The best-selling one-piece tracksuit

Easy Starts, Stable Speed, Class-Crushing Glide

  • Highly versatile, easy to use, loves to fly fast
  • Stable through all angles of attack
  • Slick, low-drag inlet design
  • Easy backflying, loved by freeflyers
  • All options included
  • For experienced trackers

The SAUSAGE is our one-piece tracking suit. You asked for it, so here it is. The SAUSAGE is a versatile and easy-to-use suit that excels in the BASE environment. It is primarily a tool for BASE applications, and is a capable weapon in the hands of experienced trackers – its performance has been proven at short starts and long glides around the world.

Jumpers who have been suiting-up with two piece suits for a while will love how easy it is to gear up on the exit point or at the DZ – just throw it over your shoulders and don’t forget your leg straps. Experienced BASE trackers will love its quick inflation and start characteristics, and the range and power available. The SAUSAGE is stable through steep and flat angles of attack, and back-flies nicely.

What sets the SAUSAGE apart from other onesies is the careful attention to design and manufacturing details, and the resulting compactness and agility in the air. A refined inlet system, improved pressurization, a more precise and powerful feel, and added features for equipment storage all combine for a nice balance of performance and ease of use. This suit is designed for trackers with at least a full season of experience; if you are new to tracking, or to BASE, we recommend starting with the SUMO 2.

The Squirrel philosophy that important features shouldn’t be costly options applies to all of our products. 5.10 rubber, a Carbon Aerojack hook knife, and all storage pockets are included in the price when you order your SAUSAGE.

If you’re not convinced yet, then we recommend reading these important pro-pilot testimonials:

  • "This thing is the Wurst!"
  • "Hot Dog, it really flies!"
  • "Don’t be a wiener, fly a SAUSAGE!"


The SAUSAGE is powered by a bi-directional, low profile inlet that provides rapid inflation and solid internal pressure for quick starts and a precise feel.


The same system used on our wingsuits, the SAUSAGE Innie-Outie allows you to place the front of your BASE harness inside the suit for a slick front-surface.


A Velcro / cam-clamp system at the heel creates a bomb-proof closure, for running, back-flying, and free-flying.


If you’re running in a SAUSAGE-Fest, we wouldn’t want you to slip. That’s why 5.10 rubber is included in the price on all orders. The Squirrel philosophy is: If you need it, then it shouldn’t cost extra.


The SAUSAGE comes standard with the Carbon AeroJack hook knife, mounted on the exterior in the ideal location for BASE jumping, like all of our wingsuits.


Carbon/graphite mylar from Dimension Polyant provides structure at shoulder and outside leg inlets.


The SAUSAGE is built to the same high standard that has made our wingsuits the benchmark for quality in our sport. You can count on airtight seams and millimeter accuracy in construction.


A huge back-pad pocket, a chest pocket / belly cam pocket, and a large leg pocket all provide room for stash bags, electronics, and whatever else you might need to bring to your SAUSAGE party.


The knee and foot cavity is heavily reinforced in 1000D Cordura. The Cordura panels are custom color selectable.


Hiking Pole storage at the back of the legs (same system as our AURA 3) for backcountry BASE jumpers.


Durable, strong, custom colored 10C YKK zips for suit closure.