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Accessible Performance

Best In Class Speed and Glide Performance

  • New profile
  • New planform
  • New arm sweep
  • New leading edge construction
  • More R&D per square inch than any suit in its class

    The SWIFT 2 is an entirely new design that brings the highest levels of performance and agility to the beginner-intermediate class. This is a balanced and versatile beginner-intermediate suit that represents a meaningful step forward in wingsuit design. In the same way that the FREAK series has upset the intermediate class, the SWIFT 2 offers a unique ratio of performance to ease of use.

    Compared to the SWIFT, the SWIFT 2 has less surface area, yet more range, agility, and speed. What this means is that the SWIFT 2 is easier to fly than its predecessor, and offers higher performance and improved handling. This has been accomplished by increasing efficiency in the profile and planform.

    The SWIFT 2 planform has less arm wing surface at the wingtip section of the span, increasing the aspect ratio and improving handling and ease of use. The wing root chord has been slightly increased, adding range and stability particularly in applications such as flocking. The added surface at the wing root enables smoother pitch adjustment and increases roll stability by supporting the pilot’s CG and hips. This also eases transitions from belly to back fly positions, and makes backflying incredibly easy.

    Overall, the SWIFT 2 is a fantastic choice for newer pilots or anyone seeking an all-around suit that excels in acrobatic maneuvers and intermediate class performance flying. The SWIFT 2 has benefitted from incorporating proven design elements of more advanced suits into a reduced surface area planform. We look forward to hearing what you think of this exciting new design, and hope that you will enjoy flying it as much as we have enjoyed its development! Cheers, from all the Team at Squirrel.



    Traditionally, wingsuit manufacturers have added surface area to a design in order to increase "performance". As surface area increases, so does difficulty. Surface area is the one factor in wingsuit design that cannot be cheated: if it’s bigger, it’s potentially more difficult to fly. Our mission at Squirrel is to maximize the True Performance of each design by focusing on glide and speed gains that come as a result of profile efficiency and drag reduction, instead of simply increasing surface area. When we increase the performance of a suit without reducing the comfort and ease of use, it can be considered a “free” upgrade. That is the focus of the SWIFT 2 design.


    The SWIFT 2 is designed for talented beginners and beginner-intermediate pilots, or more experienced skydivers who are transitioning to wingsuit flying. The Swift 2 has now been used successfully by many FFC instructors and we do endorse its use for that purpose. If you have low total jump numbers (i.e. just barely 200), or are looking for a conservative approach to wingsuit progression, then renting a smaller suit for your first wingsuit flights is a good option. The SWIFT 2 is a beginner-intermediate suit that you will never outgrow. Even when you move up to a larger, high-performance suit, you will still want to keep your SWIFT 2 for acro, backflying, and high-speed cloud-carving with your friends.


    Versatility is a key tenet of the SWIFT 2 design. Arm and leg wing pressure can be adjusted via the internal wing zips, allowing a softer and more manageable ride for newer pilots, acrobatic pilots looking for rapid transition and ease in flips where wing area has to be rapidly compressed. With zips closed, the SWIFT 2 delivers the range, performance, and stability needed for high or low speed flocking.


    Leading edge construction is a complicated matter in wingsuit design. Performance can be enhanced by creating a rigid structure over the arm, but this results in a reduction in passive safety. We have focused on this part of our wingsuits since the beginning of our development and we are constantly striving to create the best balance of comfort and performance. The SWIFT 2 leading edge is adapted from the FREAK series, and features a grained non-flexible main arm segment with a flexible Glideskin arc at the wrist for BOC and riser/brake toggle access. The interior is finished in Lycra, which provides a smooth surface for skin or clothing to slide across, and houses the optional leading edge foam. Never underestimate the importance of an easy pull and access to your risers. Brake and riser access is a learned skill: practice it thoroughly.


    The SWIFT 2 planform is completely new, and was chosen for its distribution of surface at the wing tip and wing root. Additionally, the sweep and stance are similar to the FREAK series and FUNK 2, making the transition to our more advanced suits feel more natural.


    The SWIFT 2 profile is adapted from the FREAK, modified only to fit the smaller planform and shorter chord. Thickness and camber was chosen for stability across a wide range of speeds and angles of attack.


    We believe that all performance-enhancing features in a wingsuit should be standard. If it's important to performance flying or improves ease-of-use, then it's included in the price of your suit. Padded and reinforced foot cavities, chest pocket / belly-cam access, internal pressure-zips, nut-sack storage compartment, mylar reinforced leading edge, and rubber BASE soles are all standard features in all of our suits.


    In BASE and Skydiving, easy BOC and brake toggle access has proven to yield the safest and most reliable deployments. We firmly believe in the mantra, "Keep it Simple and Safe". For that reason, we designed a suit for which arm cutaways are unnecessary, BOC access is clean thanks to the extended wing root that helps to prevent the trailing edge from covering your PC, and risers / brake toggles can be accessed without unzipping. The arm sweep, wrist-cut, and leading edge construction have all been engineered for a balance of safety and performance.


    The SWIFT 2 has an exceptional amount of performance for its surface area. No other suit in this size range delivers as much speed, glide, or range. Ease of use is a critical factor for this class of suit, and the newest pilots will instantly appreciate the SWIFT 2’s stability in an arched position. If you have questions about flying your SWIFT 2 at any level of performance, please don't hesitate to contact us! We are always here to answer your questions.


    By moving the arm zipper location on the wing chord we have increased the amount of "effective edge" and greatly improved the shape and smoothness of the leading edge. The majority of the leading edge is covered in a durable and wrinkle-resistant grained vinyl layer.

    Force Feed


    Our 3D reinforced inlet, with maximum intake to drag ratio. We believe that this inlet is one of the most important safety innovations featured on our suits.

    Innie-Outie (BASE Mode)


    Easily transition between BASE Mode (harness inside), or Skydive Mode (harness outside). While in BASE mode, harness is entirely inside the chest compartment for less drag, and more glide (increased surface). There are no exposed holes when in BASE mode as the zippers close off the chest completely.

    Innie-Outie (Skydive Mode)


    Even if your focus is BASE jumping, it's important to be able to skydive your suit safely. While in skydive mode, handles are completely exposed at the chest and easy to access. For more info regarding this system's use in the skydive environment, click here.


    Rapid Arm Deployment. An incredibly simple and subtle arced cut at the wrist makes it even easier to both reach your PC at pull time, and your toggles during opening. This basic innovation is an improvement to any wingsuit and makes the BOC pull safer and more intuitive than traditional designs.

    Get Stiffie


    The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.

    Get Stretchy


    When flying in BASE mode, these flexible panels at the shoulders relieve stress on your suit during openings. Also, bar-tacks at key areas help to prevent seam failure.


    Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


    A mesh leg wing pocket, for your nuts and stuff. Store your gear close to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.


    The SWIFT 2's hybrid leading edge construction features glideskin at the wrist, only. This highly flexible, durable, and wrinkle-free material adds some flexibility to the wrist portion of the leading edge. The profile is solid, and the flexible wrist makes pull-time more comfortable.


    All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


    Ultralight and ultrastiff, these gripper sticks feel and perform better than any material we have tried. We're offering this expensive upgrade as a standard option on all of our suits.


    We want your suit to look good. And not like other suits. We've ordered custom color YKK #10 Coil zips that will be standard on all suits, at no extra charge. Choose between five different colors when you order.


    Every suit comes standard with a Carbon Aero Jack hook knife installed on the front of the suit, in a location that is ideal for jumping your wingsuit with your BASE harness inside the suit, in BASE mode.

    • "The swift 2 I got is awesome. Flys and performs like a dream. Thank you for the awesome suit. Attached below are a couple pics of myself in it.
      Your new addict,"

      -Nicholas Elvinger
    • "The Swift 2 is fast and fun, the suit super easy to fly, very stable, and packs a lot of power. The guys on the bigger suits were having to work to catch me, I see more potential to come with more experience gained."

      -Rob Crilly
    • "I just had my first flight on my new swift2, and it was PERFECT! I can't say enough wonderful things about this suit!! Thank you!!!! I couldn't be happier with its performance and how easy it was to fly. It had a surprising amount of power and felt effortless. I love it!!!!!"

      -Ashlee Richman
    • "Hello guys., finally I was able to fly my Swift 2, and it's sensational. Also very different from the Funk 1, in fact I was very impressed with the performance and I am sure that more and more I will enjoy it. Well, the suit fit perfectly and the design was the way that I expected with the Supercustom order. Thanks for everything guys, see you next year here in Brazil. "

      -Fabiano Furia
    • "This suit offers A LOT of range and opportunity for a beginner once they have a few flights on something like the Hatch. The Swift 2 has great stability without being overly pressurized, but still plenty of power for a beginner to dabble with performance flying. It is FAST for a small suit, and I’ve seen several smaller flyers use the Swift 2 and leave bigger suits in the dust. I absolutely loved being able to take off in this suit if I wanted to leave everyone behind or just go do a cloud run. There is a lot of performance that can be extracted from this suit, and an individual can and should put lots of jumps on before they upsize."

      -Val Sobol
    • "Before the Swift2, I was flying a ____ and I couldn’t get the performance to fly with others. I thought that I will never have the same performance because of my shape and size. When Carlos and Sebastian came to Brazil and jump with me they talk to me to buy a better suit. I feel so much different between the suits, the Swift 2 responds easier and I feel so comfortable flying it. Now I'm fast and furious ;-)

      When I try the suit I thought that it was big but it does not feel big in the air. So I’m in love with my new suit!"

      -Maria Julia Pascon
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