAGE-Fest, we wouldn’t want you to slip. That’s why Evolv TRAX rubber is included in the price on all orders. The Squirrel philosophy is: If you need it, then it shouldn’t cost extra.


The SAUSAGE comes standard with the Carbon AeroJack hook knife, mounted on the exterior in the ideal location for BASE jumping, like all of our wingsuits.


Carbon/graphite mylar from Dimension Polyant provides structure at shoulder and outside leg inlets.


The SAUSAGE is built to the same high standard that has made our wingsuits the benchmark for quality in our sport. You can count on airtight seams and millimeter accuracy in construction.


A huge back-pad pocket, a chest pocket / belly cam pocket, and a large leg pocket all provide room for stash bags, electronics, and whatever else you might need to bring to your SAUSAGE party.


The knee and foot cavity is heavily reinforced in 1000D Cordura. The Cordura panels are custom color selectable.


Hiking Pole storage at the back of the legs (same system as our AURA 3) for backcountry BASE jumpers.


Durable, strong, custom colored 10C YKK zips for suit closure.

  • "(Sausage Too)

    I've done about 6 jumps on the Sausage too now, super fun super fast! I can really feel the difference in power, It's been so much fun learning this suit! I really like the new wrist cuffs, as well as the friction adapter on the feet.

    For a smaller suit I can definitely feel that there is way more power! The guy I was jumping with in the Swift said he could tell there was more forward speed from flying with me as well."

    -Nick Reyes
  • "(Sausage Too)

    I've done about 10 jumps on my sausage too now, 5 of them being base jumps and 5 skydives. First of all the suit fits absoulutely perfect! In the first few skydives it felt like the suit was a little skatyer than the original sausage but once I had gotten used to that I could instantly feel the speed and therefore power difference from the original. When flown fast the glide ratio and distance that could be covered was amazing.

    The big difference could be felt in the base environment. With a little bit of focus put on the speed build up after the exit with just as much or even less effort the sausage too was going substantially further than the sausage one and I am by no means a fantastic tracker. The suit was effortlessly flying out of jumps with a long bowl with plenty of margin. "

    -Tai Lewis
  • "(Sausage Too)

    So I've been down in Florida out of the cold Canadian climate getting jumps in on the Sausage too! First thing I can say is that it fits me really well! I can easily keep the tension through my toes and shoulders in the suit while flying it.

    As a tunnel guy and freeflyer it took a little bit of learning to get the max glide angle right… Once you overcome that learning curve and feel it in the steeper angles this thing covers a lot of distance! It will take a bit to find your pinnacle angle but when you nail it, you cannot be caught!

    Also, I got the fully custom print on my suit and Squirrel absolutely dailed it in for me! This thing is a one of a kind treasure, I love it and so do the homies I'm flying with. They said it looks like they are chasing a kid through the sky in his onesie pajamas!

    Overall, really well done Squirrel! A fantastic suit that I can learn and grow with for many years to come! I think you've just earned a life time customer and promoter and I can't wait for my next purchase! "

    -James from Canada
  • "(Sausage Too)

    I haven't been this pumped on tracking since my very first track suit showed up the the mail in 2012. The Sausage Too is raw power with unbelievable guide. It's got the storage to handle big hikes or missions that are practical perfection. New tracking BASE jumps will open because of this suit. Locally dangerous jumps have become safer with increased glide this suit has over traditional 2 piece suits. This is a must have for the versatile base jumper and the tracking animal."

    -Ben Verde
  • (Original Sausage)

    So I did 10 more jumps with the Sausage at Brento and it’s amazing how fast this suit is, and how easy to fly fast. I had 197kmh horizontal and +2.0 glide ratio in this video and on another jump had 204kmh max horizontal. I wasn’t trying but when I uploaded the track to Skyderby I was 3rd overall for tracking 30 seconds time ;-) here is the video: https://youtu.be/dBAZcJbdQwE

    Thanks for the machine!

    -Aleksander “Olek” Domalewski
  • (Original Sausage)

    The real power in the Sausage is its gas pedal. It starts very quick, but the big advantage over other one piece suits out there is its top end speed. When flown correctly, it can get going quick then accelerate to ridiculous speeds, giving you range to explore parts of the mountain once thought impossible in a tracking suit.

    -Scotty Bob
  • "I got to test the sausage too last weekend, and maaan what a beautiful beast! it fits perfectly! My buddy Kim was filming my first flights and carving around me in his Freak 2 :) it blows my mind how stable this thing is and how far you can get (and how easy it is to land out). I had an unpleasant experience with a [other brand thingy] I tried last year, so I was a little bit on edge when I did my first jump with this one. Still takes a little bit of practice to get used to the booties having no experience with wingsuits or those weird looking FS suits. And for me, I would like to say that it paid off having 130 jumps on a two piece suit and having big wall tracking experience to figure out the ideal body position to have the best AOA. Thanks Squirrel! "

    -Jack Lane
  • (Original Sausage)

    I’ve had my Sausage for a bit now and put a ton of base jumps on it and it has absolutely blown me away with the performance and distance you can cover in this suit. It’s a super stable suit once you learn to fly it and the starts are nice and fast with quick inflation through the cells. Every time I jump my Sausage it puts a smile on my face and has opened up so many more lines an possibilities. (Video)

    -Robin C.
  • (Original Sausage)

    "What a day, I am like a kid again with this thing, what can I say. Thank you so much for that suit, it’s magic. Eleven years of jumping in the passion we all call B.A.S.E, Close to a 1,900 jumps from all kind of things. I don’t know how much in tracking, but for sure a few hundred. Jumps with friends and students. Now in my 40s there is a new door to open. The first couple of jumps in the Sausage put me back in the days when everything started. Like a kid I discover ground visuals I have never seen before. Flights long as never like this ones. What can I say. All I can is just WOW and thx Squirrel to step into the one piece suit’s. A tool to have more fun and more safety in general. Let’s see what the summer brings, let’s open the doors."

    -Simon Fasnacht
  • (Original Sausage)

    It flew well from the beginning and I covered already on my first jumps more ground in Lauterbrunnen than with my other suit. But the big step came after I did a some big jumps where i was 25+ sec. in the air. That is when the suit revealed his true power. I was speechless about the monster performance. The starts are fast and stable. When you fly with some speed its incredible what this Tracksuit can do. I jumped Monte Agner and i flew 65 seconds… and opened still way too high.

    -Florian Zimmermann (@charlesbukowski)
  • (Original Sausage)

    Did now 10 jumps from different exit points and the Sausage has good pressure in the separate cells, quickly a lot of pressure in the legs, and as soon as it flies the glide is fucking awesome!! Fast starts, will do a video soon with Clem to show you ! Thanks Guys for the suit and service. (Video)

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