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Ultimate in All-Around BASE Performance

Stability, Speed, and Flare Power for the Steepest Lines

  • Competition-proven design features
  • New BASE-optimized Compression Inlets
  • New Arm Sweep and Planform
  • Shortest Start Arc
  • Improved handling and pitch stability
  • Removable Airfoil Cross-Section Foam
  • A3GS option now available

The AURA series is designed specifically for technical wingsuit BASE lines. It offers the shortest start arc, accessible glide performance, and comfortable agility in steep terrain lines.

The A3 is a new design, evolved from our performance line. We combined the best attributes of our performance suits with the comfort and ease of use that the AURA series has become known for. In steep lines at high speeds, the A3 is the most stable suit available today.

Overall, the A3 is designed specifically for modern wingsuit BASE pilots. In the BASE environment, speed and glide are important, but not the only concern. Our mission for the A3 was to retain as much comfort and ease of use as possible. A moderate arm sweep, flexible panels at the wrist, and a new profile that is more pitch-stable in an arms-level configuration make it a true weapon in big mountains. The A3 remains comfortable at the steepest angles whether you fly with arms level, or in a slightly dihedral configuration.

Technology from our FAI World Championship winning CR+, and the C-RACE - which swept the podium of every major speed race in 2016 - are present in the A3 and are combined with the forgiving character that has made the AURA series the suit of choice for elite WS BASE jumpers. The result is a suit that we think will again play a role in the advancement of our sport.



The AURA series opened most of Moab and many technical new exit points across the American West and the Alps. If a short start is a priority for you but you don’t want to lose speed and handling, then you’ve found what you’re looking for.


The root of the A3 design is a specific series of C-RACE protos that were very docile in pitch, with excellent agility. The A3 is easier to control than the A2 thanks to less surface area, and is more precise in steep turns, thanks to the increased pitch stability. The same competition-winning tech that put Squirrel pilots at the top of every major competition in the past two years is contained in the A3’s profile and planform.


We worked hard to reduce drag, and the new Compression Inlet and smaller-surface planform have both contributed to the speed increase vs the A2. Like the A2, the A3’s speed is accessible, and requires no special tricks to engage. Simply stretch the suit lengthwise and give it some angle.


Like previous versions, a Glideskin section at the wrist aids in BOC and riser access. The A3's pull is clean and intuitive, and the two versions of leading edge foam are both removable – remove all foam to make BOC and riser access easier in the BASE environment. Watch this for a demonstration on riser control in Squirrel wingsuits.


Every season, more pilots discover the possibility of flying up in a wingsuit as they upgrade to suits in which it is possible. The A3 flare power is increased over the A2, thanks to a faster top speed and a more efficient profile. Having a powerful flare at your disposal is important when disconnecting from terrain lines, and the A3 allows you to disconnect and distance yourself from terrain instantly and with great authority.


The A3 is designed specifically for BASE. It is not a race suit, or a competition suit, or a fun all-around skydiving suit. No suit can be perfect for every type of wingsuit flying. In order to try and make the A3 as versatile as possible, two versions of leading edge foam are provided. Both versions are removable. Use the thicker airfoil foam for skydiving, but only after you have become comfortable in the suit. We recommend using no foam, or only the 5mm sheet foam, for BASE jumping.


The AURA series focus is always on a short start arc combined with stability at steep angles and a high top speed. The A3's "traditional" leg wing design prevents unwanted diving at exit, making short starts easy. Each AURA is as comfortable at 1:1 as it is at >3.5:1.


Experienced wingsuit flyers with several seasons of experience will adapt to the A3 quickly. Respecting the learning curve is essential, and the payoff is accessing all of the available performance. The A3 requires training. The expensive part is not the wingsuit - the expensive part is skydiving, training, traveling to the right locations to progress responsibly, and taking the time to make a safe progression. Training unlocks performance.


The A3 is designed for BASE jumping. We always recommend skydiving it to train for BASE. Please note that if your main focus is skydiving with only a couple of short BASE trips during the year, then we recommend a smaller surface area model for your primary suit, such as the FREAK series. If your focus is skydive performance flying, look to the C-RACE or CR+.


The BASE-Optimized compression inlet is lower drag and more efficient than previous versions. Squirrel's 3D reinforced inlet was the first in the industry. Often imitated, but never duplicated, the new Compression Inlet has a higher intake to drag ratio than any other design.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers / toggles during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive than traditional designs. This video illustrates.

New Nutsack


The new nutsack is accessed from the same location, but is a panel-wide flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher / closer to your CG, and further from the leg inlets. Store your gear closer to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.

Light Ribs


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.

Innie-Outie (BASE Mode)


The A3 INNIE-OUTIE system is more durable, with reinforcements to protect your zippers. Easily transition between BASE Mode (harness inside), or Skydive Mode (harness outside). While in BASE mode, harness is entirely inside the chest compartment for less drag, and more glide (increased surface). There are no exposed holes when in BASE mode as the zippers close off the chest completely.

Innie-Outie (Skydive Mode)


Even if your focus is BASE jumping, it's important to be able to skydive your suit safely. While in skydive mode, handles are completely exposed at the chest and easy to access. For more info regarding this system's use in the skydive environment, download this PDF.



The A3 pocket/bellycam access point is big enough for your big ass phone, and the zipper is covered (so your sexy zippers all f*cking match).


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.


When flying in BASE mode, these flexible panels at the shoulders relieve stress on your suit during openings.

Hiking Pole Attach


This is a simple and lightweight system to retain equipment such as collapsible hiking poles.

Carbon Fiber Grippers


Ultralight and ultrastiff, these gripper sticks feel and perform better than any material we have tried. We're offering this expensive upgrade as a standard option on all of our suits.

Airtight Construction


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


Designed for Performance or Freestyle flying, the removable airfoil cross section adds glide and speed performance and increases agility and range in any suit that it is added to. More information on leading edge foam.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

  • "This equipment is chosen by Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet, the SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team https://www.soulflyers.com/en/"

    -The SoulFlyers / Jet Man Team
  • "Fifth jump on the Squirrel Aura 3 which just amazed me from the first jump I did with it. I felt instantly easy performances, precise trajectories and safe pull. With the Crux, your hand just follow an easy path to the PC even with the strong pressure in the arm wings. After few jumps on it I surpassed my best GPS measurements in years regarding to my starts & glide ratio compared to speed. The Aura 3 is the best tool I ever flew in base environment. The Crux/Hayduke/Snatch Team is not only awesome for wingsuit activity, it's a blast for regular and technical slider up and slider down jumps. I have consistent nice on heading openings. The Hayduke is very efficient for low jumps and technical tight landing areas. That's a very cool & versatile equipment built for fun!

    Some video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe5G_VXUkPU&feature=youtu.be"

    -Hugues Orlianges
  • Florian Springer has been flying wingsuits since 2002. He has over 1000 WS BASE jumps. The A3 is his first Squirrel suit. This is what he had to say about it:

    "-Very versatile suit, perfect for base/terrain environment
    -As easy to fly in a steep dive or on a fast glide.
    -Precise/stable handling
    -Super easy start! I feel more comfortable than on my [other brand suit].

    This Aura3 gives great flying sensations and I've never been so keen to jump and jump again! I'm back from 2 weeks in Brento and I did not expect to be so much fun! For example I followed Sven Ugau hitting his target as training… I can finally dive so much better. I dive as steep as I want and take real speed. The Aura3 is a piece of flying art! From my grand-papa point of view, it is the best combination of gliding/speeding machine :-)"

    -Florian Springer
  • "Got a couple more jumps today with flysight and it shows same start arc more or less as A2... 150/150m and 155/155m... sweet. :-)

    Got a few jumps now, skydive and base. The suit is sick! I love the feeling, very smooth and precise. The pressure is amazing, there is no slack feeling in the suit, body held tight and it feels like a natural extension of me. Diving and grabbing speed is ridiculous, keep everything the same and just change the angle. Love it. Flare is awesome yeeeeow!!! Even from quite slow.

    Overall... so far... super stoked! Thanks for all the work you guys have put in. All the little details are great... and appreciated... inlets, nutsack, booties, etc. Cheers :-)"

    -David Walden
  • "After a full season on the A3 I can say that it’s the best suit I have ever flown in the mountains. The suit does short starts and its balance is perfect.

    Flights are easy with no heavy arms on long flights.

    Glide is very good and can be insane if you combine it with thermals. Did my longest Wingsuit flight from a cliff with a 2min 52sec time: https://skyderby.ru/tracks/21560

    If you want speed, the A3 delivers. I like this ability when I have to chasse people as a cameraman.

    In one sentence, the A3 do it all with an easy accessibility for experience pilots."

    -Rudy Cassan
  • "Amazing suit. For a while now I dreamed about a wingsuit that felt like two different suits combined – the speed and dive of a race suit, but the easiness and short start of the Aura. Now you did it! I feel like I am flying a large comfy C-Race, and it feels so comfortable on steep terrain lines. I love it!"

    -Vincent “Le Blond” Descols
  • "I want to let you know that i did my first base jumps with the A3. I did just 3 jumps from a mountain and I can already say that this is the best suit i ever flew. For the Brazilian terrain there is no other suit to buy. Thank you very much!!! I feel so lucky to have it and to be part of the squirrel family!"

    -Gabriel Lott
  • "I have completed my intensive Aura 3 Skydive Training and have already done my first BASE Jumps with it. It is an incredible Wingsuit with so good performance and safety! I really love it. First BASE Exit with it super short start, the transition from falling to flying is so fast it gives so much safety. Then a really good precision in the air during turns and everything ... and what I really like that it is the good response with changes on the AoA. You feel it much better if you change the AoA.

    The pull could not be better, for sure it is a little bit harder than on the Colugo caused by the pressure and arm material but still very good and safe!

    The options pocket, nutsack and hiking pole attachments are very cool. The pocket and the nutsack I already had on the C1 but I did not like the nutsack so much because of the Velcro. Now the solution with a zipper is perfect for me and could be used to transport my Platypus drinking bootle, nuts or beef jerky to eat ;-)

    Keep on going like this! You have the right way between SAFETY and performance (safety is for me a little bit more important than performance)! And my experience with you guys and your products are very good. I am so happy with all my equipment (Aura 3, Stream, kN, Outlaw Lite, Snatch). And as I already told you I will also switch my Skydive canopy to Squirrel at the end of the year when I will buy a new rig. If the Epicene is like all your other stuff ... it will be no mistake to jump that, too."

    -Philipp Maaß
  • "I've been flying an Aura 3 since its release and this suit has shifted the paradigm for top performance wingsuits. It has more speed through the starts than the previous Aura and the physical demand put on your body while flying is greatly reduced making the Aura 3 an amazing performer that is fun for the pilot to fly. I like this suit so much that I bought a second in ultra-light material for big missions."

    -Ben Verde
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