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Accessible Performance

  • Near C-RACE performance, with FREAK 2 comfort
  • Ideal for performance pilots and expert WS BASE jumpers
  • Highly accessible agility & power
  • BASE appropriate: Short start arc, simple deployments
  • Next-gen construction details
  • New C3-specific airfoil cross section (arm foam)

The C3 is for pilots who prioritize speed and performance in the skydive and/or BASE environments. For pilots of intermediate to advanced ability, the C3 is a baby C-RACE. It is strikingly similar to the FREAK 2 in terms of planform (surface area distribution) and is just as comfortable to fly. Yet, it delivers 90% of the performance of the C-RACE, thanks to an evolution in profile and leading edge construction.

Our mission for this suit was to put as much performance from our competition line as possible into an upper-intermediate category design. If you are intrigued by high performance suits but still want intermediate level comfort and passive safety, then the C3 has what you are looking for.

Please note that the C3 is not designed for freestyle flying. If you are interested in an all-around fun suit, then we recommend the FREAK 2. If you seek a competitive but comfortable suit for performance flying in the skydiving and/or BASE environment, then the C3 is for you.

Compared to the FREAK 2:

  • Same stability and ease of use for low AoA, maximum speed flight.
  • Same ease of use for BOC and riser access.
  • Loves to fly steep, just like the FREAK 2.
  • Best-in-class flare power.
  • The C3 is NOT designed for freestyle flight.

Compared to the C-RACE:

  • Similar performance (95% speed, 90% glide, 90% sink rate).
  • Easier deployments.
  • Easier start arc for BASE.
  • Same incredible handling.
  • Similar flare power.


The new Compression Inlet for the C3 is taken directly from our race suit line. It is scaled for BASE exits and to provide a more forgiving range of AoAs and body configurations. The compression inlet offers higher intake efficiency and lower drag, and is the result of extensive R&D.


The C3 Innie-Outie system is improved over previous versions. The chest zipper is more protected from riser movement, for improved durability. The flex panels have improved shaping and are tighter, to prevent scooping.


Don't be fooled by the shallow depth of this nutsack - it actually holds a lot of equipment. The expandable bottom can take much more than a stashbag, and keeps your equipment close to your CG.

Profile Gripper


By extending the wing profile into the gripper, lifting surface is increased without increasing the total surface area of the suit. This means more performance gained from the same amount of surface area – a “free” upgrade.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. A flexible forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


Designed for Performance or Freestyle flying, the removable airfoil cross section adds glide and speed performance and increases agility and range in any suit that it is added to. More information on leading edge foam.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

Massive Leg Wing Pocket

The new leg wing pocket is the full width of the end cell, has zip closure, and is ideal for the stowage of hiking poles, ropes, and other equipment.

  • "So on Sunday we had the first full day of jumping the C3 and it was pretty cool. Then yesterday we took it to the mountains and did a BASE jump. Man what a difference. It felt to me like a much bigger suit. Fast but way more glide to get to the landing area. We were both kinda of surprised but really stoked! Just wanted to tell you the more we jump it the more we like it. "

    -Nicolas Scalabrino and Matt Munting
  • "Hello guys, I just did my first BASE jumps on the C3. It was just amazing how it can fly fast, start so soon and with a good glide. On my first jump on it I could start to fly as soon as with the A3 and make the same line (altitude) as it also! That's just perfect! Thank you!!!"

    -Gabriel Lott
  • "Just did my first flights on the C3 with Todd and holy shit. This suit is fucking epic. I am not known for my speed but I was able to pull out and away from Todd while we were in full flight. We got dropped over 2 miles from the DZ and we were over it so high we didn’t actually know what to do because if we kept flying we would fly our selves out :) My god guys, I am really really impressed. I am not sure how you keep squeezing performance into your designs :) I am excited to BASE jump this suit over the summer :)"

    -Jeb Corliss
  • "The C3! Mate it's my absolute favourite suit I've flown yet. Enough said. So good for WS BASE. "

    -Wes Burrows
  • "I think this might be the one I've been looking for... The C3 is blowing me away with the performance so far.

    Thanks a ton for all the extra storage, I didn't realize you guys were going to add the inside leg pockets, super stoked to have those as well as those super long torso pouches, you guys did an awesome job with all that!"

    -Josh Anderson
  • "I've been skydiving and basejumping my Freak2 for 5 months, I got the C3 because I wanted a suit that was fast, comfortable and easy to fly whilst still being competitive, this is exaclty what the C3 delivered! I have around 30 base jumps on it now and every jump I love it more and more, the starts are amazing, inflation is fast yet progressive and always perfectly symmetrical, most importantly it is extremely consistent in its start arc which inspires alot of confidence on exit.

    If the C-race, Aura and Freak2 had a gangbang, the result would be the C3, it is zippy like the C-race, comfortable and easy to fly and deploy like the Freak2 and killer starts like the Aura... it's the only suit 99% of the BASE jumping community should ever need in their arsenal!

    The Supderduper Custom by Taz is flawless in colour and fitment! Looks sexy and will definitely get me laid."

    -Ben Johnson
  • "I got three jumps on the C3 yesterday, and I love how it feels so far. I was honestly nervous about it feeling like a big jump from the freak2, but it felt really comfortable. The flare felt great (definitely a lot of potential there with speed built up!), and deployment felt about the same as the freak2, which was a really nice surprise!

    Lots of training ahead of me to dial in performance for competitions, but I’m really excited about its potential! Also, the fit is perfect, so thank you!! Here’s a shot from my first jump with it, if you’d like more/better shots when I start playing around with taking it steeper, let me know. I’ll probably post more to Facebook as well. Thanks again!! I love it"

    -Ashlee Richman
  • "Yeah! Just got back from a quick few weeks in Switzerland and Italy... put some base jumps on the new C3... Such a rad suit! Thanks so much for making it happen - and getting the suit to me in time to make my trip. It is really fun to fly, and so fast! This thing is a weapon, for sure. Thank you for delivering the goods, as usual!"

    -Jordan K
  • "I did around 40 jumps on the suit. Started at brento, then some other exits in Italy. Then went to the valley to do some more jumps with focus on the exits. The last 3 months i flew lines that I already knew well and in the end now i could even start again opening a new exit and new lines. In general: The suit behaves exactly as i imagined after skydiving it. I was however very curious to have the reference of the terrain to see closer how it behaves.

    Exit: very comfortable overall feeling of the suit. The booties are amazing. They still allow you to feel the ground and the movement. The rubber soles seem like sticking to the ground. Amazing!
    I like the short tail. Never fear that i could step on it.

    The fitting of the suit is supererb. Very snug but not restricting at all when beeing in full stretch after the exit push. Sometimes i feel the start is so fast in the beginning that its almost like a bit of a wait until the forward speed comes absolutely love the feeling of the start in the suit.

    After i skydived with the airfoil cross section and found it easy to pull. So i never removed it. Never had the slightest problem to reach the PC and i have very nice openings.

    In total i really can and will recommend the suit to anyone that likes to fly fast and agile in terrain. And that with a suit that is super intuitive and has an easy feeling to fly it."

    -Matthias Sieber
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