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The go-to dropzone suit that does it all.

Increased Performance, Same Legendary Comfort

  • Smokes competing suits in speed, glide, and agility
  • Unmatched flare power and range in the class
  • Low-Drag Compression Inlets
  • Wingtip "Profile Gripper" and Leading Edge Mini-Ribs
  • Easy backflying, effortless transitions
  • The ultimate XRW suit

The FREAK 3 will be released in the first part of 2019. Pre-orders are being accepted now.

The FREAK series is the benchmark for all-around performance in the experienced pilot category. For the past two years, back at Squirrel HQ, we’ve been collating all of the feedback from our customers and team pilots and working on taking this design to the next level. The FREAK 2 delivers increased speed and glide and more compact handling.

Freestyle agility, with “big suit” performance: This suit excels at advanced acro / freestyle flying but also has enough power and performance to handle modern wingsuit BASE jumps.

It is the ultimate dropzone suit. The entire Squirrel team agrees that this is the go-to choice for fun jumping. The FREAK 2’s speed and flare power is improved, meaning that high-G climbs and low-G pushover / freefall maneuvers are even better. It is more compact feeling, meaning that steep transitions and carving feel even tighter.

The FREAK 2 is the only suit that spans so many disciplines of wingsuit flying at this level of performance. The FREAK 2 sets the stage for your progressive flying.

The Freestyle Airfoil Cross Section is an option for the FREAK 2.

Several key innovations put the FREAK 2 into a class of its own, again:


For lower drag and better internal pressure. Developed for the competition dominating C-RACE, these new compression inlets make the FREAK 2 faster than the FREAK and all of the competition, with perfectly tuned internal pressure.


We have increased the lifting surface of the arm wing by extending the wing profile into the gripper. This improves power and agility without increasing the total surface area of the suit.


The planform has been updated with similar surface area but a more balanced feel and smoother pitch. A more efficient leading edge allowed us to shift the CG closer to the center of pressure which yields smoother transitions and handling in roll and pitch.


The “flare-power” of a wingsuit is one of the best indicators of suit efficiency and performance. The more flare a suit has, the better it retains energy and converts speed to lift. The original FREAK had incredible flare-power for its size, and was the first freestyle-class suit to yield real altitude gains. The FREAK 2 is significantly improved in this category, thanks to a new profile, the addition of mini-ribs, and low-drag compression inlets.


A refined planform, reduced drag, and tuned internal pressure have combined to make the FREAK 2 the most precise in its class. Holding a slot in a high-speed formation has never been easier.


At steep angles and vertical flight, the FREAK 2 excels. The faster you go, the more it loves you.


The Freak had one single leg wing back inlet. Yes, this made it a bit more technical to backfly, but the decision to do this was calculated: Inlets = drag, and drag sucks. The FREAK 2 Compression Inlet yields lower drag and higher internal pressure, allowing us to place two inlets on the top surface of the leg wing without increasing total inlet drag on the suit. Compression Inlets are airlocked, reducing bleed through the lower-pressure side. Take a close look at the FREAK 2’s Compression Inlets next to other designs, and fly them both if you can. What you will notice immediately is a greater speed range and a more solid wing through every flyable angle and speed.


It’s fast, everyone knows that. But the real power of a suit is shown in its ability to fly well across a wide speed range. The FREAK 2, like its predecessor, is an excellent choice for XRW. Even at canopy wingloadings of <3:1, the FREAK 2 is capable of backfly and belly XRW formations.


In 2012, Squirrel introduced the first 3D reinforced inlet, which has now been adopted by other manufacturers. The new Compression Inlet builds on this innovation with higher intake efficiency and lower drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, and intake feed are all the result of extensive R&D.

Profile Gripper


By extending the wing profile into the gripper, lifting surface is increased without increasing the total surface area of the suit. This means more performance gained from the same amount of surface area – a “free” upgrade.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers / toggles during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive than traditional designs.

New Nutsack


The new nutsack is accessed from the same location, but is a panel-wide flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher / closer to your CG, and further from the leg inlets. Store your gear closer to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.

New One-Zip Attachment


The new One-Zip system more durable and easier to use! It uses no cables at all, and protects the zippers from being damaged by harness laterals. And it attaches to your rig in seconds. The adjustable lateral slot accommodates a range of harness types and sizes.

Get Stiffie


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


Designed for Performance or Freestyle flying, the removable airfoil cross section adds glide and speed performance and increases agility and range in any suit that it is added to. More information on leading edge foam.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

  • "First of all thanks a lot for the great and fast service. Both suits arrived that Thursday, right in time for the event with Zun in Gap, and both suits fit perfect! I now have +- 40 jumps on the Freak 2 and I love it :-) Think I found the trick for the transitions to the back, but still need to work on keeping the speed during and after the transition."

    -Willy Boeykens
  • "I’m finally back in the air, and I’m more happy than ever before. Here my review on the suit. Not much to add. The number of jumps and the possibilities of this suit, speaks for itself. Thank you!


    -Dennis Ohlsen
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