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Air Traffic Controller

The Biggest Little Suit, Ever

  • The only intermediate class suit that flies easily with advanced designs
  • Unmatched performance in the intermediate class
  • Perfect for pilots moving up from beginner suits
  • Experience real flare power, glide, and speed
  • Easy step up for pilots of “gripperless” designs
  • Clean and simple BOC access

The ATC is the first suit to truly span the gap between “big” and “small”, while flying comfortably in both categories. It has enough performance to fly a formation with FREAKs, yet it’s small and nimble enough to flock easily with SWIFTs and FUNKs. This new design is intended for any pilot who wants a “small” suit with extra range and speed. Our team pilots agree that this "mini-FREAK" has surprising performance for its size.

Although it is in the same range of total surface area as the FUNK, the ATC has more speed and glide. Real-world example: the ATC can be flown together with FREAKs. At the same time, it is easy to fly together with smaller suits.

Like all of our newest designs, the ATC benefits from the technical advances made during the C-RACE development over the past two years. The same low-drag compression inlets and profile/planform research that took Squirrel pilots to the top of every major competition in the past two years are contained in the ATC.

We’re very excited about this new concept and we’d like to thank our team pilots who helped us develop it. What started as powerful work tool for pro pilots has turned into a highly versatile suit that will appeal to any wingsuit pilot of beginner-intermediate ability and up. The ATC’s power and range will surprise you!

The Freestyle Airfoil Cross Section is an option for the ATC.


In 2012, Squirrel introduced the first 3D reinforced inlet, which has now been adopted by other manufacturers. The new Compression Inlet builds on this innovation with higher intake efficiency and lower drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, and intake feed are all the result of extensive R&D.

Performance Planform


The ATC’s planform is based on the FREAK and other higher performance designs, with an extended mid-chord wing root (extra surface area around your hips). The total surface area puts it closer to small surface designs. The result: easily accessible performance.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers / toggles during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive than traditional designs.

New Nutsack


The new nutsack is accessed from the same location, but is a panel-wide flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher / closer to your CG, and further from the leg inlets. Store your gear closer to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.

New One-Zip Attachment


The new One-Zip system more durable and easier to use! It uses no cables at all, and protects the zippers from being damaged by harness laterals. And it attaches to your rig in seconds. The adjustable lateral slot accommodates a range of harness types and sizes.

Get Stiffie


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


Designed for Performance or Freestyle flying, the removable airfoil cross section adds glide and speed performance and increases agility and range in any suit that it is added to. More information on leading edge foam.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

  • "Seriously, you guys have outdone yourselves with this suit, and I have no idea how you’ll improve upon it. It’s SO fast. Transitions are also really smooth (as to be expected with the mono chamber). The most noticeable changes to me though are in the areas where I previously thought the Freak series surpassed the ATC as a best all around DZ suit for me, personally. It has a lower bottom end for me now, which I love. Whatever you guys have done in improving the ATC 3 has really increased range and decreased stall speed. I absolutely love it. Lastly, the improvements to the ATC 3 have made this the absolute easiest pull I’ve ever experienced. Even completely exhausted after pushing the suit as much as I could, pull time was effortless. "

    -Ashlee Richman
  • "The new suit is absolutely fantastic! I actually find it much easier to control and maneuver than the Swift. That may be because this suit is custom fit to me and the Swift was a rental, but regardless, this suit is like a dream!

    When I first tried on the suit I was a little concerned that perhaps there was a little too much room around my waist. The suit was tight around my stomach and back, but felt kind of loose on the sides. However, this changed when I put the rig on with the suit, and then it felt perfect, so the fit is wonderful!

    During flight it felt intuitive and responsive and my goodness how much flaring power it had! I look forward to learning more and more about flying this suit!

    I have attached a couple shots from my first flight with it. I think the helmet somewhat obscures my smile but I can guarantee you it was there!

    Blue skies!"

    -Ethan Dederick
  • "Wow! This suit is amazing! I can’t believe how intuitive and natural it feels to fly. And so much fun! It feels even more stable than my Swift 3, which I love as well. I couldn’t be happier with it and I’m looking forward to progressing with it!

    The fit feels great! At first I was unsure about the arm length as it’s a bit longer in the arms than my Swift 3 even with the same measurements, but once I jumped it, I realized they fit even better than my Swift."

  • "Good morning Squirrel-Team! :)

    The suit fits absolutely perfect!!!

    When I first put it on, I thought the arms would be a little too long compared to my Swift1, because I cannot reach the grippers direcly, only very close to them (The swift was not made for me, so maybe the arms were just a little too short for me on that swift). But after I read the manual (there is a picture explaining how to held the grippers correctly) it turned out the suit fits perfectly and also the arms are exactly the correct length! :D

    I finally jumped my ATC2 the first time and wooooooow... this suit has soooooo much more power compared to the Swift!! I was a little nervous before the exit, because it looks so much bigger than the Swift. But all worries were gone immediately after the exit.

    From the first moment on the ATC2 was VERY stable and really easy and fun to fly.
    It has so much power and the flare at the end feels really great (also looks pretty cool on the video :D)
    The BOC access and pull were very easy.
    Thank you very, very much for this amazing suit!! :)
    I'll definetly come back to you again, when I'm ready for the next step (to the Freak).
    Special thanks also to Mike for the great support during the order- / shipping process! ;)"

    -Manuel Schwarz
  • "We got our ATC3s in last night and I got to fly it for the first time today. I loved it! The feeling was very reminiscent of the Freak 4, just balanced ever so slightly differently. The internal pressure is exactly what I was hoping for in an intermediate suit. Precise control through the transitions, and a naturally high airspeed. The flare was powerful and pull time was so effortless with how the arm wing internals are tuned. "

    -Dan Darby
  • "I highly recommend the ATC for anyone looking to step up their game in the wingsuit world! It’s fast, powerful, pressurized, agile, smooth, stable, forgiving. The ATC sits well placed between the Funk and the Freak on the chart and brings the best attributes from both suits, you will find more speed and flare power than the Funk but you will be pleasantly surprised by the stability and comfort while transitioning, barrel rolling, and back flying. I have spent a lot of time flying the Freak and love it but I wanted something smaller to be able to fly with all sizes of suits for coaching purposes, I not only found my self able to fly with smaller suits as well as the Freaks but I started improving skills I was a little timid to try on the Freak, such as transitioning and barrel rolling my "weaker" less used direction, working on very steep back dives, back flares as well as mixing in some high speed carving/head down flying. Thank you Squirrel for making the ATC! "

    -Jesse Hall
  • "After putting about 60 jumps on the ATC, the qualities that still blow me away are its speed and energy retention. I was worried when I ordered it that I would have to fly the balls off of it to stay with big suits, but it's so fast and efficient that even with less surface area than a Freak, it's no problem. It prefers full-flight, but as long as you keep it at a nice angle of attack when it brakes, it's no problem. It shuts down easily with small suits, and it’s so comfortable at speed that chasing students and getting down to smaller suit groups is a breeze."

    -Mike Naddor
  • "The ATC is the perfect all-around wingsuit. Backflying and dynamic maneuvers are a breeze. I was also very impressed with the speed and range that the suit offers. This suit is extremely fast for its size! I fly it all day long with Freaks, and can't even tell I am in a smaller suit. The flare power also surprised me, as I am able to gain almost as much altitude as my Freak1. It can also easily fly with Swift 2's and Funk 2's, without having to de-power the suit much. The ATC has quickly become my go-to suit. I love it and can't wait for what you guys will come up next!"

    -Ryan Leeper
  • "We need to have a very serious chat about this suit. It's amazing! I love it! I got it primarily for coaching and organizing and its perfect. Previously I was using my Freak2 to coach and while I had no problem staying with Hatches it was a bit of work. Moving from the ATC to the Freak is so intuitive and it likes to fly sooo much better with small suits and clearly has no problem keeping up with big ones. My Freak2 is still my favorite suit but as much as I organize I can easily see myself jumping the ATC a lot more. Thanks again!"

    -Joe Nesbitt
  • "My new suit fits perfect. The first 6-8 jumps I had to get the feeling of it, but after this I really enjoy flying it. Here is a link to my first ever XRW jump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svf-3XbxHGc&t=4s"

    -Kristian Sommer
  • "Thank you for the amazing machine you sent me..... My ATC, I got in the beginning of the season fits absolutely perfectly and I use it all the time while coaching. You guys made me love wingsuit flight, the whole activity and I’m more than happy to live this entire adventure thanks to you. The easiness, safety, and fun that come with these suits make them much more accessible that they were before... you changed the whole activity for the better."

    -Marine Galves
  • "The ATC has been amazing so far! I've put about 10 flights on it and it's incredible how intuitive it is to fly (even on its back) and how easy it is to fly with small suits or my friends in Freak 2's."

    -Connor Snodgrass
  • "The new squirrel ATC, well I definitely have a lot I can say about this suit after testing it in all kinds of waters during flock and dock! first off the fit is great as always, very comfortable suit both in the air and sky and cannot ask for a better feel then the custom squirrel fit wingsuits. Now for the fun review....how it flies! well first off I was extremely surprised how much power this thing holds! yes, i knew it was a baby freak but man she has more power than I expected for its size platform, and this power makes it fairly easy to keep up with freak/freak 2 sized formations at normal and near max speed. The ATC is even capable of doing XRW which I found amazing! keeping up with slow record speed flocks and smaller suits is also quite easy, just recommended to depressurize the suit lightly to make the work easier for you. Backfly transitions are as smooth as can be, and the suit really likes to have some speed on its back which is great! overall this suit is everything I was hoping for and a tad more as it has a ton of float power and speed potential for its size class and controlling it is very easy!"

    -Kevin Andrews
  • "I am coming from the _____ and Funk 2. More range than both of those suits and almost easier to fly! It is so perfect for coaching FFC courses. I can fly with a wide range of suits! It is fast when you need the speed, but also easy to fly slowly. Everything I read and heard about on this suit is real, it is amazing. Thanks and congrats for this perfect wingsuit."

    -Leo Orsini
  • "I wanted to let you know how I'm liking the ATC! The suit fits perfect. I did a handful of coach jumps for my friend who is flying a Swift 2. I loved the range that I had on her and it made flying with her smooth and easier to give her feedback. I spent the rest of the day flying with Freak 2, Aura, Colugo 1, and Funk suits. I was able to fly with them great and I'm loooooving the speed in the ATC.

    The transition from the Swift 2 to the ATC was seamless. I immediately noticed how much more responsive the ATC was compared to the Swift 2, but it wasn't intimidating, only exciting!

    Absolutely in love with this suit. I'm very excited to be able to fly with small suits and big suits. I won't have any friends left out on jumps this summer! I'm excited that people at our drop zone flying small suits will feel less pressured to quickly progress into large suits since they dominate our drop zone.

    Thanks for the awesome suit! You guys are the best."

    -Jessica M
  • "This weekend I finally got the chance to jump my new ATC, and what a ride!! I’m in love with the suit and the fit turns out to be great! I have to admit I was a bit nervous before my first jump but the suit behaved predictable enough and wow does it go fast. I made a bunch of solo jumps first to figure out the suit and fly it in different angles and stuff and although I feel I still need to adjust and learn a lot more how it responds, I’m confident now that ill work it out.

    Also everyone on my home DZ responded really positive to how the suit looks and feels and its funny since I’m the only Dutch guy (as far as i know) that owns the ATC as well as the Epicene (incl. SkySnatch). I’m very happy with the whole setup! Have a great week and blue skies!"

    -Barry Leeuwenburgh
  • "Have to say that this suit is the best wingsuit I have ever tried. Amazing!!! Powerfull, Easy and stable to fly... Awesome!!!"

    -Wesley Barbosa
  • "This suit is so awesome, it’s so good in steep angles and fast flight with high performance pilots, but also perfect for me for coaching smaller suits. It’s crazy how much performance there is for how easy it is to fly."

    -Carlos Briceno
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    -Val Sobol
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