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Best In Class Agility, Speed, and Glide

  • Easier backflying & transitions
  • Next-gen "seamless" leading edge
  • Reduced drag inlets, new leg wing
  • Easy-pull grippers & sleeve for clean BOC access

It's the perfect first suit. The SWIFT 4 offers the highest agility, performance, and ease of use in its class.

The SWIFT 4 benefits from performance and handling gains while retaining the same ease of use. Notably, transitions & backflying are significantly easier, and the speed & glide performance is improved.

The SWIFT 4 planform is focused on a balance between aspect ratio and near-CG surface area. Arm wing surface area is concentrated closer to the body for stability, with a large root chord. The added surface at the wing root increases roll stability by supporting the pilot’s CG and hips.

A new leg wing profile makes backflying incredibly easy, with high stability and smooth transitions from belly to back.

If you are looking at purchasing your first wingsuit, the SWIFT 4 is the one. Anyone seeking an all-around suit that excels in the categories of agility and performance within the beginner-intermediate class will love this design.

High Aspect Ratio Inlets


The new High-AR Inlet builds on the industry-changing innovation of our 3D inlet, with improved intake efficiency and less drag. The aerodynamic shape, finely tuned size, come from our performance R&D.

"New Seamless Leading Edge


Our proprietary leading edge Glide Skin now wraps more of the forward wing chord (*patent pending).



Clean Pulls: A carefully designed forearm segment of your leading edge allows better access to your PC at pull time, and risers during opening. BOC access and early riser control are safer and more intuitive.


All of our suits allow you to choose the amount of internal pressure in the arm wings. Choose from full pressure for maximum performance, or reduce it for easier maneuvering in acro / freestyle flight.


The SWIFT 4 grippers are semi-rigid and low-surface area. This minimizes interference with pilot chute and emergency handle access.

More Pockets


More pockets! More snack-holes! Every Squirrel wingsuit gets an inside-arm pocket for sunglasses, a phone, your FlySight, or anything you want to hide from the rest of the world.


Don't be fooled by the shallow depth of this nutsack - it actually holds a lot of equipment. The new nutsack is a flexible hammock which allows more storage and also keeps items higher & closer to your CG.


Lightweight, durable, and more stable than mesh, Porcher Sport Skytex is renowned for its mechanical stability. Helps to reduce overall weight and pack volume.


The new One-Zip system more durable and easier to use! It's cable free, and protects the zippers from being damaged by harness laterals. And it attaches to your rig in seconds. The adjustable lateral slot accommodates a range of harness types and sizes.

Evolv TRAX Rubber BASE Sole

The new TRAX Super Sticky BASE Sole has been developed in cooperation with Evolv, a leading climbing shoe manufacturer. The tread pattern is designed specifically for exit force traction, and the rubber is sticky in all conditions: wet, dry, warm, and cold. This mold is the only custom wingsuit sole ever created and is the highest performance option available.

Hook Knife

Hook Knife

Our sturdy double-blade hook knife fits into a secure pocket on the front of the leg. It's light, strong, and easy to grab.


New magnet snaps require no pressing action to attach and securely lock together until they are intentionally lifted upwards to separate. Sometimes it's the little things...

Main Surfaces

Main Surfaces

Our main surface fabric is a 210D Rip-stop, with low stretch and an ideal rigidity-to-comfort ratio. Its balance of weight / durability, along with mechanical stability and tear strength, makes it the perfect mid-weight material for wingsuits.

Leading Edge Materials

Leading Edge Dacron

We offer two choices for wing surface Mylar reinforcement:

      1. Porcher Sport (white). Comes standard.
      2. Full GlideSkin. Increases glide performance and is more wrinkle-resistant. This option is recommended.

Internal Ribs

Internal Ribs

All ribs are constructed from lightweight sail cloth, chosen for its ideal stability-to-weight ratio.


Super Sexy Zippers

SQRL wingsuits are constructed with the strongest and highest quality zippers available. Locking YKK 10C zips are used on the main body, harness-interface, and arm sections of every suit we make.

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