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Agility, Power, Precision

The Colugo is our big mountain terrain flying suit for pilots of intermediate to expert ability. This is our most versatile wingsuit, and what we recommend to experienced pilots who are looking for a next generation all-around BASE wingsuit.

The Colugo provides solid glide performance, a fast start, high agility for rapid banked turns, and a clean and accessible BOC pull.

It is a myth that one suit can be good at every aspect of flying, but the Colugo offers the best balance that we have ever experienced.

We designed this suit specifically for pilots who want to carve big mountain proximity lines. The Colugo remains stable and pressurized at a very wide range of angles of attack, and delivers a solid and pressurized precise feel through every section of your flight, from steep dives to long glides.

The most common question that we heard this year was, "What other suit is it like?" The answer is that the Colugo was developed specifically for maximum all-around performance in wingsuit BASE. This is our vision of an all-around suit that is ideal for a huge range of BASE jumps and terrain flights, for pilots who want a fast start, high maneuverability, and good glide. It is accessible and easy to use for its size.

We've taken the best aspects of the other wingsuits that we have flown in the past, and combined them into the ultimate suit for next-generation BASE jumpers.

Simply put, this suit is capable of the shortest starts and the longest glides out there. If you want to ace the short start and fly the complex lines of The Brevent in Chamonix, or fly from the High-Nose to Air Glaciers in Lauterbrunnen, then the Colugo will get you there, and beyond.

True Performance is a balance of ideals. It is not a fictional glide ratio, a mythical top speed, or a competition title. It is a blend of safety, comfort, agility, and speed, and when each of those factors comes together properly, the result is a suit which you can truly use to your full potential.


The Colugo's leading edge is a multi-layer design finished in GlideSkin™. Inside the sandwiched construction is a layer of non-flexible AirMesh material, which prevents deformation or stretching in the leading edge. What this means is that the material which covers your arm and forms the leading edge is flexible at the wrist but stable in high speed flight. The material will stretch and flex over the natural curves of your arm as you adjust your position through various modes of flight, and then give you a comfortable flex when you reach back to pull. The foam edge is removable and adjustable for careful customization to the shape of your arm.


The Squirrel 3D inlet maintains its size and shape no matter what position or abuse you subject it to - the multi-axis reinforcement keeps it open and feeding your wing as you move your arm through the many positions necessary during a proximity flight. Arm wing pressurization is crucial at every moment of your flight, from exit to pull time. A lack of internal pressure during the pull sequence can cause top surface fabric from the first cell to cover your PC. The 3D inlet and also the shortened height of the first rib near your PC help to ensure that the pull is ultra-clean, every time.


The glide performance of the Colugo is excellent for its surface area. It is no longer accurate to make broad assumptions on the glide performance of a suit based on its surface area alone. More surface area always means less agility, so it is important to squeeze the maximum amount of performance from every bit of surface area in the suit. As for speed, we strove to achieve a wide usable speed range that would allow a fast start and also a stable dive for proximity flying. 17 ribs and mini-ribs at the trailing edge of the leg wing keep it sharp and smooth, preventing "ballooning" and unnecessary drag. A mild camber combined with moderate forward thickness lends stability across the suit's speed range, and helps ensure the fastest start possible. A medium-volume wing and carefully moderated bottom surface tension also help the Colugo to achieve a quick start. Experienced pilots will easily reach full flight inside of 3 seconds.


We think that wingsuits should fly well in a relaxed and natural body position. No elbow kinks, no strange rotation of your forearm - just a natural arm position that is supported by the internal pressure of your wings. The Colugo flies straight and stable in this relaxed position, and requires no special effort on the part of the pilot to achieve a decent glide. "Maxing" out the suit for best l/d performance is intuitive. At the end of your flight, when you transition from steeper terrain flight to flatter "glide" flight, you will experience a shorter and more powerful recovery arc, convert speed to lift more effectively, and pull higher at the end of your flight.


We believe that skydiving is critical to BASE training. For that reason, the Colugo is fitted with the Innie-Outie BASE / Skydive system that allows you to choose between BASE and Skydive modes. When BASE jumping, placing your harness inside your suit creates a more uniform surface and slightly increased wing area. Simply unzip and re-fasten to expose the entire front of your harness for safe and normal skydive rig use.


The single most important factor when flying a wingsuit in the BASE environment is being able to deploy your parachute easily. The Colugo has the cleanest pull we have experienced. The ultra-simple arced wrist design allows you to reach back for your PC while pulling less of your wing's top surface with you, and there is less material hindering the twist of your wrist. High internal wing pressure, thanks to the 3D inlet, makes reaching around the wing easier. We have done our best to join the top surface of the wing to the area around your back smoothly and without ballooning cells which can hinder PC access. Because of this unique design, all Squirrel suits are flown using BOC PC position. With the RAD system, quick brake toggle access is also very simple and we have fine-tuned the now widely accepted cutaway-free concept with the wrist-arc, allowing your forearm to slide through more easily.

Developing the Colugo was an exciting process and we are looking forward to sharing the results with you and hearing your feedback. Cheers from the whole Squirrel Team, we hope to share an exit point with you one day!

Main Surfaces: Our main concern was finding an ideal ratio between weight and durability, along with high mechanical stability and good results in stretch and tear tests. Our main surface fabric is a 210D Ripstop, with very low stretch, and a good rigidity to comfort ratio.

Internal Ribs: All ribs are constructed from the renowned Porcher Skytex 40, which has an unparalleled stability-to-weight ratio.

Leading Edge Mylar: We offer two choices for wing surface Mylar reinforcement on your Squirrel Suit:

  1. Porcher Sport (white / translucent). This is our standard option.
  2. Dimension Polyant Carbon-Graphite (black / clear). The highest quality laminate on the market, with a carbon and graphite weave. It's black, and it's more rigid, but there is not a measurable performance difference over the Porcher mylar.
Force Feed


Our 3D reinforced inlet, with maximum intake to drag ratio. We believe that this inlet is one of the most important safety innovations featured on our suits.

Innie-Outtie (BASE Mode)


Easily transition between BASE Mode (harness inside), or Skydive Mode (harness outside). While in BASE mode, harness is entirely inside the chest compartment for less drag, and more glide (increased surface). There are no exposed holes when in BASE mode as the zippers close off the chest completely.

Innie-Outtie (Skydive Mode)


Even if your focus is BASE jumping, it's important to be able to skydive your suit safely. While in skydive mode, handles are completely exposed at the chest and easy to access.

Innie-Outie (Skydive Mode)


Even if your focus is BASE jumping, it's important to be able to skydive your suit safely. While in skydive mode, handles are completely exposed at the chest and easy to access. For more info regarding this system's use in the skydive environment, click here.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. An incredibly simple arced cut at the wrist makes it even easier to both reach your PC at pull time, and your toggles during opening. This basic innovation is an improvement to any wingsuit and makes the BOC pull safe and intuitive.

Get Stiffie


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.

Get Stretchy


When flying in BASE mode, these flexible panels at the shoulders relieve stress on your suit during openings. Also, bar-tacks at key areas help to prevent seam failure.

Light Ribs


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.



A mesh leg wing pocket, for your nuts and stuff. Store your gear close to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.



A standard feature on all of our suits. This highly flexible, durable, and wrinkle-free material is ideal for the leading edge. Static (non-flexible) internal construction prevents leading edge deformation, meaning that the arm is flexible at the wrist area, but the profile is stable.

Airtight Construction


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.

Carbon Fiber Grippers


Ultralight and ultrastiff, these gripper sticks feel and perform better than any material we have tried. We're offering this expensive upgrade as a standard option on all of our suits.

Super Sexy Zippers


We want your suit to look good. And not like other suits. We've ordered custom color YKK #10 Coil zips that will be standard on all suits, at no extra charge. Choose between five different colors when you order.

Hook Knife


Every suit comes standard with a Carbon Aero Jack hook knife installed on the front of the suit, in a location that is ideal for jumping your wingsuit with your BASE harness inside the suit, in BASE mode.

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