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The HATCH is a versatile suit that is ideal for absolute beginners, yet provides endless fun for even the most expert acro pilots and free-flyers. The HATCH exemplifies the philosophy that fun = easy, and easy = fun.

The new HATCH is the easiest and most comfortable suit that we have ever flown, and we love seeing students tear up the skies on their first flights in this suit as much as we enjoy backflying and cloud-carving with it, ourselves.

The HATCH retains all of the safety and performance features that Squirrel suits have become renowned for, including the RAD system, tri-layer leading edge construction, innie-outie zips, and reinforced inlets.

Thanks to the RAD system, the HATCH requires no cutaway cables and allows direct access to your risers and brakes during and after deployment. This is a critical safety feature that no wingsuit should be without. The HATCH leading edge construction is our signature blend of comfort and performance, with a smooth surface in positions of best glide, and unparalleled comfort and access at pull-time.

Although it is basically the easiest wingsuit out there, the HATCH is not just a beginner suit. It’s fun, agile, and versatile. More experienced wingsuit pilots searching for a low-surface area suit for backflying, acrobatics, angle flying, and flocking applications will love the range and comfort of the HATCH.

For pilots and instructors who are searching for the absolute maximum in ease of use for their first jumps and beyond, the HATCH is the answer.

Force Feed

Force Feed

Our reinforced inlet, with maximum intake to drag ratio. The Funk features a lower profile scoop with higher total volume, for angle flying.

Innie-Outie (BASE Mode)


Easily transition between BASE Mode (harness inside), or Skydive Mode (harness outside). While in BASE mode, harness is entirely inside the chest compartment for less drag, and more glide (increased surface). There are no exposed holes when in BASE mode as the zippers close off the chest completely.

Innie-Outie (Skydive Mode)


Even if your focus is BASE jumping, it's important to be able to skydive your suit safely. While in skydive mode, handles are completely exposed at the chest and easy to access. For more info regarding this system's use in the skydive environment, click here.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. An incredibly simple arced cut at the wrist makes it even easier to both reach your PC at pull time, and your toggles during opening. This basic innovation is an improvement to any wingsuit and makes the BOC pull safe and intuitive.

Get Stiffie


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.

Get Stretchy


When flying in BASE mode, these flexible panels at the shoulders relieve stress on your suit during openings. Also, bar-tacks at key areas help to prevent seam failure.

Light Ribs


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.



A mesh leg wing pocket, for your nuts and stuff. Store your gear close to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.



A standard feature on certain models. This highly flexible, durable, and wrinkle-free material is ideal for the leading edge. Static (non-flexible) internal construction prevents leading edge deformation, meaning that the arm is flexible at the wrist area, but the profile is stable.

Airtight Construction


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.

Super Sexy Zippers


We want your suit to look good. And not like other suits. We've ordered custom color YKK #10 Coil zips that will be standard on all suits, at no extra charge. Choose between five different colors when you order.

Hook Knife


Every suit comes standard with a Carbon Aero Jack hook knife installed on the front of the suit, in a location that is ideal for jumping your wingsuit with your BASE harness inside the suit, in BASE mode.

  • (David Smith helped us with the development of the Hatch. This is what he had to say upon its release)

    "I am VERY excited about the release of the Squirrel HATCH. This suit is rock solid, GREAT for acro, perfect as a first suit all the way into performance flights, and just a seriously fun suit. I think it is the best all-around wingsuit that I have ever flown and if you only own one suit of any brand, this should be it. I mean that - I LOVE THIS SUIT! I have flown it with others jumping larger suits and still had range on them, back flying is a breeze and the even pressurization lends itself to the right body position, transitions are simple and easy to do with almost no loss in altitude, and you can fly it both fast horizontally and with a slow fall rate. This suit absolutely rocks and you are missing out if you don't have one, no matter how much experience you have. To me this suit is in a different class from anything else out there in its range, so definitely check it out!"

    -David Smith
  • "I finally got to fly my Hatch on the weekend. The suit fits amazingly and I'm really happy with its performance. I had no trouble at all learning to fly it and the range on it is awesome (I was keeping up with _____s easily and it is obvious that the Hatch is built to be far more durable and sturdy). The two photos below are of me when I first collected the suit, and on my 7th wingsuit jump."

    -Alex Sandeman
  • "I made my first skydives with the hatch and I can't wait to get back on the plane with it :-)) The suit is AMAZING, easy to fly, agile and super easy to pitch! It is very important for me to have my hands on the risers during deployment (skydiving and base) and with the Hatch it was no problem. I am very happy with the suit and i cant wait for the next base season!

    Thanks again for the great suit, and all the help!"

    -Dimitris Kafas
  • "As always, absolutely love the suit from you guys. Performance-wise I'm blown away. I fly a Colugo 2 and Funk but I got this Hatch to fly with other pilots with small suits. Right off the bat it felt like I was in a smaller version of the Funk. Incredible range, easy to fly, solid pressurization, and back flying feels just as natural. I was hanging with pilots in much larger suits with out any issues. Looking forward to getting an Aura when I can afford to!"

    -Bryan Campau
  • "I finally had the opportunity to take my new Squirrel Hatch for a jump yesterday. The Hatch is the easiest wing suit I have ever flown, and yet one of the most versatile wings you can fly in the sky. It's not just a wingsuit, it’s a cross between a free-fly suit and a wingsuit. Total control on all axis. I was totally blown away by its steep flying abilities. Way to go Squirrel for not only making a really safe and awesome entry-level suit, but also for making such a fun suit for us to go acrobatic in."

    -Scott "Plamer" Palmer
  • "Thank you so much for the nice wing suit you guys built for me! I am really happy with it, fits nice and comfortable! Did my first wing suit jump today and it was amazing, I can’t wait to go up again! I will recommed for everybody for sure!"

    -Luciana Colby
  • "Just wanted to get back to and thank you guys for making an excellent suit! I got to make 10 flights on it this weekend and loved everything about it. Exceptional power and range of maneuverability! Compared to the suits of the same size, it is in a whole another class. Fitment was perfect and I really appreciate the timeliness that you got the suit to me! Great doing business with you guys and I will be coming back for more in the future."

    -Richard Jensen
  • "I had the hatch out for its first flight today, very easy to handle. I hung on the strut of a pilatus, did some freeflying with a tandem and it was fully stable in all sorts of handling. Overall, zero stress and a great beginner ripper. "

    -Freefly Rob
  • "My Hatch arrived and it is a terrific looking suit. The fit is perfect! I put a couple of jumps on it, and it’s a fun suit, thanks heaps!"

    -Cam Ranford
  • "Super fun suit to fly, really responsive as well as impressed with how much power it has for such a small suit. Had a really good day doing some solos while playing with flat and steep flights, as well as progressive and sharp turns. Also had the opportunity to chase around another who was doing some jumps with a Hatch as well. I was amazed at how comfortable and easy to fly the suit felt with only about 7 jumps. I can see that I haven't event grasp the stuff that can be done with it, and looking forward to it. "

    -Luis Prinetto
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