Fred & Vince FTW

There is a small dropzone in the southeast of France, nestled into the corner of the Alps. A couple of decades ago, it is where the legendary Patrick de Gayardon began sewing his first protos and testing them. Not long after, it is where our friend Zun began working together with Loic Jean-Albert, and in the very same DZ a few years later Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet completed much of their training together. Something in the water? A contagious legacy-creating bug?

It’s exciting to see the sport continue to evolve, and is always the case, it is ideas that drive progression. On the 20-year anniversary of Patrick flying his wingsuit back into the Porter in France, Fred and Vince executed a BASE jump from a technical high-alpine cliff, then flew into the valley where they met up with the Porter and then flew into it… it takes a certain amount of experience for that thought to even occur in someone’s head. Hats off to Fred and Vince for dreaming it up and pulling it off. They both chose to fly the FREAK 2 for their adventure. This project was supported by Max Haim (images) and Phil Bouvier (aircraft pilot).