A note from Matt G., Minister of Propaganda at SQRL Corporation

The story of the CORVID began with a request from some of our friends and team members: Can we make a new suit design for overall wingsuit BASE performance, but with a focus on ease in the start? Something that offers a more generous feeling of margin for demanding jumps (shorter starts, less overall vertical, and more rugged terrain than average European valleys). The idea was a suit that returned to the roots of the original AURA (easy toggle access, easy starts, stability and comfort) but still had the glide performance and efficiency of our more modern range.

This is not a suit that I would have thought of on my own, and it is totally the result of listening to our team. The A3 was my vision for this category in BASE. But… when Hartman, Rich, Pat, and Scotty came to me with a request for something different, it was obvious that we should follow their lead. CORVID does not replace the A3, the two suits each have their own distinct applications. We are always happy to give our recommendation when you are trying to decide what suit is for you, so email me anytime.

CORVID’s basic planform is an evolution of the C3 and A3 with an arm sweep more similar to the original AURA. Development and testing took place during the 2018 summer & fall. Below is an excerpt (some things redacted) of a conversation about measuring start performance during the end of testing. I wanted to share this with anyone who might be interested because the work that these guys have put into defining metrics for WS BASE is really impressive and benefits the entire community. Hartman (a badass engineer, it turns out) deserves recognition for the incredible analyses he has completed on WS performance in the BASE environment. He has also developed a wingsuit flight modeler which calculates performance based on variable factors. You can enter values such as wingloading, alt MSL, push speed, wind & lift, etc, and get a projection. Pretty useful when you are jumping exits close to the limit of what’s currently possible.

Huge thanks to Hartman Rector (engineer, decade+ in BASE), Pat Walker (generally the best overall skydiver / BASE jumper you’ve never heard of), Rich Webb (Former US Navy pilot, founder of, and Scotty Bob (the generous ninja who cares more for you and your progression than you realize) for their initiative on gear progression, and commitment to helping others stay safe in the sport, and for their help getting this suit done.


Ps. In case you haven’t already googled the meaning of CORVID, it’s a smart AF family of birds.