Chris is 2017 US National Champ, Alexey Takes Bronze

The 2017 US Nationals have come to a close, with Chris Geiler (Squirrel CR+) in first overall with a nearly 10 point lead over second place. The ever-powerful Travis Mickle (Tony Suits) took Silver, and Alexey Galda (Squirrel C-Race) took bronze. 8 out of the top 10 pilots flew Squirrel. Congrats to everyone who competed, and thanks to all of our friends and team pilots for the continued support! Full results here.

  1. Chris Geiler, Squirrel CR+
  2. Travis Mickle, Tony Suit
  3. Alexey Galda, Squirrel C-Race
  4. Joe Ridler, Squirrel CR+
  5. Kristian Szczepitko, Squirrel CR+