Air Traffic Controller

The ATC is the first suit to truly span the gap between “big” and “small”, while flying comfortably in both categories. It has enough performance to fly a formation with FREAKs, yet it’s small and nimble enough to flock easily with SWIFTs and FUNKs. This new design is intended for any pilot who wants a “small” suit with extra range and speed. Our team pilots agree that this "mini-FREAK" has surprising performance for its size.

Although it is in the same range of total surface area as the FUNK, the ATC has more speed and glide. Real-world example: the ATC can be flown together with FREAKs. At the same time, it is easy to fly together with smaller suits.

Like all of our newest designs, the ATC benefits from the technical advances made during the C-RACE development over the past two years. The same low-drag compression inlets and profile/planform research that took Squirrel pilots to the top of every major competition in the past two years are contained in the ATC.

We’re very excited about this new concept and we’d like to thank our team pilots who helped us develop it. What started as powerful work tool for pro pilots has turned into a highly versatile suit that will appeal to any wingsuit pilot of beginner-intermediate ability and up. The ATC’s power and range will surprise you!

Design Your Atc
  • Compression Inlet


    In 2012, Squirrel introduced the first 3D reinforced inlet, which has now been adopted by other manufacturers. The new Compression Inlet builds on this innovation with higher intake efficiency and lower drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, and intake feed are all the result of extensive R&D.

  • Performance Planform


    The ATC’s planform is based on the FREAK and other higher performance designs, with an extended mid-chord wing root (extra surface area around your hips). The total surface area puts it closer to small surface designs. The result: easily accessible performance.

  • Rapid Arm Deployment


    Rapid Arm Deployment. A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers / toggles during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive than traditional designs.

  • New Nutsack


    The new nutsack is accessed from the same location, but is a panel-wide flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher / closer to your CG, and further from the leg inlets. Store your gear closer to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.

  • Light Ribs


    Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.

  • One-Zip Attachment


    The ATC attaches to your rig with one simple zipper for quick and easy rigging. An adjustable lateral slot lets you customize the lateral position for your rig, or any other rig in your size range that might be used with your suit.

  • Get Stiffie


    The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.

  • Airtight Construction


    All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


Main Surfaces: Our main concern was finding an ideal ratio between weight and durability, along with high mechanical stability and good results in stretch and tear tests. Our main surface fabric is a 210D Ripstop, with very low stretch, and a good rigidity to comfort ratio.

Leading Edge Skin: The new grainy-glideskin is more supple than the Dacron used for the C2 LE, but completely non-stretch. A section of flexible glideskin at the wrist helps to improve the pull and brake access.

Internal Ribs: All ribs are constructed from the renowned Porcher Skytex 40, which has an unparalleled stability-to-weight ratio.

Leading Edge Mylar: We offer two choices for wing surface Mylar reinforcement on your Squirrel Suit:

  1. Porcher Sport (white / translucent). This is our standard option.
  2. Dimension Polyant Carbon-Graphite (black / clear). The highest quality laminate on the market, with a carbon and graphite weave. It's black, and it's more rigid, but there is not a measurable performance difference over the Porcher mylar.