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  • Sprint Cat 1
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  • Sprint Cat 1


A Rapid Start

Your First Flights Right

  • Super-flex arm panels for safe deployments / riser access
  • Near pilot-CG surface area design, for pitch and roll stability
  • Fully adjustable internal pressure
  • Comfortable arm sweep
  • Easy BOC access

The Sprint Cat 1 meets the FFP beginner suit requirements and was designed with the guidance of Stephane "Zun" Zunino, who has nearly 20 years of wingsuit instruction and development experience.

It provides an ultra-forgiving yet realistic introduction into wingsuit flying. The flexible arm panels allow for clean BOC access and easy riser control during opening.

If you are an instructor looking to make your FFC courses more successful, the SPRINT CAT 1 is the obvious choice. We are now offering 5-packs at massive discounts for schools looking to upgrade their student suit fleet.

The SPRINT CAT 1 is meant for use in wingsuit training programs and is not for sale to the general public. We recommend purchasing a suit from the SWIFT or GüS series for the first year of wingsuit progression.

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