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Best In Class Agility, Speed, and Glide

  • Refined profile
  • New leading edge construction
  • Near-CG Surface Area Distribution
  • Incorporates Performance Class Features

Our mission for the Swift 3 was to continue the tradition of the Swift series: maximum versatility and performance in the beginner class. This is the perfect "first suit" to acquire after your First Flight Course.

Compared to the SWIFT 2, the S3 feels more agile and precise while retaining the same ease of use. Overall the feeling is slicker and lower-drag, thanks to profile revisions, new low-drag inlets, and a refined foot cavity design.

The SWIFT 3 planform is focused on a balance between aspect ratio and near-CG surface area. Like its predecessor, arm wing surface area is concentrated closer to the body for stability, with a larger root chord. The added surface at the wing root enables smoother pitch adjustment and increases roll stability by supporting the pilot’s CG and hips. This also eases transitions from belly to back fly positions, and makes backflying incredibly easy.

If you are looking at purchasing your first wingsuit, this is it. The SWIFT 3 is an ideal choice for anyone seeking an all-around suit that excels in the categories of agility and performance within the beginner-intermediate suit class.


In 2012, Squirrel introduced the first 3D reinforced inlet, which has now been adopted by other manufacturers. The new Compression Inlet builds on this innovation with higher intake efficiency and lower drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, and intake feed are all the result of extensive R&D.

Rapid Arm Deployment


Rapid Arm Deployment. A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows improved access to your PC at pull time, and your risers / toggles during opening. This helps to make BOC access and early riser control safer and more intuitive than traditional designs.

New Nutsack


The new nutsack is accessed from the same location, but is a panel-wide flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher / closer to your CG, and further from the leg inlets. Store your gear closer to your center of gravity without having it affect the fit of your suit.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


The S3 Innie-Outie system is improved over previous versions. The chest zipper is more protected from riser movement, for improved durability. The flex panels have improved shaping and are tighter, to prevent scooping.

Get Stiffie


The bottom surface of the leading edge is Mylar-reinforced to maintain profile structure and proper feeding of the inlets.


All of our suits are built to the most exacting specifications, and tested for airtight symmetry in our production facility at multiple points along the construction process. The end result is the highest build quality that we have ever seen.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. You can any choose any setting between full pressure for maximum performance and speed range, or minimum pressure for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight. As you can see, at Squirrel, you can turn it up to 11.


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.

  • "I did my first wingsuit jumps last weekend and I can tell you the suit fit perfectly. The Swift 3 is an excellent choice for me to begin wingsuit after tracking suits. I feel very comfortable and stable on my first jump. Now, I know what I'll do for my next 100+ jumps ;-)

    Thank you very much for your good product and quality. You'll find in attachment your product in action from Switzerland."

    -Nicolas Barriere
  • "Like the Swift 3, it goes fast but is easy to fly... and easy to fly fast. This suit doesn't make it hard to fly with good performance. It easily passes other suits in the same category. Squirrel puts so much effort into making a suit that is not just good performing, but also easy to fly! "

    -Carlos Pedro Briceno
  • "I am learning to fly on this suit now, and I love it. It's easy, but I can still keep up with much more experienced pilots. I can reach high on my risers to control my parachute during openings, and BOC access is simple and clean. It's the perfect suit for beginners and I can tell that I will be happy in it for a long time. "

    -Matt Laj
  • "Holy cow, it's been a year already. The fit was good, I felt like it was a little snug in the chest but height wise it was dead on. So I've done more than a few jumps with it....over 100 now. The biggest change from the P___ I was jumping to the Swift 3 was how quick it inflated. After getting that down though the Swift is great at speed. I can keep up with bigger suits if they keep up the speed.
    Right now I'm averaging 150+mph with a 2.0 glide ratio easy, covering 3.5+ miles. That's from a 13k exit all the way down to a 3.5k pull. These number were taken from my flysite."

    -Dean Weatherby
  • "Loving my new Swift 3! Got my first few jumps in this week, and as this being my first wingsuit I gotta say it’s perfect for learning. Very forgiving suit when I’m messing around with body mechanics and dialing in what works and what doesn’t. The suit fits very comfortably, thumbs up for making it fit a tall guy! Looking forward to flying it every chance I get!"

  • "I must say I was a little worried on the fit, because I gave a wrong measurement at the waist that was later corrected (Thanks Matt!!) Everything fits... fcking.. perfect. I'm not saying that to fondle your squirrel nuts, this thing feels better than my free fly suit. I can say after a few jumps this Saturday it feels just as good in the sky as it does on the ground. Thank you guys (and gals) for everything you have done."

    -Scott Higgins
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