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The results speak for themselves:

*Note: There will not be a C-RACE 2 or C-RACE 3. The C-RACE is an evolving design which is frequently revised. All C-Race orders will be filled with the most recent design. Each evolution of the C-Race is tested and proven to be a performance gain over the previous version.

*Note: C-RACE, BASE Version. If you are looking to compete in a BASE Race event, tell us before you place your C-RACE order. We will make you a BASE optimized version of the suit.

The performance of the C-Race has now been thoroughly proven in competition. Since the run-up to the first Red Bull Aces event, we have been working full time on race prototypes. Our initial efforts were well received by our team pilots, who scored highly at the inaugural Aces, with Andy Farrington in first place overall.

In 2015 and 2016, the C-RACE swept the podium of every major wingsuit speed race. The overwhelming results demonstrate quite clearly what the C-RACE can do. The C-RACE series is race specific with a focus on top speed and glide performance. It is designed for all aspects of wingsuit speed racing and is meant for expert pilots. Its CG and profile are optimized for speed and the suit is stable at steep angles of attack. The efficiency of the leading edge and the amount of surface area is calculated for maximum horizontal speed at race course flight angles.


Who is it designed for?

Pilots who aim to compete in wingsuit races, either BASE or skydive.

Is it competitive?

It won every race, what more do you want? Each version of the C-RACE series is flown against recent suits from other manufacturers before release.

Do I want one? Am I qualified to jump it?

If you have to ask, then the answer is probably no. You should be an expert wingsuit pilot with several years in the sport, and hundreds of flights in equivalent "big suit" designs.

Is it a Colugo or an Aura?

It is neither. The design aspects that make the C-RACE series fast are not immediately apparent from looking at a photo, or seeing the suit in person. We are not going to be discussing the specific design elements that make the C-RACE series fast, so do not bother asking us.

I'm super awesome and you should sponsor me; can I get one for free?


If I win a major competition flying the C-RACE series wingsuit, do I get a prize from Squirrel?

Yes. Contact us for details.

I have more questions, should I email you right away?

Probably not, as there isn't much else to say. The suit is fast, it is proven, and more specific design aspects are not public. Each version is tested, and the suit has been well-liked by the pilots who have been flying it. If you're qualified and stoked, then really there isn't much else to ask. Just go to the order page. If you are not, then don't.

Main Surfaces

Main Surfaces

Our main concern was finding an ideal ratio between weight and durability, along with high mechanical stability and good results in stretch and tear tests. Our main surface fabric is a 210D Ripstop, with very low stretch, and a good rigidity to comfort ratio.

Leading Edge Skin

Leading Edge Dacron

Our proprietary laminar-grain leading edge skin is wrinkle-resistant, has low crease memory, and has a proven aerodynamic track record. First used by the winning Squirrel team pilots in the RedBull Aces series, this material has now trickled down to our entire range.

Internal Ribs

Internal Ribs

All ribs are constructed from the renowned Porcher Skytex 40, which has an unparalleled stability-to-weight ratio.

Leading Edge Mylar

Leading Edge Mylar

We offer two choices for wing surface Mylar reinforcement:

1. Porcher Sport (white / translucent). This is our standard option.

2. Dimension Polyant Carbon-Graphite (black / clear). The highest quality laminate on the market, with a carbon and graphite weave. It's black, and it's more rigid, but there is not a measureable performance difference over the Porcher mylar.



  • Review

    "The C-Race is amazing, I did a few jumps with it before the season ended for us: 3 first with Vincent, from an airplane. On the 1st, he was using his Freak but it was way too slow compared to me in this C-Race, so on the two others we both had the C-Race, and it was amazing!!!! The 2 last jumps were from the helicopter, flying (high!) above the mountains. I had no idea how different it would feel, I m really surprised and can't wait to fly it more !!!"

    -Marine Galves
  • Review

    "I’m so stoked to take this to the BASE environment, the arm zips are super comfortable to use, and the pin-locked leg zips hold up great through all pitch angles and speeds. The Velcro closure in the chest pocket is a nice touch for those times using a belly mount camera, and the sidewall storage pockets are the shit!

    I’m still dialing in the suit, but I can see so much potential. The first few speed runs I did in the suit were as fast as my best runs in the 2016 CR+ even after I really understood it. The flare is ridiculous. The amount of power it has to just keep climbing is so rad. I feel like I’m standing vertically at the very top of it. It’s crazy awesome. It has been so much fun to fly, and I'm forward to learning more about it.

    Thank you so much for all of your support, and for putting in the research to make such weapon."

    -Dan Darby
  • Review

    "I put 5 jumps on it so far. It's a rocketship! Flared out at 4k and was open by 4100. The innovation is amazing, you guys rock!"

    -Tristan Henle
  • Review

    "The suit is a machine! I still don't feel like I'm flying it anywhere near its potential, or even consistently for that matter, but it just performs anyway. Can't wait to keep learning on it and really figuring things out and see what I can get from it in future!"

    -Steve Holden
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